Best Hotels In Lanai

Best Hotels In Lanai – Forget what you know about all-inclusive resorts, this new Four Seasons product—formerly known as Koleda Lodge—offers restorative luxury on Lanai, one of the world’s most exclusive islands. (Yes, Larry Ellison’s.)

The Hawaiian island of Lanai has a rich history. It first became famous in the 1920s when 98% of it was bought by James Dole, who turned it into the largest pineapple plantation in the world. The last success was in 1992, and things have only gotten better since then. But in 2012, tech billionaire and Oracle founder Larry Ellison bought 98% (the rest is state-owned) and cemented Lanai’s reputation as a luxury vacation destination by partnering with the Four Seasons.

Best Hotels In Lanai

In 2016, after hundreds of millions of dollars and seven months of closure, the oceanfront Manele Bay Hotel underwent a complete renovation as the Four Seasons Resort Lanai. And in late 2019, The Lodge at Coele, a plantation-style hotel that closed in 2015, reopened with a completely new identity. It is now the Four Seasons Hotel in Koele, Sensei’s retreat, a wellness-oriented, inclusive retreat in the pine-clad mountains of Mt.

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Located 15 miles west of Maui, this 88,000-acre stretch of rugged, green and red rock—no traffic lights, but lots of chickens and wild turkeys—seems like the perfect place to discover the sounds, smells, sights, and four seasons. their first foray into the health arena. But when renovations began in 2015, health was not planned for the lodge. “The first thought was to renovate the interior and reopen as a resort,” says Alastair McAlpine, general manager of the two properties. “But we’ve always been encouraged to think about how we can create new reasons for visitors to Lanai. And of course, the property’s new focus on wellness is in line with industry trends.”

Health also makes perfect sense for the owner: In 2018, Larry Ellison entered into a new partnership with longtime friend Dr. David California, professor of medicine at the University of Southern California, is the founder of Sensei, a consumer health brand that explores three key approaches to a healthy lifestyle: exercise, nutrition and rest. This new Lanai Suite allows guests to begin their wellness journey with Four Seasons luxury hospitality.

Cool, the newly opened Four Seasons Hotel Lanai by Sensei’s Petrel is all about personalized, modern wellness programs.

Set in the beautiful gardens of Coeli (where there is no direct access to the beach), the 96-room hole-in-the-wall may really be anything but the visual story it offers. Designed by Todd-Avery Lenahan of TAL Studio, the Four Seasons Lanai at Koele, Sensei’s patio is on the entry level and is a beautiful place to relax. Tranquil water features—from a koi pond with a wooden yoga platform to a saltwater reflecting pool—are surrounded not only by a wild mix of colorful flora, but also by large art installations. All white pieces by Fernando Botero and Jaime Plensa.

Four Seasons Resort Lanai Review: What To Really Expect If You Stay

In fact, guests could be forgiven for forgetting they entered a wellness spa if they hadn’t completed a questionnaire and attended a planning call with Sensei’s team prior to their arrival. Immersion in this new product must be comprehensive and sophisticated, which is why Four Seasons initially chose an all-inclusive model for the company. But banish visions of piña coladas around a pool full of schoolboys and girls. “The idea was to offer a completely personalized luxury experience,” explains McAlpine.

Prices start at $2,800 for a newly renovated Coele suite, decorated in a calm palette of white and cream. There is a three-night minimum booking, and the rate rises to $4,500 per night if a couple is sharing a room. But when Four Seasons says it all, it means it. Air transportation from Oahu to Lanai, plus airport Tesla pickup. And once there, visitors will have to work hard to find something that doesn’t have a price structure. (In most cases, these are premium wines and spirits.)

The hotel promotes the “Sensei Way” as its brand, emphasizing three practices designed for guests to “talk” to their bodies and minds: movement, eating and relaxation.

Pre-trip calls and questionnaires define the basic structure of the guest itinerary. Depending on what your goals are, this fully customizable software can be loaded or as simple as you want. Meeting with Sensei’s special guide guides not only the estate, but also the future. “No one’s wellness journey is the same, so every guest will have a unique experience at Sensei Retreat,” says Sensei CEO Kevin Kelly. “We create software and hardware products that enable efficient data collection and science-based rating systems to conduct systematic research and improve guest itineraries and experiences.”

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Sensei guides are experts in their field and often have advanced degrees in their respective fields of study. They will help guests implement wellness practices that begin at the retreat and extend beyond their stay. And a ‘move, eat and rest’ approach can help simplify through one-on-one consultations on mental health, fitness and nutrition, as well as trail content that includes personal training, group exercise and meditation. , scenic drives and spa treatments. Make no mistake: a personal Sensei experience is more than just a moment of silence or eating a salad. The route also includes detours to discover Lanai’s wilderness, sunset island whale watching or horseback riding through the forest.

Guest itineraries are built around pre-arrival consultations with Sensei staff, and include one-on-one yoga, spa treatments, Nobu cuisine and other amenities that can support your wellness journey.

Speaking of the spa, the relaxing Japanese-Hawaiian-style hales are its most notable features. Ten in all, these 1,000-square-foot recreation centers are made of warm chocolate wood and equipped with deep-water hot tubs, dry saunas, outdoor showers, and two plunge pools (one cold and one hot). Space permitting, guests can include as many treatments as they wish in their itinerary, from a custom body mapping massage with Sensei’s thermographic technology to a targeted massage to a skin hydrating facial. Likewise, taking advantage of the convenience of “halal time” has become a popular method for visitors. Otherwise, there are wonderful rustic onsen baths around the property.

What if the guest is hungry? Nobu’s new Sensei, along with Sensei’s nutritionists, can prepare meals as needed, with a menu. “Loko Moko is made with quality wagyu beef and is served to the guest at that time,” says McAlpine. “And this can lead to the realization that the journey to health is ongoing and must reflect how people live and work with their habits in life to ultimately achieve success.”

Lanai Garden Premium, 1 King

– This Raja Ampat yacht cruise could be the most exclusive cruise in the world – Behind the scenes of the Dalai Lama’s early history with the CIA – WATCH: Can San Francisco be saved? News list Lāna’i Four Seasons Resort is the country’s top hotel.

Anyone who has stayed at the luxurious Four Seasons Resort can easily say that it is one of the best hotels in the state.

In the past 10 years, the United States. The News created a “Best Hotels Ranking” that covers the entire country and, unlike the Readers’ Choice Awards, which tally votes using reader opinion, the U.S. News applies points to thousands of hotels, combining hospitality awards with hotel star ratings and guest reviews. And the formula calculated Lānaʻi’s four-season resort in the first place.

Of course, it doesn’t take a formula or a supercomputer to know that Lānaʻi Four Seasons Resort Lānaʻi is the best in the region. The ultra-luxurious resort offers everything Hawaiian culture has to offer with modern amenities

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For catamaran cruises on the far shore of Lanai. The resort’s Jack Nicklaus-designed Mannele golf course is so beautiful that Bill Gates decided to get married there.

No other Hawaii hotels or resorts made the US national ranking. News, The Montage at Kapalua Bay came in close at number 7, while the Four Seasons Hualai and the Four Seasons Resort Maui in Wailea were 16th and 17th among the top 20.

Click here to see the full list. To make a reservation at the nation’s number one hotel, visit the Four Seasons Lāna’i website or call 1-800-819-5053. Copyright © 2022, Los Angeles Times Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | CA Billing | Don’t sell my personal information

The Four Seasons Lanai is located on the island of Hawaii. It was updated in 2016.

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