Best Hotels In Spetses

Best Hotels In Spetses – First opened in 1914, the Grand Hotel was the brainchild of Soterios Anargiros, the visionary cardiologist responsible for the development of Spathes. In addition, it was a symbol of the island’s national character and soon became one of its most famous landmarks, a favorite place for the aristocratic, aristocratic and wealthy citizens of Athens.

The Grand Hotel, built to the highest international standards at the beginning of the last century, was designed by the famous architect Soterios Anargiros. Since then, it has been chosen by elites, wealthy tourists and politicians, making it a unique piece of history.

Best Hotels In Spetses

More than a century ago, Spetses philanthropist and Grand Hotel founder Soterios Anargyros and Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelos, inspired by a shared vision to see Greece as a place loved by the world , embarked on a journey that reveals the most important things. It influences the development of Greek tourism.

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Always a step ahead of big projects, the creators of Grand Hotel wanted more than a true Greek philosophy. Also inspired by the vision of creating the ultimate relaxing experience for hotel guests through wellness treatments, the Grand Hotel was the first hotel in Greece to offer spa services.

The Grand Hotel was one of the first luxury hotels in the country, and over the years it has hosted members of industry, academia and dignitaries. In addition, many scientists, artists, noblemen and highly influential political leaders remained his guests and loyal friends.

The Grand Hotel was a meeting place for the Athenian nobility, who held important events and spectacular weddings on its terrace, because Spates was a symbol of international events.

The “island of perfumes” as the Venetians call it, “pitussa” (which means “full of pine trees” in ancient Greek), is a beautiful island without traffic and many beaches wonderful sand. bay

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Hospitality and luxury are renewed at the Grand Hotel, a famous Speights hotel. Choose your room type, conveniently located in both wings.

Savor traditional cuisine in a unique way, enjoy light snacks or drink a fresh cocktail – all this at the Grand Hotel.

Breakfast is a unique pleasure because we offer the most delicious flavors you can imagine.

Missed breakfast? You can still enjoy our food in our Library Brasserie from 10.30am to 12.30pm where brunch is available.

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Relax in the Library Brasserie and soak up the sun while enjoying our range of light and delicious dishes.

Try our chef’s unique creations at Library Brasserie and On the Veranda. It deliciously combines traditional Greek cuisine with modern techniques, using local and fresh produce from the hotel’s organic farm.

If you want to relax in the magical atmosphere among the palm trees under the Spetses sky and enjoy the view of the beautiful Saronic Gulf while sipping fresh cocktails to you, Palms on the Veranda is the right place for you. Spetses, an island with a long maritime tradition, is known for its significant contribution to the War of Independence in 1821. On April 3, 1821, the flag of revolution was raised here.

The island has managed to preserve its heritage with well-preserved royal palaces that still stand as a symbol of the island’s past. The beautiful old harbor and Dapia, the tourist and business center where the heart of the island’s entertainment is, are the hallmarks of Spetses.

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Take a romantic tour around the island in a horse-drawn carriage and admire the castles that line the island’s narrow streets. You can visit Spetses in September, during the Armata parade, a very impressive drama of naval warfare from 1931 to the present day. If you are a sports fan, you cannot miss the unique sports events organized every year. “Spetsthalen” in April and “Spetsthällen” in October, with thousands of participants. Spacethlon, the biggest triathlon in Greece, welcomes athletes from all over Greece and the world who love swimming, cycling and running. On the other hand, the Spates Mini Marathon brings together athletes and spectators who love to run and swim for the young at heart!

The island’s maritime history and culture can be seen in many places worth seeing:

Built at the end of the 17th century, the building is shaped like the letter Π, indicating the importance of the ruler at that time. Bubulina was a heroine who played an important role in the War of Independence in 1821. Visit her house, now a museum, to admire

Today, the building houses the Museum of the War of Independence, letters written by war heroes such as Kolokotronis and Athanasios Diakos, a public art collection and a museum displaying artifacts Bubulina’s legacy. The building was built between 1795 and 1798 and was handed over to the Greek government in 1938 by the descendants of the Maxi family. The island has more than 4,000 years of history.

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This village church was built between 1824 and 1830 to commemorate the victory of the Greek army over the Ottoman fleet.

The national church has a rich history, as it was here on April 3, 1821 that the national flag was raised. The body of Napoleon Bonaparte’s nephew Paul Bonaparte, who came to fight in Greece, was buried here. Greek, aged in barrels for three years!

Other places worth visiting are the Spetses Navy War Memorial, the Clock in Rologio Square, and the Anargirios Korgialenios School. Located in the Kunopitsa region, today the Center for Environmental Education is located here.

• Ayioi Anargyroi: one of the largest beaches in the west of the island with clear and deep water. Also equipment for water sports.

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• Ayia Paraskevi: sandy beach on the western side of the island, 12 km from Dapia. He was named after the nearby church of St. Paraskeva. Water sports equipment is also available. • Ayia Marina: 2 km southwest of Dapia, this is the most famous beach of the island! Sandy, with many beach bars and restaurants. Sun lovers and water sports enthusiasts come by boat or bus. • Xylokériza: secluded beach, 8 km from Dapia, on the south-east side of the island, accessible by boat.

• Vréllos: a beautiful sandy beach on the west side of the island. Surrounded by a large pine forest, it is called “Paradise” for a reason. The beach is a good starting point for a beautiful hike to Profitis Elias, the highest point of the island.

• Zogeria: With pine trees lining the beach and clear blue waters, locals consider it the most beautiful beach in the country. With the weather, you can enjoy amazing views across Nafplion!

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