Best Hotel In Baguio City

Best Hotel In Baguio City – Baguio is a city in the Philippines that continues to be a year-round vacation destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. The cool climate and numerous attractions are just some of the best aspects of the city that travelers really enjoy.

There are many reasons that made Baguio famous and loved; it is a treat for your senses. Almost anywhere in Baguio, the smell of the sweet aroma of pine trees can instantly put you into a relaxed and peaceful trance. It only takes a few walks before you can find a stand/stand selling delicious items like Ube jam, peanut brittle, chocolate flakes and of course strawberries. You can also go to a strawberry farm and pick strawberries to take home.

Best Hotel In Baguio City

If you want to see the art you think, the Ben Cab Museum is a place that never fails to please its guests. Let art inspire you to see things differently. Want to see if you can break a sweat in Baguio? Exercise and enjoy the scenery of Burnham Park. You can walk or cycle around the park. And if you want to relax, you can ride a swan and pedal quietly. If you want to spend a good night in this city, I suggest you go to Session Road. There are many bars and restaurants here. Watch live performances and let the music send your brain into a holiday stupor. The smell of pine, the taste of strawberries, the sight of art, the sweat and the sound of music in Baguio will take you back.

Citylight Hotel, Baguio

One day is not enough to enjoy Baguio, it is better to spend at least a few days to enjoy the city. To do this, you also need to find a good place to stay. Good luck to those planning to stay in Baguio because there are many GREAT options to choose from. Through research, we’ve gathered 20 hotels you should check out.

Luxurious and classy, ​​these are the two words that will come to your mind as soon as you enter the Manor. The lobby, rooms, cafe, garden, staff and general service are of a high standard. Due to its strategic location near various destinations, many have always chosen this hotel.

Its rooms are spacious and comfortable. The food offered by Le Chef and Le Chef Delicatessen, international and local cuisine, is delicious. You might want to stop by and enjoy some relaxing music from the Piano Bar. The staff are very welcoming, you can clearly see that they are well trained. They also offer many fun activities such as bonfires that require advance booking; ride every day; and its Treetop Adventures which is also open every day. CHECK ROOM PRICES

Cozy and definitely family friendly, the Grand Sierra Pines Hotel is a hotel that would be perfect for family trips. They have large rooms that can accommodate large families. Its Atrium Lobby Cafe offers a picturesque view of the beautiful pine forests that surround the hotel and are shrouded in mist.

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Don’t worry about the cold though, the hotel has heaters with indoor lamps available. Imagine sitting and enjoying the view with a famous cup of hot chocolate in a cafe. But they also serve coffee. Private conversations with your loved ones are so intimate here. Facilities that the family will enjoy include a spa, gym and playground. You might also want to check out their library; they have books and board games you can use. CHECK ROOM PRICES

Another luxury hotel on our list is Le Monet Hotel. What this hotel is most famous for is how modern the hotel is, from the design and architecture of the lobby and even down to the rooms. Most of the guests who choose to stay here are those who want to easily find food since the hotel is close to many bars and restaurants.

So it wouldn’t be difficult to eat something new if you stay here. But the Dinelli Gourmet Hotel can’t be forgotten either, the food here is excellent! Moving on to their rooms and amenities, the rooms are elegant and have the most picturesque view of the mountains. In terms of amenities, they have a spa, an indoor pool, a rooftop tent and a fitness center. CHECK ROOM PRICES

It is quite difficult to find accommodation for a big family when you go on vacation, Azalea Hotels & Residences provides perfect accommodation and vacation packages for families who want to go to Baguio. They have large rooms and apartment type apartments that are fully equipped! So, if you are traveling with a lot of friends or family, you can book an apartment.

Sierra Pines Baguio

As for the food, the best word to describe it is heavenly. Meetings and events can also be held here, as they have rooms, a meeting room and a tent to book. CHECK ROOM PRICES

It’s an easy hotel to spot, with the Holiday Inn sign visible from afar, and its strategic location along Strada Legarda shouldn’t make it difficult to find. The design and architecture are admirable. The lobby and rooms have a slightly modern Scandinavian feel. The rooms are huge with soft beds and contemporary style bathrooms.

When it comes to food, Lamisaan Dining and Bar never fails to satisfy your palate. They use local products that give their dishes a unique taste. If you and your friends/family want to hang out before you go out, the hotel has a venue on the second floor made for that. It is a good place to relax. There is also a fitness center on the same floor. CHECK ROOM PRICES

Chic and royal are the best words to describe Hotel Camiseta. This trendetter hotel in Baguio is known for its unquestionably classy interior. You will be greeted by golden chairs, a crystal chandelier and a large fireplace in the lobby. If you think the lobby looks amazing, wait until you get into the rooms.

Tiptop Vacation Homes Hotel, Baguio, Philippines

A plush bed, flat screen TV and chandelier can make you feel like a princess/prince. One of their proud highlights is their desserts. The hotel is partnered with Vanilla Cupcake Bakery, so you can expect their cakes, cupcakes and meals to be delicious. If the images of the rooms and lobby aren’t enough to fill your Instagram feed, check out the picturesque mini garden; here you will find many recordings that you can take. CHECK ROOM PRICES

Skyland Garden Hotel and Resort has a slightly Filipino tropical design. The main color used by the hotel is the shade of brown. This tropical style hotel is a simple and picturesque place to stay during your trip. It is not far from several attractions such as the BenCab museum and Burnham Park, about 10-15 minutes by car.

Each room has a desk, a private bathroom, a seating area and a flat-screen TV. If you want to have a good view of the pine trees, you can book a room with a balcony that gives a glimpse of how beautiful nature can be. In case you don’t want to go out for breakfast, an American style breakfast is served at the hotel. The reception can also help you plan your days. CHECK ROOM PRICES

Another modern hotel in a contemporary style on our list is the Venus Parkview Hotel. Many sites gave this hotel positive reviews for its total package: great location, friendly staff, quiet accommodation and excellent food. Many Baguio attractions, such as Burnham Park and the city itself, are just minutes away from this hotel. Immediately upon entering, you are met with friendly greetings and warm smiles.

Where To Stay In Baguio City: Upstairs Bed And Bath,

As for the rooms, it gives a pleasant feeling. The style is modern, but avoids using too flashy designs. But what is really praised by many is the food served at Cafe Olive. Olive Cafe, the hotel’s in-house restaurant, serves dishes that tickle the fancy without hurting your pocket. CHECK ROOM PRICES

Many will be surprised that despite how high and great Microtel is, its prices are actually affordable. The quality you see does not seem to be true for the price. But the hotel has really built its reputation on providing the best accommodation and service, while maintaining an affordable price. With the contemporary design, the rooms have a unique look.

They use earthy tones to give an earthy atmosphere. In addition, it is spacious and equipped with the basic things we need in a hotel room: TV, desk, bathroom, air conditioner, etc. A notable fact of the hotel is its accessibility. The hotel is located near the Victory Liner station, which facilitates access for customers. The nearest attractions are Burnham Park and Lourdes Grotto. CHECK ROOM PRICES

The hotel is good

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