Best Home Warranty Company In Missouri

Best Home Warranty Company In Missouri – Contact the leading home warranty companies in St. Louis, Missouri. There are 2 highly rated local home warranty companies.

Cardinal Contractors has knowledgeable estimators, roofing, siding, guttering specialists, designers, project managers and experienced carpenters ready to help. We only use the finest products, installed by the finest and most experienced tradesmen. Cardinals’ mission is to preserve and restore old or damaged residential and commercial properties with great care and attention to detail. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and customer satisfaction. restore..

Best Home Warranty Company In Missouri

“Cardinal Contractors completely re-roofed my house. Aaron Wallis from Cardinal Contractors was the project manager and he did an excellent job. He was with my project from start to finish and visited the site for hours every day detail was such that he coordinated everything, all material supplies and roofers, everything.
My roof is steep (12 pitches), big (5000 square meters) and a little complex so the whole thing took about a week to two days due to heavy rain cracking and replacing A lot of my roofs have valleys and full rib and ridge vents that also needed replacing.
Cardinal Contractors installed an Owens-Corning Total Protection roof system with snow protection and water and fully synthetic support. They have done additional work on the valley to prevent snow damage from happening again I voiced my concerns, problems and concerns. Aaron and he translated them into an umbrella solution. tion The roofing team did the job exactly as Aaron described, including special attention to some problem areas.
Aaron returned to the appointment with my insurance company’s claims adjuster and performed an initial inspection of the roof to ensure the adjuster was examining all aspects of my roof. I contacted two recommended roofers to look at the job and both offered full quotes, but neither showed the same interest or moved on as Cardinal and Aaron did. In their defense, they finally called me back during a very busy season with a lot of hurricane damage in the area.
At my recommendation, two friends at Cardinal did a complete roof replacement with Aaron Wallis leading the projects.
At the end of the job, Cardinal Contractors provided a complete payment statement, contractor final release, full retention waiver and warranty document for the Owens Corning Roofing System.
Overall I am very satisfied and will use Cardinal again.

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“When the technician showed up the dryer appeared to be running and heating up but it wasn’t and when I called the heating element seemed to explode, build up and cycle on and off. I decided to fix the problem by buying a new heating element. However, it was surprising that the technician expected me to pay the full amount before ordering the part and fixing the problem, but I used my credit card knowing that if there was a problem, the credit card company would get my back. Alex fixed it upon arrival which was great

American Residential Warranty (ARW Home) is nationally recognized as a leading innovator in home security services, and a focus on service excellence and customer satisfaction is integral to our success. With years of home warranty experience and world-class partners, we are able to offer quality services to homeowners across the country. Additional DBA – American Defense Projects LL

“They’re nice, but they don’t seem very organized. I have no particular complaints other than wanting to know who they sent on my first call and they don’t know.

We are a one stop shop for all your home warranty needs. Our enthusiastic and friendly support team is available 365 days a year to answer your warranty questions! Urgent applications are processed within 24 hours of submission, while non-urgent applications are processed within 48 hours Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. At night and on weekends, non-urgent inquiries will not be answered until the next working day. The call to our rights service rang.

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The course provides preventative and preventative maintenance programs for homes and businesses. At Surbly, we don’t just fix problems, we inspect, maintain and care for your property inside and out, and do whatever it takes to prevent them from ever arising.

At BPG, we believe a home inspection shouldn’t end in the driveway. Our inspectors and engineers undergo rigorous background checks and are required to consistently meet training and performance standards – a panel of experts from which they are handpicked. How do you choose the right study institute for you from the many study institutes? We’ve built a solid reputation for supporting our mission and providing clear value that helps protect our customers.

“Bob Becker and Gary Otten were there ahead of schedule. They were thorough, professional, knowledgeable and very attentive.”

Surface Link specializes in sink repairs, restorations, remodeling, upgrades or replacements for commercial and residential applications throughout the United States and Canada. Replacing your countertop can be expensive and time-consuming – Surface Link offers a cost-effective alternative to replacing your countertop in less than a day. Why choose Surface Connection over any other company? At Surface Connection we only paint worktops (Corian, Granite, Quartz and Solid Sur..

The Best Home Warranty In Missouri

“It took many phone calls to finally get a technician to our house but one day he was efficient and professional and did an amazing job The repair was completely invisible Not cheap but worth the price.

Home Warranty prides itself on offering the best value for money in the home warranty industry, making our home protection program the best home warranty anywhere we do business.

“After visiting their website and very diligently creating an account. Every time they called or emailed me the price of the policy kept dropping so I waited until the calls stopped and the price stayed the same before buying.

Many homeowners are unaware that they are responsible for maintaining the utilities on their property. Repairing an unexpected water or sewer line failure can cost thousands of dollars in cash. Service Line Assurance of America (SLWA) has developed an assurance program that protects your budget and time. We’ve put together a trusted network of licensed plumbers and plumbing repair professionals who will get the job done quickly and efficiently – first time. When you are busy..

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“One morning I woke up and saw water running down my hallway. I called the guarantor and told them I had a water leak and described the location. They told me the contractor would contact me within an hour but the repair could take 1-2 days.
Within 30 minutes the contractor called and received my details. They promised to quickly send someone to assess the situation and turn off the water. Arrived an hour later and started checking for leaks before shutting off the water. Then they immediately started digging. Within 3 hours they found the leak and fixed it by the end of the day. Your invoice has been sent directly to the warranty department.
Confirmed that the warranty company contacted me and then confirmed the job was done. I am very happy.

1. Your REALTOR® can help you determine your purchasing power, financial status, and creditworthiness. If you give the REALTOR® some basic information about your savings, income, and current credit, he or she can refer you to lenders who can best help you. Most lenders – banks and mortgage lenders – offer a limited selection. 2. Your REALTOR has many resources to help you find your home. Sometimes the property you are looking for is available but not active.

Home guarantee companies in St. Louis are rated 3.9 out of 5 based on 498 reviews from 9 select St. Louis professionals.

Our ranking of home guarantee companies in St. Louis is based on verified testimonials from our community of homeowners. The feedback system takes into account price, quality, time, performance ratings and ratings from certified experts. Find out why our fast processes and quick retail prices set us apart from traditional home warranty companies.

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Our home security consists of a maintenance contract for your home’s key systems and devices. We will insure you against repair and replacement costs related to our Covered Equipment. While we’re trying to cover unexpectedly high household expenses, our plans don’t cover everything. glaze

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