Best Hotels In St Tropez

Best Hotels In St Tropez – Each of the hotels in St. Tropez has its own character, many of which have a famous history, amazing views and a beautiful Provençal feel.

Saint Tropez hotels have local charm and character as each location strives to be unique and impress in a city built on fame, yachting, taste and decor. Here are our top picks for 2019.

Best Hotels In St Tropez

When you enter the grand lobby of this historic hotel on the Place des Lices, you will be joining a very prestigious company. The Paris Hotel opened in 1928, and immediately celebrities began pouring through its doors with heavy suitcases. Coco Chanel, Jean Cocteau and Clark Gable were among the early visitors, followed by Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Jean-Paul Sartre and Princess Grace of Monaco. Re-opened in 2013, the modern design of the hotel now offers a new and elegant setting, suitable for the city of Saint-Tropez, while maintaining the atmosphere of elegance and the rich feeling of its famous past.

Accommodation Options In Saint Tropez

Hand over your Louis Vuitton suitcase and adjust your caftan, because you’ve arrived. Mediterranean with gas. Surrounded by scented pines and with stunning coastal terraces, the suites and villas at this contemporary resort are beautiful, with crisp whites and warm sandy tones that add to the beauty of the coast. . The highlight of this very bright building is that its 800 m2 area offers a variety of treatment, detox and health programs, while its garden produces products for a Michelin-starred restaurant.

In an oasis of calm and greenery, Hotel Saint Amour La Tartane has a Balinese influence in its decor and excellent restaurant. This elegant and refined hotel is located in the heart of the famous capital of art, Saint-Tropez, and a few steps away from the beautiful Pampelonne beach. If you want that refined luxury on the water, this hotel offers you the use of a luxury yacht for private excursions. Baglietto Yacht “Chato” promises a memorable experience for its guests.

This charming Saint-Tropez establishment is living proof that you don’t have to stay at the Hotel de Paris to follow in the footsteps of famous royalty. Hotel La Ponche is a historic family-run hotel in the old town that has hosted artists, writers and celebrities since Picasso sat and chatted with the owner in a simple fisherman’s bar. Today, his daughter runs the hotel, and despite the passage of time, it retains a charming rural charm and a sense of artistic freedom.

Beneath all the glitz and glamour, Saint-Tropez is still an old fishing town in the sleepy south of France. Hotel Le Yaca is a beautiful little hotel by the castle that reminds you of that. Large but charming 18th century house with a combination of old stone and Mediterranean gardens. Step through the little white door and step into a world of five-star luxury. This hotel has seen many celebrities pass through its doors, from Orson Welles to Rita Hayworth and Greta Garbo, and even royalty in the form of Prince Ali. Hon.

Saint Tropez Praia Hotel, Arraial D’ajuda

For more inspiration on where to stay in St Tropez this summer, check out our selection of luxury hotels, boutique hotels and luxury hotels. The name of this hotel says it all: Villa Belrose, Saint-Tropez. The main feature of this place is the St. The real Tropez of old, a place of rest and relaxation for the rich and very fashionable. And the hotel is everything you would expect from a private property in this most popular location. The resort is more like a palace than a hotel, a huge, extravagantly decorated mansion with every luxury imaginable.

The rooms are designed in a soft contemporary style, with a light and airy atmosphere in keeping with a beach villa. Each room has a spacious terrace – some overlooking the bay of St. Petersburg. Tropez, others do not look at the garden. And the guest rooms on all levels are well appointed, from the underfloor heating to the sunny white marble bathrooms.

Three meeting rooms are available for those who are lucky enough to do business in Saint Petersburg. Tropez and all guests have access to the spa and heated outdoor pool.

Please note: Villa Belrose is a seasonal hotel, open from mid-April to mid-October. Prices vary by season. The high season lasts from the end of June to the end of August.

White 1921, Saint Tropez

Tablet Hotels joined the Michelin family in 2018 when it merged with MICHELIN to become a hotel selection resource.

Tablet Hotels is all about finding the world’s most exciting hotels – where you don’t just find a room for the night, but an unforgettable experience. For more than 20 years, we’ve traveled the world, evaluating hotels for all tastes and budgets, creating our proven and inspired picks. In fact, our hardworking steward, Michelin, has made us the official choice of the famous MICHELIN hotels. MICHELIN has always been a reference point for gastronomy. Now it sets the same standard as a hotel. An expert guide to the best hotels in St. Tropez, including the best places to stay for modern interiors, Provençal charm, private pools, beach access, luxurious spas and, of course, the famous place.

St Tropez can be loud and lively. However, go to Pan Deï and tranquility will wash over you. Even the smallest palace in India must have it. The living room, the drawing room and the true library resemble what I imagine to be a rich colonial house. Lots of space and light in the rooms brought antiques and oriental treasures, caves and four posters. Elephants, carpets and sculptures are interspersed with 19th century paintings and Kama-Sutra paintings. Outside, the garden and pool are stunning, and the sunbeds by the pool are covered with straw.

One of the most rated five star hotels in France. Sezz thrives from a large central pool to a series of modern bungalows and villas. Each of them is small decorated, but large in size. Each has its own terrace; some have private pools. Sexy, cute and funny in equal measure. Go barefoot for breakfast, boogie in the Dom Perignon bar or play with the kids in the surrounding park – the hotel has something for everyone. There is also a Payot spa with an outdoor massage area, yoga classes, a hammam and a steam room. Guests can also rent a house limousine.

Top 10 Best Hotels In Saint Tropez

The hotel combines a commitment to all things Provençal with the gentleness and creativity that a true Provençal can only achieve. Therefore, here the focus of the living lobby is a real zinc bar with more or less thick bonhomie. Then you’ll find a cabinet full of cookie jars, an old French stove, a grand piano, black and white pictures of movie stars on the walls, and chairs that look like hats. Outside the back door, other aperitifs await on the terrace and outside, the Provence garden from the central disposal. The beautiful swimming pool is surrounded by large palm trees, fig trees, lavender and other fragrant plants.

For half a century, the most famous hotels in the most famous resorts in the world have hosted fiery celebrations and smart family holidays of the rich and famous – and ordinary people who saved a lot of money. Rows like fishermen’s houses – all ocher and harmonious – run across the pond and are painted green. However, the villas are only facades. In hindsight, it’s very luxurious, tucked away in a classic hallway, full of art and quietly flattering to the senses. Here is an elegant village within a village that subscribes to the highest standards.

In one of the oldest and quietest towns in Saint-Tropez, five minutes from the port and the center of the Place des Lices, La Ponche offers simple elegance, charming service and spacious rooms overlooking the city or the sea. . Picasso and Sartre were regulars at the bar. Although its memory includes Juliet Greco, Brigitte Bardot, Romy Schneider and Jack Nicholson, it does not weigh down the hotel. It is an unusual type of building, where many rooms have unexpected terraces with city or sea views. In fact, Room 8 is Romy Schneider’s favorite room. No matter which room you get, you are a few meters away from the small beach of Ponche. Before breakfast, you can go in a bathrobe to take a shower.

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