Best Hotels In Monteverde

Best Hotels In Monteverde – Getting enough rest is always a priority for me. When you’re on an adventure vacation, it’s important to have a good place to stay.

In other articles I mentioned that I visited several adventure parks in Monteverde and talked about my favorites. This article is similar, but here I will focus on recommending hotels near Monteverde, where I usually stay when I want to connect with the community and ride the highest and longest zipline in the cloud forest. I’m going to share five hotel options in Monteverde, Costa Rica so you can choose the hotel of your dreams.

Best Hotels In Monteverde

When people ask about the best place to zipline in Monteverde, the next question is always about the best hotel near the cloud forest. So I will discuss the recommended hotels so that you can choose the right one for you. Personally, there are three favorites that I usually stay at because they are close to Monteverde and have transportation to the park, which is one of the adventure parks that I visit.

Senda Monteverde Hotel, Monteverde

At Chira Glamping Monteverde you can enjoy modern camping, where the rooms are like tents, so your room or your bed is inside the tent. You also have access to a kitchen, fridge and private bathroom, which is under a small roof instead of in a tent.

This camping-style hotel is located in Cerro Plano, near Sky Adventures Monteverde, one of Costa Rica’s most popular adventure parks. A stay here is an unforgettable experience as you get the feeling of hiking but in a luxurious way. However, I think the prices are too high considering the services they provide.

It is one of the hotels near Monteverde and one of the oldest and most famous in the region. Its four stars means it is reliable and I recommend this hotel to anyone who has enough money to invest in accommodation.

The Belmar Hotel is synonymous with luxury, hence the prices. Although the rooms and services in this hotel are of high quality, I prefer to save money to do other activities that allow me to mention the following hotels:

Hotel Aguti Lodge & Reserve In Monteverde, Costa Rica

Jaguarundi Lodge is 100 meters north of the Monteverde bus station and is another hotel I fell in love with.

One of my favorite things to do is to go to the hotel’s private forest. I come to this hotel not only to relax, but also to take a leisurely walk along their paths and see the local flora and fauna of the area. Jaguarundi Lodge lives up to expectations and is nothing to worry about in terms of value for money.

This hotel impressed me with its villa style. His houses remind me of the ones I saw in Sweden, but with a distinct Costa Rican twist. I also really like the wooden finish because it reminds me of the warmth of home.

Booking a room here is always very easy for me. Hotel Heliconia Monteverde allows you to experience the vastness of the cloud forest and also offers good customer service.

Best Hotels In Monteverde, Costa Rica ✔️ 24 Amazing Options

Hotel Ficus Sunset Suites embodies comfort, relaxation and adventure in its elegant design. The rooms are large and spacious.

I feel at home here, not only because it’s easy to visit and visit the surrounding Santa Elena, but also because I can watch dreamy sunsets on the balcony chairs in every room. Great value for money. It is the perfect place to rest during a good trip.

In conclusion, the last three hotels I mentioned are my favorites, so I switch between them every time I travel. One year I booked a room at Jaguarundi Lodge, the next at Heliconia Hotel and the year after that at Ficus Sunset Suites. They all met my expectations and I couldn’t choose one.

I hope this article helped you make a decision. Even if you’ve already decided which hotel to stay in, there’s still a lot to do. If you want to continue your adventure in the best adventure park in Monteverde, I recommend the following article. If you book a Gold Package tour or other zipline tour, you can use the park shuttle service. Dreaming of lush cloud forests, exotic birds, and tasting Costa Rica’s famous chocolate (and coffee, of course)?

The 10 Best 3 Star Hotels In Monteverde Of 2022 (with Prices)

You’ve come to the right place! In this post, you’ll find a very detailed guide to the best hotels in Monteverde, Costa Rica, with the bonus of some unique homes that I’m sure you’ll love! Hotels are listed from cheapest to most expensive to help you quickly choose the right hotel!

Monteverde (also spelled Monte Verde) is a paradise for everyone, but especially for eco-tourists! Located in Costa Rica near San Jose, this unique place attracts more and more visitors every year.

That’s why I recommend booking hotels in Monteverde in advance. As I always say: better safe than sorry! These are the best hotels and they sell out super fast!

Contents1 if you are in a hurry. Suite ($150 and up) 2. Mid-Range ($80-100)3. Budget (Under $70) Bonus: Best Cabins in Monteverde, Costa Rica Monteverde Hotels Frequently Asked Questions

Hotel El Atardecer

If you want to book now, take a quick look at our list of the best hotels in Monteverde, Costa Rica:

Here is a map to help you visualize all the best hotels in Monteverde, Costa Rica that I will talk about in this post:

In a place like Monteverde, Costa Rica, you always want to be surrounded by nature and enjoy the beautiful scenery every moment of the day. If you are looking for accommodation other than the hotels mentioned above, please see below.

I’ve compiled a short list of some cool houses and a dome. I know you spend most of your time in the Monteverde or Santa Elena Cloud Forest, but when you come back it will be a lot of fun staying at one of these places!

Monteverde Cloud Forest Lodge

Monteverde, Costa Rica has many wonderful hotels scattered throughout the region. It is better to choose your favorite hotel than in the city, because they have everything you need. Some of the best are Cura Hotel and Celina Monteverde.

Yes, Monteverde offers many amazing places like Monteverde Cloud Forest, Santa Elena Cloud Forest and Selvatura Adventure Park and it has some amazing hotels!

You should spend 4 to 5 days in Monteverde, Costa Rica to see all the sights and maybe take a day trip. Check out our latest post if you’re looking for things to do in Monteverde.

Hotel Cura and Hotel Belmar are the best hotels in Monteverde, Costa Rica. Both have excellent ratings for hotels and first-class facilities.

Ecohotel Monteverde, La Vega

Before we say goodbye (for now), let’s give a quick summary of what you’ll find in this post. The first part presents all the best hotels in Monteverde, Costa Rica, listed from most expensive to least expensive. Then here you will also see the exclusive homes bonus.

I know it can be hard to choose when you have so many unique hotels in one place, so here are my 2 favorite options:

As I said, the number of tourists coming to Monteverde, Costa Rica is increasing every year, so I recommend that you book your hotel in advance to avoid missing out on your favorite spot and paying more.

Have you packed yet? After seeing all of these hotels, I’m sure you’ll be excited about your trip to Monteverde, Costa Rica! Enjoy exploring the Monteverde and Santa Elena Cloud Forests. Check out our latest post on the best things to do in Monteverde for more tips and tricks!

Jaguar House Hotel, Monteverde, Costa Rica

If you have any other questions about Santa Elena or Monteverde, Costa Rica, leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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