Best Hostels In Interlaken

Best Hostels In Interlaken – Hostel from £31 per night with an excellent rating of 89% based on 7742 reviews. You are in Matten bei Interlaken.

Services and facilities: kitchen, terrace and ATM. Enjoy free parking with this service.

Best Hostels In Interlaken

Hostel rental with 91% positive rating based on 1666 reviews. You are in Matten bei Interlaken.

The Best Hostels In Switzerland For Backpackers And Students

Facilities and services: grill, terrace and room service. Enjoy free parking with this offer in Matten bei Interlaken!

Hostel with a good rating of 83% based on 13349 reviews. Your accommodation is in Interlaken.

Facilities and services: spa, cafe and fitness center. Pets are allowed at this residence.

Hostel rental with a good rating of 78% based on 2152 reviews. You are in Matten bei Interlaken.

Guide To Interlaken, Switzerland. The Adventure Capital Of The World!!

Services and equipment: cleaner, iron and washing machine. This accommodation in Matten bei Interlaken is ideal for families.

The hostel offers up to 1 person with a positive rating of 85% based on 3727 reviews. Your accommodation is in Interlaken.

Facilities and services include elevator, refrigerator, and housekeeping. Enjoy free parking with this offer in Interlaken!

The hostel offer for 4 guests with a good rating of 83% based on 4816 reviews. Your accommodation is in Interlaken.

Best And Coolest Hostels In Interlaken 2022 (solo Traveler + Map)

Services and facilities include kitchen, refrigerator and terrace. This Interlaken accommodation has a pool!

The hostel is rented for up to 4 guests with a positive rating of 94% based on 7998 reviews. This accommodation is located in Interlaken.

Hostel from £33 with a good rating of 84% based on 3938 reviews. You are in Interlaken.

Amenities and services include a 24-hour front desk, meeting rooms, and a fitness center. Pets are allowed at this residence.

Top 10 Best Hostels In Interlaken, Switzerland

Accommodation for 3 guests with a positive rating of 96% based on 44 reviews. You will stay in Interlaken. There are many great hotels in Interlaken, including budget hotels, large groups and everything in between.

I visited Interlaken. I joined the Balmers basement. I stayed at the excellent Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof hostel. I watched hockey at Hooters in Interlaken (it’s the only place open at night in October!).

Balmers is the oldest building in Interlaken. It was so old that my mother visited the Balmers when she returned to Europe many years ago.

Balmers calls itself “the historic hotel of the Swiss Alps” for good reason. This is a great place to sleep and party.

Balmers Hostel, Interlaken

The Balmers, like all good hotels, also has a bar downstairs. It’s actually more of a club than a bar. They were surprised that there was beer in Canada when I visited. There are also members of the Swiss Army Party if you’re into that sort of thing.

If you are looking for authentic Swiss tourism and need energy, then Balmers is the best option in Interlaken. It’s also very affordable, with rooms starting at $30 (CHF 27) per night.

Not feeling the party atmosphere at Balmers? Do you want to pay more for advanced services? Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof Hostel Interlaken is just down the road and is the “other” best hostel in town.

Walking distance from the train station, Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof trades the atmosphere and energy of Balmers for a clean and professional hostel experience.

Interlaken Youth Hostel $94 ($̶3̶6̶3̶)

I was lucky in my room: I met an American friend with whom I traveled all over the Swiss Alps (and still see ten years later).

Perks include free breakfast which, like most hotels in Europe, is better than the Motel 6 breakfast in North America. There is also a free cappuccino machine. I wake up every morning, drink coffee on the deck and look at the beautiful mountains around me. Not bad for $35 a night and up.

Interlaken always has a tourist atmosphere. However, you’ll find plenty of vibes in the city – and Walters Hostel Interlaken is a great place to stay if that’s what you’re looking for.

With Walters Hostel Interlaken you get an affordable stay in an owner-managed family hostel with warm rooms. It is close to the city center but in a quiet part of the city.

Interlaken Backpackers & Hostels

Walters Hostel Interlaken has an excellent rating. In fact, it has an excellent 10.0 star rating on HostelWorld – something I’ve never seen before.

The only downside of Walters Hostel Interlaken is that all rooms are private 3-bed rooms. You can still rent a 3-bed room for yourself as a traveler (and save 20 CHF per night), but without the group support you get at other hotels.

