Best Hotels In Athens For Honeymoon

Best Hotels In Athens For Honeymoon – A perfect memory is never far away on a romantic Greece vacation Villa Bordeaux / Courtesy of Expedia

Dreaming of infinity pools overlooking the Mediterranean in Santorini, or cocktails on the beach in Mykonos? Whether you’re on your honeymoon or just a weekend for two, these romantic Greek getaways won’t disappoint.

Best Hotels In Athens For Honeymoon

Greece is one of the most romantic destinations in southern Europe, offering secluded beaches, white Cycladic towns and sunset views. For the ultimate couple’s retreat, you need accommodations that match your circumstances. From intimate beaches to the most luxurious five-star hotels in Athens, these are the best places to stay in Greece.

Santorini Luxury Hotels & Suites

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A quiet and elegant 19th century Bordeaux villa. It consists of four Cycladic elite consonants in a 17th century palace. Despite being centrally located in Fira, the head of Santorini’s cliffs, they are incredibly secluded and surround the city’s largest infinity pool. Couples staying here can also dine at Santorini’s only French restaurant, where chef Hieronymus Coustillas takes inspiration from the Mediterranean region. The Aqua Suite has its own pool overlooking the volcano, the perfect spot for cocktails at sunset.

We experience Athens with a stay in a great hotel with a breathtaking view of the Acropolis Hotel Grande Bretagne / Expedia

Hotel Grande Bretagne offers a romantic dinner in the capital of Greece. GB Roof Garden Restaurant’s large windows guarantee unforgettable views of the Acropolis and Parthenon (especially at night). Michelin-starred chef Asterios Koustoudis’ dishes will not be served in the evening, nor will the two be at the GB Space Spa.

Ultimate Guide For A Greece Honeymoon

The Mykonos dream resort is the perfect destination for couples in love, not just because weddings and engagements have their own royal bathrooms and showers big enough for two. Everything is designed for romance, from the western terraces (perfect for a cinematic island setting) to its bright, airy accommodations. Mykonos, the island’s charming coastal capital (also called Chora), is a 20-minute walk away.

The five-star Lesante Blu on the island of Zakynthos is a member of the Dukes Hotels of the World group. Each bed has its own balcony overlooking the Ionian Sea, and most have their own private pool or hot tub. Dining is almost inevitably romantic, whether you grab an award-winning table by the pool at the Melia restaurant or ask the staff to choose a private spot just for you and your partner. Newcomers who book The Honeymoon Suite will receive a surprise gift upon arrival.

Santorini is undoubtedly the destination for romantic weddings, and it gets even sweeter with a stay at Perivolas Santorini. The hotel offers 20 mountain-style bike paths, some with their own pool or hot tub. The community infinity pool offers spectacular caldera views. Book a private yoga instructor or schedule a class to take advantage of jet lag.

Atrium Palace Thalasso Spa Resort & Villas is a wonderful five star resort located in the peaceful village of Kalathos. Inside you’ll find luxury rooms, seven swimming pools, five restaurants and private beach loungers. Book an all-inclusive package for unlimited drinks, meals, sports facilities and nightly entertainment. Reserve a deeper ring at 2,000 sq. (21,500 square feet) AnaGenesis Spa to soothe your nerves.

Best Luxury Hotels Athens Has To Offer [2022 Exclusive!]

It is surrounded by lemons and oils. Hotel Kinsterna on the Peloponnese peninsula is housed in a 19th-century house. Local architectural elements such as stone walls and vaulted ceilings are combined with contemporary fixtures and fittings. The resort has a spa, several swimming pools and a hammam, as well as an excellent restaurant where you can taste the best of Mediterranean cuisine. Couples can dine in the privacy of their own homes while enjoying the view.

Mykonos Grand Hotel is a luxury beachfront resort perfect for romantic getaways. The island is known for its lively nightlife, so you can enjoy the hustle and bustle or spend time together. Return to the spa for a couples oil massage or book a candlelit dinner on the beach. Book a wedding package for a luxury suite with its own pool, champagne bar and private lakeside barbecue with its own chef.

Enjoy stunning views of the caldera and the Aegean Sea at Hotel Gratie. This small, design-winning couples hotel has everything to make your romantic vacation memorable. Book a VIP terrace with a large outdoor pool and a luxurious king-size bed. In-room spa treatments are offered, along with a pillow menu with seven different options. If you are planning an escape, there is a beautiful 15th century church close to the hotel where you can get married.

Located in the 17th-century village of Kapsaliana in Crete, this historic hotel once belonged to the Arkadi Monastery and has retained its traditional wood and stone architecture. Disappear into the countryside with your partner at this rustic hotel with a peaceful outdoor pool surrounded by olive trees. The food here is excellent: Chef Nikos Thomas serves traditional Cretan dishes from a local farm at the restaurant’s fork.

Where To Find The Best Honeymoon Hotels In Santorini

Just over an hour from Athens, you’ll find the Sounio headland overlooking the Aegean Sea and the temple of Neptune. 154 And the elegant villages blend in completely with those around them. Walk to the hotel’s private beach or take advantage of the spa, fitness center and tennis club. Active couples can also enjoy tax breaks or a champagne cruise. While there are many restaurants to choose from, choose a romantic dinner in the comfort of your party.

Often overlooked as a romantic destination, the beautiful island of Sifnos is home to Verina Astra, a resort of 14 different villas surrounded by lush gardens. Perched on a steep hill and boasting panoramic sea views, Verina Astra has a beautiful lounge where you can take in the scenic beauty while sipping a cocktail. The infinity pool blends in perfectly with the slope. “Astra” in Greek, star; You will definitely get a first-class view of the night sky at this secret location.

Located on the western part of the island, Mykonos Bohemia is perfect for couples looking for an upscale getaway. Book the honeymoon suite with deck and private hot tub for two. Start the day with a yoga class in the garden, after a morning sunbath in the pool or a walk to the beach. While Mykonos Town’s nightclubs are a short walk away, you’ll be tempted to head out to Bilo Bar for handcrafted cocktails.

Luxury is the exclusive focus of Elounda Houses, an exclusive five-star resort with breathtaking views over the island of Spinalonga. Opt for the Haute Living package and you can handle everything from butler service and helicopter transport to private afternoon tea. The most romantic apartment is a one-bedroom suite with a private bathroom overlooking the sea. Enjoy an upscale street food experience there, where food trucks and delis line the plaza, along with four stylish restaurants.

Take Your Romance On An Athens To Santorini Honeymoon Trip

The Aegial Hotel & Spa, located in a quiet bay, is the only five-star hotel in Amorgos. Located between two sandy beaches, the hotel offers an incredible view of the sea in keeping with its Cycladic style. Spa Spa with an indoor pool, Turkish bath, hot tub, and sauna is a real highlight, and there are seven different yoga studios on-site. Taste a wine book, try Greek dancing or walk along the beach to the village of Langada.

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Honeymoon Hotels Greece: Compare & Book The Best Hotels

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