Best Hostels In Australia

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I spent a whole year traveling and staying in the best hotels in Australia. During this time I discovered an exceptionally wide range of accommodation options and learned how valuable and extensive the Australian hotel network is.

Best Hostels In Australia

If you’re traveling and not sure where to stay, this list will give you some guidance. Here are the ten best hotels in Australia.

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Although a bit far from the big city, Southern Cross is a beautiful and relaxing place to spend a few days; it’s a nice hotel with cabanas instead of rooms, the house is big, has a liquor license, and plenty of room to sit by the pool or in the lounge!

Don’t let the name put you off – luxury accommodation at Ritzis. But it’s nice and cozy, which makes it a great place to stay if you’re in Melbourne. Many of the rooms are shared, so the eight bedrooms are like bedrooms with four beds, and there is a cozy TV room in the corner with lots of movies available on the hard drive.

Walking distance to the beach, very social, and there are always easy ways to meet people, whether in the kitchen, on the patio, or at night. Wine and cheese every week. The Ritz staff organizes events and activities every night, so there is always something to do. It is the gateway to all the glory that St. Kilda. Melbourne is one of Australia’s best backpacking cities, so don’t miss out!

There are many hotels in Darwin, and many are located nearby or across the street. Darwin is a vibrant city and is perfect for Melaleuca on Mitchell. The room isn’t that big, but that’s okay because you probably won’t spend much time in it. The common area is outside, near the pool and bar, where most people hang out and relax on sunny days (Darwin has a lot of those!).

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Darwin can generally be a little rough at times, so having a night watchman means you can rest easy without worrying about your safety or your property.

I was told that Base Brisbane Uptown (formerly Tinbilly) is another hostel worth considering, but Brisbane City YHA still managed to make the list of best hostels in Australia. This hotel is located inside a manor-style security gate

Operates as a resort. The room is your typical bedroom, and the layout is more like a hotel than a hotel, but the common spaces and facilities are very retro, well maintained and of a very high standard.

This hotel has a rooftop terrace with a swimming pool next to it and plenty of tables to enjoy a book or a few beers with new friends making pasta in the large cast iron kitchen. The TV room is basically a cinema and there is a large bar downstairs with indoor and outdoor seating. It’s a beautiful place.

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I don’t remember exactly how I found this place (it wasn’t on the booking site at the time), but I’m glad I did. Islander Backpackers Resort is a hostel with a hotel next door. The living room is cozy and next to the kitchen and a large balcony/grill.

Surfer’s Paradise is one of Australia’s party towns and is served by many other hotels. The Islander is quieter than the others (which is a nice change), but not really silent (which is a good thing)! All hotels are also available for hikers (e.g. swimming pool) and only a few minutes from the beach.

Oh Gilligan. The infamous Gilligan. No list of the best hotels in Australia would be complete without Gilligan’s.

It’s not that easy and if you want to sleep before 5 (seriously) I don’t recommend staying here. But if you’re looking for a lakeside party or a better bar party, this is the place. The room is in surprisingly good condition (good work, cleaning) and the rest of the house is the same.

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The lagoon is a plus, especially considering its location (next to the bar). It’s not a hotel either. Locals and backpackers come here regularly to watch performances by famous DJs, wrestling and even wet t-shirts. Not only a hotel, but also a famous night club and center.

Cairns is one of the best places to visit on the east coast of Australia, so if you’re in Cairns for a few days and want to party, don’t even think about staying anywhere else. But if you are staying for a long time, you might not want to stay more than a week 😉

Many visitors to Airlie Beach choose to stay at Magnums because of its incredible value and reputation

Hotel in town. I think Airlie is good for two things: providing a jumping off point for trips to the Whitsundays and partying. Many people are in town for a night or two before or after their Whitsundays trip, so if there’s nothing else to do, go party.

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Easy, but remember: you get what you pay for. Airlie Waterfront is a dollar or two more than the average Australian hotel so it’s worth it. Almost a year and a half and maybe a hundred hotels later, I can still say I’ve never seen a backpacker with such clean rooms. Definitely one of the best hotels in Australia. The rooms open onto a common balcony with a view of the treetops and directly to the sea. A beautiful room with a great view.

I’m not the biggest fan of Base hotels in general, but Base Magnetic Island is an exception. It’s unlike any other (and one of two coasters from the beautiful Magnetic Island). This camp reminded me of a summer camp I went to once – cabins scattered among the trees on the beach. The sunny beach is directly connected to the local bar/restaurant where there is always a party going on every night.

And once a month, this place fills the house for the famous full moon celebration. This base hosted one of my best stays in Australia.

A great place to do nothing! Scotty’s Beach House is a hotel that makes you feel at home. Secluded, peaceful and right on the beach (where the Skydivers are)! The staff here is one of the nicest and most welcoming ever. Even though I was only there for a few days, I felt like a part of the family.

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The pool is the center of the common area, surrounded by chairs and dining tables. You see people playing on the lawn or a fire rolling by the pool. Ask anyone who has stayed at Scotty’s and they will tell you – it’s great!

Yamba is a small seaside town you may not have heard of. It’s on the east coast road and many people miss it – don’t make that mistake! I was only supposed to stay here for two nights but it ended up being over a week.

Yamba YHA is clean, big and run by the friendliest family I have ever met. A two minute walk to the reception/bar and restaurant area, I had a chat with the owner and then dinner and beer with the whole family! It just wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t for the Henwoods.

Take advantage of Shane’s tour every morning at 8am and make sure you get the Ten-Buck Tour ($10). I have some advice for your trip to the east coast of Australia: stop in Yamba and stay here! Not only do I rate this as one of the best hotels in Australia, but one of the best hotels I have ever stayed at.

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