Happy Inn Lodge is located in the center of Interlaken, just 5 minutes from Interlaken West train station.

The hostel has 19 rooms and 70 beds, including single, double and shared rooms for 3 to 6 people. There is also a bar and restaurant with delicious food.

Cheap 7 Hostels In Interlaken

If you want a standard, cheap hostel in the center of Interlaken, then the Happy Inn Lodge is a good choice. Rooms start at $25 (CHF 23.80).

Alplodge Interlaken Hostel is located on the river that runs through the city and has a rooftop terrace with mountain and river views.

With 22 rooms and free breakfast in another 4-star boutique hotel, Alplodge Interlaken Hostel is ideal for backpackers and flashpackers visiting Interlaken.

Hostel Alplodge Interlaken has single rooms, double rooms and family rooms. There is also a loft apartment with a kitchen and terrace view, a washing machine, free Wi-Fi and facilities for every day traveler.

Best Hostels In Switzerland For Backpacking

It doesn’t have the best reviews compared to other hostels on our list of the best hostels in Interlaken, but Downtown Hostel Interlaken is affordable and centrally located and offers a variety of amenities. Choose.

Downtown Hostel Interlaken, also known as Downtown Apartments Interlaken, offers 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments as well as family apartments and studios. The hostel is located in three different locations around the Interlaken West train station.

On this page, we present an overview of hotels in Interlaken. However, there are other hostels in the area that are worth visiting.

If you can’t feel the city atmosphere of Interlaken, then take the train out of town with another option from our list:

Downtown Hostel Interlaken, Switzerland

Valley Hostel (Lauterbrunnen): Just over the hill from Interlaken, the Valley Hostel is located in one of the most beautiful valleys in the world. With room rates from $38 per night and up, Valley Hostel offers an authentic Swiss backpacking experience in a ridiculously beautiful setting – and at a surprisingly reasonable price.

Mountain Hostel Gimmelwald (Gimmelwald): If I had to choose to spend a month in a hotel, I would choose the Mountain Hostel in Gimmelwald. They have good local beer on tap in their tavern. They are so stupid in every way. You can walk to the Swiss Alps in 30 seconds from your door. If you don’t want to stay far, the Mountain Hostel Gimmelwald is one of the most beautiful hostels in the world.

Youth Hostel Grindelwald (Grindelwald): Located on the left side of the mountain in the Grindelwald Valley, the Youth Hostel Grindelwald offers hostel-style accommodation in the beautiful ski town of Interlaken. The hostel is beautiful and the wood paneling is unlike anything you would find in a normal hostel. It looks like a ski resort turned into a hotel. Like the Mountain Hostel, expect beauty every morning.

Interlaken in Switzerland is one of the best places I have ever visited. It has not been a secret place for many years. However, the valleys of Interlaken and Lauterbrunnen change my life when I visit in the sunny autumn Who is ready to find the best hotels in Interlaken, Switzerland? Maybe that’s why you got here and we worked hard for you.

Free Things To Do In Interlaken

This guide is exactly what you need. We bring you an amazing 5-star hostel, a popular party hostel and an outdoor hot tub!

Interlaken is the best destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. It is located in a narrow valley between two emerald lakes. There are also mountains, jungles and skiing.

It is also the sports capital of the world! Bungee jumping, canyoning, paragliding – you name it, it can be done.

This part of Switzerland definitely suits travelers who like hiking, skiing and adrenaline.

Where To Stay In Interlaken, Switzerland

You can find all the 5 star hostels here and also all the “Best Hostels” tips here.

Average price per bed: Hostels in Interlaken cost €24 – €33 per night for a hostel bed. A private room starts from €65 to €130 per night. This is an average size for reference only.

Check-in and check-out: The average check-in time is from 15:00 (15:00), while the check-out time is before 11:00 (11:00) . Hostels often provide luggage storage if you arrive early or leave late. Don’t forget to check if the baggage allowance is free or if there is an additional charge.

Location: Recommended to stay in Interlaken and not the small, cute village around. It’s easier to get around, enjoy restaurants and bars. Highly recommend our hostels.

Best Cheap Hotels In Interlaken, Switzerland

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