Best Hotels In The Blue Mountains

Best Hotels In The Blue Mountains – Where to stay in the Veneto mountains: a guide to the best areas and accommodation for every budget

We spent 5 years in Sydney and visited the Blue Mountains at least once a month and never got bored. One of Australia’s most amazing places for hiking or a cozy and relaxing weekend.

Best Hotels In The Blue Mountains

If you’re looking for a place to stay, look no further as we’ve been visiting this beautiful area for years and have compiled a comprehensive list of the best hotels, motels, guesthouses and rentals!

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Below, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list and description of all the options, from amazing features to luxury, affordable jewelry, multiple cottages, and rental properties. No matter how much you ask, I have an offer!

To make it easier, we break down all the accommodations by location and compare the pros and cons of each.

The great thing about Montes Veneto is that most areas are close by. Even if you don’t have a car, you can take the train to Wentworth Falls, Katoomba and Blackheath.

Megalong Valley is a bit further than the others (you need a car) but few people want to go there because we like the area.

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Katoomba and Leura have the most hotel options along with the famous tourist attractions in the area. The area has many luxury and budget hotels, guest houses and the best restaurants.

Staying in Katoomba means you don’t need a car (still recommended if you want to explore a lot) as the three sisters, Katoomba Falls, scenic world and many hikes are all within walking distance. You can take the train to Katoomba and then walk or take a taxi to the property.

The downside is that there are more options in the city, and unless you’re at the posh end of the market, you might not feel like you’re in the hill country.

The pinnacle of all Montes Veneto hotels is Lilianfels, a luxury establishment in the heart of the action. Located just a few meters from the Three Sisters, this hotel has it all. Comfort, mountain view and location.

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There’s also a top-floor restaurant that’s getting rave reviews. Even if you can’t afford an overnight stay, enjoy a special dinner at Darley’s.

Joe’s brother and wife ate here when they visited and gave them the thumbs up. It’s not cheap, but it’s the best luxury in the area.

Leura’s Fairmont is an M Gallery hotel, so you can say it lives up to the standards and quality. We like the foyer because it offers a panoramic view of the valley ahead. A place to relax on a cold winter day with a fireplace and comfortable chairs!

The rooms are modern and a good place to stay if you are travelling. The hotel is located on a golf course which is sometimes biased!

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Many hiking trails start from the hotel itself, which helped us a lot.

Unfortunately not all rooms have a view, we didn’t have one and that was one of the disappointments of this hotel.

Metropolis in Katoomba is a worthy choice. The rooms are cozy, warm and clean, with bathrooms. The hotel has a lot of that old fashioned character. Quite the opposite of modern, but it’s nice enough to stay somewhere else.

It is very central and within walking distance of the restaurants in town. The only downside is that it is tight for parking.

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The YHA was our go-to place when we wanted cheap accommodation for a weekend hike.

We loved the fact that here and in the heart of Katoomba you can have your own place indoors for quite cheap. It also has access to the kitchen and is a 5 minute walk from the supermarket which saves money.

It is very clean and the shower is great. We also stayed in an immaculate room with a shared bathroom.

In case of bad weather, there is a cinema and a huge common room with playing cards and a fire.

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Cons: the room is nice, the bed is too small for two people, but it’s fine for one night. There are also beds in the hostel for tourists.

If you have a car and want to be as close to the Three Sisters as possible, stay at the Echo Point Motor Inn. The rooms are basic and what you would expect from a motel, but spotlessly clean.

We have stayed here a few times and it is a cheap and convenient place to explore Katoomba.

If you want to see the Three Sisters lights at night, this is a good choice as it is only a short drive away.

The Blue Mountains Vacation Rentals & Homes

This is the house we booked when Joe’s parents came to tell us.

We chose her look and were not disappointed. All meals could be prepared in the fully equipped kitchen and there was also a huge jacuzzi bath.

There is a barbecue on the terrace, and in winter there is a cozy fireplace. You couldn’t see it in the photo, but the most disappointing thing about this place is that some of it was old.

Overall everyone really enjoyed it and I would recommend splitting the cost if you have at least 4 people.

Hotels In Katoomba From $17

Wentworth Falls has all the foodies of Leura or Katoomba, but only a short drive away. Walks very well on crutches. Even if you are not a fan of hiking, the views from various viewing platforms are breathtaking. If you want to be in a very quiet area with access to the best trails in the Blue Mountains, this is a great choice.

They have pine huts as well as shacks scattered around Wentworth Falls. We stayed at Apple Blossom Cottage with our parents and we found it very cute and cozy. There is a fully equipped kitchen for self-catering and 3 reasonably sized bedrooms.

There are no reviews for Ironstone Views in Katoomba, but it looks like a lovely villa. Highly recommend to anyone looking to stay at Blue Mountain Cottages.

It’s also within walking distance of some sites in the area, including National Pass. As with Ironstone, it’s a good choice if you’re staying with at least 4 people.

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This is a B&B we’ve never been able to get to and we’ve experienced it so many times we can believe it!

When I saw the photo of the bathtub, I wanted to stay. Judging by the reviews of other people, it is worth waiting for them to get there.

If you want to walk the Grouse Valley or Megalong, Blackheath is a great place to stay. Katoomba still has two buzzing restaurants.

The Grand Hydro is one of the most famous hotels in the Blue Mountains, and you couldn’t find a better location! Perched on the edge of a cliff overlooking the beautiful Jamieson Valley, the views are stunning.

Blue Mountain Resort Hotel Rooms & Suites

Although the hotel has recently been renovated, reviews about it are mixed. Some people like it, while others find it hard to justify the price.

We say this is one of the best reviews, and if we find a good price, we’ll pick it up. They also serve afternoon tea which our friends love.

Motor Inn Blackheath is one of the best budget hotels in the Blue Mountains, offering great, comfortable accommodation at an affordable price.

Close to the road but the rooms are very quiet and suitable for those who want to explore the Blue Mountains.

Fairmont Resort & Spa Blue Mountains

The Megalonga Valley is a bit removed from the main attractions of the Veneto mountains and has windy roads. We can say that this is a great choice for those who want to relax in the area but don’t want to do much, as long as they don’t mind the extra driving.

Few tourists descend on the Megalonga Valley, so if you find Katoomba and Blackheath too busy, this is the place for you.

In return, you get great views of the countryside and the chance to see lots of local wildlife. We have seen here negative forms, vulva and black parrots. This is a good site with many options for site administrators.

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