Best Hotel Pools In Dallas Fort Worth Area

Best Hotel Pools In Dallas Fort Worth Area – Best Dallas Restaurant Culture to Visit This Summer Top 10 Best Places to Spend the Day By Megan Tsiots // 05.26.22

The rooftop pool at the Thompson Dallas Hotel is one of the best pools to stay in. (Photo by Gus Schmiege)

Best Hotel Pools In Dallas Fort Worth Area

Swimming season is upon us, and with Dallas winters upon us, we’re always looking for the perfect place to cool off. Luckily, the city is full of amazing swimming pools that you can take advantage of – either by staying in your accommodation or buying a day pass. From rooftops to new spots, here are the 10 best Dallas hotel pools to take a dip in this summer.

Omni Dallas Hotel Day Pass

You’re missing out if you don’t visit the recently renovated Thompson Dallas Hotel, The National, to see this beautiful pool. The roof terrace (heated on hot days) offers stunning views of the city, bedrooms and wardrobes with TVs and fridges. You can also order bites and cocktails from the cabana bar when you’re crying. Only guests can swim.

The Pool Club at the Virgin Dallas Hotel offers breathtaking views of the Dallas skyline from a distance. The design district features a 4-story rooftop pool with cabanas, lounges, daytime and, most importantly, drinks. The grounds and grounds are open to the public, but a reservation is required to enter the pool.

Facing the main street, the front pool of the Jule Hotel is a must-see in town. After you climb out, embrace your inner daredevil and swim to the ledge eight feet from the building.

One of the most popular swimming pools and restaurants, the Statler’s 19th floor rooftop pool is open to the public. Water, a pool, and an indoor/outdoor bar serving beer and a few relaxing specialty cocktails. This downtown area has amazing views of the city and Instagram-friendly chrome llama selfies (of course).

Best Pool In The Stockyards

The pool at this renovated Deep Ellum hotel is in-ground, but it has another cool piece of technology — vents that allow it to rise and fall at certain times. The Deep End, an outdoor pool and bar, will open this spring to serve cocktails and bites all day. Reserve your stay or sign up for a ResortPass ($30 per person or $250 per cabana for seven) to purchase a pool pass.

Adolphus Pool has reopened, serving cocktails, hard drinks and beer (hard ice available) from the rooftop pool. The rooftop pool also has private cabanas, fireplaces and decks. Reserve a seat (or a $35 day pass) to take advantage of this beautiful area.

The only hotel in the Dallas Arts District, this hotel has killer art, as well as a great pool to catch the sunset during your stay. Called Waves, the rooftop pool is surrounded by gardens, lounges and a spacious area, with tables and chairs. This summer, the hotel will host a series of events every Saturday from noon to 4 p.m., offering hotel guests traditional experiences, tastes and gifts.

Located in the heart of downtown, the Omni Dallas rooftop pool offers breathtaking views of the city. There is a poolside bar and barbecue with cocktails and snacks for sale. With plenty of space and seating, this pool is perfect for the whole family. This summer, you can purchase a one-day resort pass for $40 for adults and $15 for children. Seats are given first.

The Adolphus Hotel Has A New Rooftop Pool, But It’s Limited To Guests

This luxury uptown hotel offers a 140-day pass for one adult for access to the summer pool. This gives you access to the rooftop pool, steam room, sauna, swimming pool and cold storage. You’ll also receive a glass of champagne on the spa, as well as 25 percent off any spa service of 50 minutes or more (excluding manicures and pedicures) and 25 percent off lunch at the Conservatory. This is for people 21 and older.

The Gallery Rooftop Room at the CANVAS Hotel at The Cedars is one of the highest rooftop rooms in Dallas. The pool is open to the public for swimming daily from 9 am to 8 pm.

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Dallas Hotel With Outdoor Pool + Cabana Rentals

The iconic Adolphus Hotel is even nicer inside, including a rooftop pool, private cabanas and a full-service bar. There is also an extensive wine list along with many seasonal dishes.

Take a dip in the coolest rooftop pool at the Canvas Hotel in Dallas. Grab a drink at the adjacent bar with some nibbles and sit by the pool as you take in the best in town. The pool is open to hotel guests only, but the grounds are open to the public from 4am.

For a great option for kids, visit JadeWaters at Hilton Anatole. The site has a leisure pool (only for adults on weekends), a children’s and sports pool, a lazy river and two 180-ft. Water slide. There is a 23-seat swim-up bar on the lawn as well as movie theaters and other events. The pool is open weekdays, giving you more time to plan your trip, and is for hotel guests only.

Feel like Phelps in an Olympic-sized pool on the roof of the Fairmont Dallas. Come swimming and order to eat fast food and cool off the heat in a cool restaurant. A bird’s eye view of Downtown Dallas from the rooftop pool and boat ride never gets old!

Virgin Hotels Dallas, Design District

Enjoy Mediterranean hotel style in the heart of Uptown. The hotel pool is very close and beautiful, with green space outside the hotel and surrounding area. Enjoy bites and cocktails from Dragonfly, the hotel’s restaurant and bar, before settling into a lounge chair for a moment in the Texas sun.

You’ve heard of edge living, but what about edge swimming? The Joule features a private, glass-enclosed pool at the edge of the hotel, offering breathtaking views of Downtown Dallas and the Eye, a 30-foot. . A glowing figure appeared on the other side of the hotel. The pool is open to hotel guests seven days a week.

Make your way to Uptown to visit this famous hotel. It is located outside the Pearl Gate at Maple, the on-site restaurant. The pool offers plenty of sun loungers and swimming pools for relaxation, as well as sheltered cabanas for relaxation. Pool service is an additional feature, as well as live music on Saturdays. The pool is open to guests and guests with a resort pass.

Head to Cedars County for a day at the Lorenzo Hotel pool. The beautiful location is ideal for an afternoon with friends, refreshing cocktails in the pool (open only on weekends) and many places to relax.

Omni Dallas Hotel

Get the best view of the city from the infinity pool at the Omni. Take a dip in the pool or relax in the heated Jacuzzi while enjoying your favorite drink at the outdoor bar. The pool is only open to hotel guests, but the best time is Monday-Thursday, so be sure to extend your stay or work by the pool!

Experience the luxury of the Ritz Carlton and enjoy the outdoor swimming pool for relaxation. For lunch (open until 2:00 p.m.; opens for dinner at 5:30 p.m.) at Faring’s Restaurant to treat yourself to a massage of your choice at the luxurious in-house spa. Be sure to stop by the Dallas Guacamologist event every night at 6 p.m. The pool is open to hotel guests only.

Enjoy the peace and quiet of the Renaissance Pool, known as the longest pool in Dallas. Bring your favorite book and enjoy the tranquility while you’re there. For lunch, stop at the hotel’s restaurant, Asador, which serves modern American cuisine with a Latin twist. The pool is open to hotel guests only.

TheRosewood home at Turtle Creek extends the peach finish to its luxurious offerings, living room, temperature-controlled pool and sun deck. Expect the same service as the hotel, a pool, comfortable rooms and sun. This pool is for guests only.

Really Great Hotels And Resorts For A Family Staycation Around Dfw

Ground floor oasis and pool/restaurant. The pool turns into a rooftop lounge in the evening, so a change of clothes is required if you plan to post after dark. Even daytime access is limited.

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