Best Hotels In Cairo Near Pyramids

Best Hotels In Cairo Near Pyramids – Isn’t it everyone’s dream when visiting Egypt to wake up in the morning, open the curtains and see the pyramids of Giza? Sounds too good to be true, right? But don’t dream about it, do it. You will be surprised how easy and affordable it is.

In this blog post I will show you the best places to stay near the pyramids and tell you everything you need to help you achieve your dreams. But read on because all that glitters is not gold.

Best Hotels In Cairo Near Pyramids

As romantic as it seems, there is another side to the story. Is it really that beautiful? This is my honest opinion!

Best Hotels In Cairo (a Local’s Guide!)

On my last trip to Egypt I visited the pyramids on a day trip. I stayed at the Fairmont Nile City in Cairo. If Giza costs about $10 one way and takes 45 minutes, the convenience would be Uber from the city to the pyramids. So there is really no reason to spend the night near the pyramids unless you want to have breakfast with a view of the pyramids or go to bed looking at the silhouette of this ancient wonder of the world.

Another advantage of booking a hotel near the pyramids is that you can easily attend the light show, which takes place every evening from October to April at 19:00 and from May to September at 19 :30.

So I booked a hotel near the pyramids for two nights to experience what it was like and these are my tips.

Visiting the pyramids is of course the highlight of a trip to Cairo, and there is a long list of other great places to visit in Cairo, but nothing beats the pyramids. The area around the pyramids is very residential without the other peaks of Cairo.

Best Hotels In Cairo From $15 Usd

I would not recommend staying more than 1 night near the pyramids unless you book a 5 star hotel near the pyramids.

Let’s face it, the city around the Pyramid Complex is not where you want to hang out. It is a dirty place full of garbage everywhere. Piles of garbage on the side of the streets, camel and horse excrement everywhere. Combine that with the hot temperatures and you get that Giza really stinks. It sounds very romantic to have a room facing the pyramids, but that’s the reality!

Probably, it will be very hot when you visit the pyramids, and it is tiring to walk in the desert for several hours. After the visit, it is quite pleasant to return to the hotel, take a shower, sit down and look at the wonderful view of the pyramids.

In addition, when you wake up the next morning, you can enjoy breakfast with the view of the pyramids at your leisure without rush to visit.

Best Hotels In Egypt With Pyramid View

Most of the hotels mentioned will have different room categories and most of them do not have a pyramid view. So when you book your room, make sure it says: Pyramids Look at the pictures of the room category and please check before confirming.

The pictures are the best way to say that you can see the pyramids from your room.

If you want to enjoy the view of the pyramids from your room, I definitely recommend booking a room with a balcony. Sitting by the window on your bed with a view of the pyramids is beautiful, but sitting on the balcony adds another dimension to the view outside.

Personally, I booked a room without a balcony and the view was good, but the room was small and I sat behind a glass window, which was uncomfortable without an invitation on my bed. I overestimated it and didn’t spend time in my room because it felt like an aquarium.

Marriott Mena House, Cairo Named Among Top Ten City Hotels In The Mena Region By World Renowned Travel + Leisure Magazine

Traveling to Egypt is cheap, so you can continue to travel on a budget if you need to for the rest of your trip. If there is one place I would recommend spending a little more than usual on a trip, it is for a room with a view of the Pyramids of Giza. At the end of the day it is one of the wonders of the world and as I said it is only recommended for 1 night.

Rooms with a view of the pyramids start at around $40 per night, but range up to $300 per night. There are some great options for those visiting Egypt on a budget, which is why I say it’s possible for everyone. Breakfast is usually included in the price of accommodation. So all budgets are better off booking a room with a view of the pyramids.

Most hotels near the pyramids have rooftop restaurants with better views than your hotel room. The roofs are thatched and a great place to relax. Rooftop restaurants are also available for non-hotel guests.

The food at the rooftop restaurants is disappointing and expensive. It’s mainly pizza, pasta, hamburgers and kebabs. It’s very expensive and low quality, so I don’t recommend eating here. Tea, soda, coffee, etc. expect to pay about $3 Alcohol is not officially served, but they will buy and serve you beer from the nearby area. Be sure to agree on the price of beer in advance, usually around 50 EGP ($3).

Cairo Pyramids Hotel

When booking a hotel room near the pyramids from one of the popular booking sites, remember that most hotels add a 12% service charge, 1% city tax and 14% tax. That’s 27% of the full price! Therefore, always check the total price to see if any additional charges are included.

My favorite place to stay near the pyramids is the Marriott Mena House. It is a luxurious resort with a huge swimming pool, honoring the Marriott brand. However, it is definitely very expensive and expect to pay at least $200 per night.

I really enjoyed my experience at the Marriott Mena House, it felt like an oasis away from the dirty city of Giza and the exits and surrounds of the pyramid complex, crowded with tourists.

The pool does not have a view of the pyramid and most rooms do not have a view of the pyramid or are more expensive. However, the rooms are spacious and luxurious. The view and breakfast at the Marriott Mena House restaurant are also amazing. If you are looking for the best breakfast place in Giza, this is your place. The breakfast buffet is also open to non-staying guests.

The 10 Closest Hotels To Ancient Egypt Tours, Giza

The downside of staying at the Marriott Mena House is that the view of the pyramids is somewhat limited. Unlike the other hotels and guesthouses in this article, the Marriott Mena House is located at the main entrance to the Pyramids complex. The resort is located just below the pyramids and you can only see 2 of the 3 great pyramids.

You can’t see the Sphinx from the Mena Marriott House, and the Mena Marriott House doesn’t have a rooftop restaurant with a view of the pyramids. This place is all about luxury travel, but if you want to spend a night in Egypt, I would say this is a great place.

A great place to stay for those on a budget. This guest house is located in the first row at the exit of the complex on the side of the Sphinx. Panorama Pyramids Inn offers you unobstructed views of the Pyramids and the Sphinx from your room, and from its beautiful rooftop restaurant. Rooms with a view of the pyramids start at $55. These rooms do not have balconies.

The balcony room is quite limited but has a good view of the pyramids and costs around $65.

Best Hotel In Cairo Near The Pyramids: Marriott Mena House

In the first line, just before the departure from the Pyramids Complex, you will find the Egypt Pyramids Inn, which has very good reviews on hotel booking sites. Rooms with a view of the pyramids start at $50, but are quite limited. Rooms with balconies overlooking the pyramids also start at $100 a night.

The rooftop restaurant of the Egypt Pyramids Inn is large and spacious with stunning unobstructed views of the complex. This hotel is a great choice if you are thinking of staying near the pyramids.

This hotel is one of the famous pyramid hotels that went viral on Instagram for its hot tub above the pyramids. There is only 1 room with a hot tub and it is located on the top floor which costs $130 per night.

The rooftop restaurant has large windows and a relatively small outdoor seating area. There are better rooftops with a view of the pyramids.

Grand Pyramids View Hotel, Cairo

It’s not on the main street, but across the street from the Pyramid complex, so the rooms are quieter. It is a taller building than the others and that is why

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