Best Hotels In Puebla

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Many people visit Puebla for a day trip from Mexico City. A day will give you enough time to see the best of Puebla, but if you want to do the city justice, it’s best to stay at least one night. An overnight stay gives you more time to explore Puebla and explore its historic center.

Best Hotels In Puebla

In this article I will tell you all the reasons why you should stay in Puebla for a long time and give you a list of the best and most expensive hotels in Puebla.

Best Boutique And Luxury Hotels In Puebla

To help you make the most of your time in Puebla, we’ve compiled links to recommended tours and activities here. Click on the links to get the best Puebla travel guide.

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As explained, most tourists visit Puebla on a day trip from Mexico City. Being close to Mexico’s capital, Puebla – just a two-hour bus ride away – has its pros and cons.

Puebla’s proximity to Mexico City makes it a great day trip destination. However, many people only stay for a day, which is a shame because Puebla and the country have so much to offer. Day-trippers stay in the city center and miss the beautiful sights outside the historic center.

Best Things To Do In Puebla, Mexico — Laidback Trip

Yes, you can see Puebla’s famous sights in a day trip, but it’s best to stay at least one night to do the city justice.

In my opinion, one night stay in Puebla is the minimum, but two nights is the best. A two-night stay gives you plenty of time to visit Puebla’s attractions and sample some of the best Poblano cuisine. It gives you the chance to explore Cholula, the most famous and accessible Pueblo Magic (Magic City) from Puebla.

Here are some of Puebla’s top museums and attractions outside the city’s historic center. Those visiting Puebla for a day trip may not have time to visit these beautiful places.

The International Museum of Baroque is a wonderful museum located in the reserve territory of Atlixcáyotl, 7.1 km southwest of the Zocalo. It has Baroque art, music and architecture.

Hours At Hotel Cartesiano, Puebla — Luxury Executive

It takes about 2-3 hours to navigate the museum properly. If you don’t pre-arrange a day trip to Puebla, you may not have enough time to go.

For more information on the International Baroque Museum, see our guide to the best museums in Puebla.

As of this writing, Puebla has ten Pueblos Magic, more than any other state in Mexico. Because of its proximity – 8.9 km (14.3 mi) west of Puebla – Cholula is the most popular and accessible. Almost everyone who visits Puebla for more than a day spends time there.

Cholula is a charming town known for its pottery tradition, Talavera and the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de los Remedios, a Catholic church built on top of the largest pre-Hispanic pyramid. In Mesoamerica.

City Express Junior Puebla Angelopolis $29 ($̶3̶9̶)

Zona Historica de los Fuertes is a public area at the top of (Acueyametepec) 1.4 miles north of the Zocalo (Grand Plaza). There is the Puela Convention Center, the telegraph povela (cable car), the spaceship and many other interesting museums – the Natural History Museum and two forts that played a major role in the Battle of Puebla in 1862.

In my opinion, ArboTerra is one of the best hideaways in Puebla. It is located in the charming area and airport Parque Ecologico, one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Puebla. As a botanical garden and Museo de la Evolucion (Museum of Natural History), it’s a great place to visit when visiting Puebla with kids.

Parque Ecologico is about 1.6 miles (about 2.6 km) east of the Zocalo, so it’s easily accessible on foot. But if you only have one day in Puebla, you may not have enough time.

Advanced enthusiasts may love the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest mobile observation bicycle. It’s 3.2 miles (5.2 km) southwest of the Zocalo, but may not be a priority for those with limited time in Puebla.

Luxury Hotel Offers In Puebla

At the time of writing, Estrella de Puebla is still closed due to the eruption, but I will be sure to update this article when it reopens.

When I write these “bed” articles, I usually recommend several places in different parts of the city to give people a choice. But if it’s your first time in Puebla, there’s only one right place – the Puebla Historic District.

A place near the Zocalo in the center of Puebla is where you want to go. The city’s historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with attractions such as the Puebla Cathedral, the Amparo Museum, the Church of the Rosary, and the Baflioteca Palafosiana.

Every city in Mexico is centrally located. Known as the Zocalo, it’s the heart of most Mexican cities and is generally the safest and most convenient. The city is different, so it’s best to find a hotel close to the main area of ​​Puela.

Hotel Real De Puebla

Mexico’s largest and most important cathedral can usually be found near the Zocalo. Church in Puebla Church in Puebla. There are many beautiful churches in Puebla, but this one is the largest and most impressive.

Biblioteca Palafoxiana is a small but excellent library. Founded in 1646, it is recognized by UNESCO as the first and oldest public library in the United States.

There are many great museums in Puebla, but if you only visit one, it should be the Amparo Museum. It is a stunningly beautiful museum of modern art, religious paintings, antiquities, installations and artworks dating back to the Spanish era. the best? It’s 100% free.

In my opinion, the Puebla Cathedral is the most impressive church in Puebla, but when it comes to the interior of the Rosary Church inside the Templo de Santo Domingo, it has no friends. Known as the Golden House, this magnificent masterpiece of Mexican rustic style is known as the Eighth Wonder of the World. It’s really beautiful.

Puebla City Hotels: 458 Cheap Puebla City Hotel Deals, Mexico

Visitors to Puebla from nearby cities such as Mexico City, Oaxaca, or Veracruz may arrive by bus. The main bus station in Puebla is called the Center de Autobuses Puebla (CAPU).

Puebla International Airport is located 22.1 miles (35.6 km) northwest of Puebla. There are several ways to get from the airport to Publa.

If you are using Uber, note that there is a designated reception area from the airport, where you may walk with your luggage. If you decide to travel by taxi, make a reservation at the official taxi rank in the area you are arriving at.

This is the easiest option, but also the most expensive. Depending on how many people are in your group, it will cost you at least MXN 499. You can pre-order an unlimited Publa experience.

Hotel Cartesiano Is For Style Conscious Travellers

The cheapest way to get to the center of Puebla is by bus from Estrella Roja Airport. It costs MXN 100 and will take you to CAPU. From there you can take an Uber or taxi to your hotel.

I bought tickets when I arrived at my destination, but you can pre-order through the Esterla Roja website. under

Depending on the day, there will be 5-8 buses between 7:40am and 6:30pm. You can check the Estrella Roja website for the schedule.

CAPU is 3.1 km north of the Zocalo. I actually walked from CAPU to our apartment in Azcarate once, but would rather take an Uber or taxi to your hotel. We always use Uber Puebla, but if you want to take a taxi, make sure you book an authorized taxi at the airport.

Hotel Review: Ikonik Hotel In Puebla Offers Good Rates & Location

If you want to go with Uber, which I recommend, you must be outside the station (ie near the main road) before ordering it. They will not accept you inside the CAPU port.

An Uber should run you from CAPU to your hotel in central Puebla for between MXN 90-130 depending on your time.

Here’s a list of the 12 best and cheapest hotels in Puebla, ranked by room rate. Please note that room rates are subject to change when booking.

To be clear, we did not stay at one of these hotels. We live in Puebla, so I prepared this

Excellent Hotels Near La Estrella De Puebla Wonder Wheel

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