Best Hotels In Tromso Norway

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Someone recently asked me my best advice for planning a trip to Norway and I didn’t hesitate to tell them to find the best place to stay and go from there.

Best Hotels In Tromso Norway

There are many unique accommodations in Norway, and staying in the right place can make your trip complete. I mean it’s not a country with big fancy cities where you want to stay in a fancy hotel chain. Norway’s strengths are its natural beauty and rich culture, and one of the easiest ways to experience both is by carefully choosing a wonderful accommodation.

Accommodation Options In Norway — Nordic Backyard

And I think this is especially true for trips to the Northern Lights. Of course, if you just want to see the Northern Lights, you can just book a hotel in Tromsø and go on a Northern Lights tour outside the city to hunt the lights. And I’m sure you’ll have a great time.

I’ve also shared more Northern Lights tips here on how to photograph (and film) the Northern Lights here and the best places to see the Northern Lights here . And if you need more help, check out my northern lights e-book for everything you need to know for your trip to the northern lights.

The Arctic Dome in Coquillo might be my top recommendation for your Northern Lights trip. The dome is perfect for seeing the Northern Lights – I actually had a lot of trouble sleeping here because the lights kept appearing above my bed. It’s like staying in a glass igloo hotel but with a little more privacy.

The dome is on a hill so you have an uninterrupted view of the sky and there is also a similar style lawn house with a full kitchen, shower and sauna.

Chasing The Northern Lights In Tromsø: An Essential Guide

Kokelv is about a two-hour drive from Alta, so you’ll definitely need a car for that, but I promise it’s worth it. The ride is also beautiful.

If you want to stay in an igloo without renting a car, the Arctic Dome on Glød Explorer is perfect because you can fly to Alta and be transferred to the airport there. It’s also probably the most luxurious Arctic Dome I’ve ever stayed in. There is an attached bathroom so you don’t have to go to the bathroom and they wake you up with coffee delivery and even come in to make you coffee. A fire in the wood stove for you every morning.

Ulta is one of the best places in Norway to hunt the Northern Lights and at Holmen Husky you can live with a husky!

You can drive here with a husky or go in a husky sled, and the accommodations at Mini Lavo are extremely comfortable. They even come with their own little wood stove! This happens to be one of the most budget-friendly options on this list.

Top Hotels In Tromsø

If you really want the experience of a lifetime, how about staying in an igloo hotel made of snow and ice?

The Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel is made entirely of ice and snow (rebuilt at the beginning of each winter) and has beautiful ice sculptures. And don’t worry, they provide super warm sleeping bags and reindeer pelts to keep you warm in the igloo at night.

Kirkenes also has a snow and ice igloo hotel where you can stay overnight. They also offer comfortable cabins with large north-facing windows, giving you the option to go to the Ice Hotel during the day, but sleep in a heated cabin instead. .

They also have a team of huskies and reindeer on site and organize king crab fishing trips, husky sled rides and northern lights hunting trips. I stayed here on a solo trip and really had the best time – there is so much to do and the staff are incredibly friendly, so I never felt uncomfortable going there on my own.

Best Time And Place To See Northern Lights In Norway

The island of Sommarøy, about an hour’s drive from Tromsø, is my favorite nature vacation spot. The view is spectacular and the water is so turquoise it almost feels like you are in the tropics. You can easily make a day trip from Tromsø, but if you want to see the Northern Lights, it’s a great place to spend a few nights because the sky is nice and dark to see the aurora.

I stayed at Sommarøy Arctic Hotel when my friend Samantha visited and they allow dogs too! We stayed in one of their standard rooms (dog friendly) but there are many other great options if you are not traveling with a dog. Three bedroom waterfront homes look incredible.

The hotel has a sauna with a path directly into the sea so you can take some icy dips, and there is also a hot tub that can be rented. The restaurant is also amazing with beautiful views over the water. Right after dinner the northern lights went out and we just went out to the back terrace of the hotel and took pictures from there.

Located approximately two and a half hours from Tromsø, Senja Island is the perfect escape to nature. The scenery here is incredible and it’s a great place to hunt for the Northern Lights. In fact, I’d say Senja is one of the easiest places to hunt the Northern Lights independently if you don’t want to join a tour.

Tromso, Norway In The Winter: Ultimate Guide

I recommend staying at Norwegian Wild, which offers great accommodations from simple log cabins to their amazing lighthouse and arctic dome. Also the owner Hage is one of the nicest people I have ever met.

Another popular accommodation option in Senja is the Aurora Borealis Observatory, which is not only a great luxury stay, but also a great place to see the Northern Lights. I feel like I’m always seeing incredible Aurora photos taken here on Facebook and Instagram.

If you want to meet the most beautiful people in Norway, visit Dyrøy Holiday. Seriously, the owners are so nice and helpful, even arranging tours with the cutest farm girl. Just thinking about it made me miss them all!

Not only do they have an outdoor hot tub on site where you can sunbathe under the northern lights, but they also organize many winter activities during the day so you can make the most of your stay in Northern Norway. Besides that, the island. is surrounded by beautiful mountains. If you are looking for a quiet escape in Norway’s most beautiful nature, this is the place to stay.

Northern Lights Holiday To Tromso, Abisko And The Icehotel

The Arctic Dome in Narvik stands alone on the hillside above Narvik, giving you your own view of the Northern Lights.

If you rent a car for your stay here, you can also drive across the border to Abisko, known for having the clearest skies, to see more of the Northern Lights (you can drive to Abisko from Norvik or take the train to Girona) . .

While the far north of Norway gives you the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights, head to Lofoten if you want to see them set against some of Norway’s most spectacular scenery.

Whenever people ask me where to go in Norway if they only go to one place, I recommend Lofoten. It is the most beautiful place in the country.

The 10 Best Hotels In Tromso For 2022 (from $33)

My favorite accommodation here is the traditional fisherman’s hut on Svinøya Rorbuer. They also organize northern lights tours so you can improve your chances of catching the aurora.

For a more luxurious retreat where you can watch the Northern Lights from the comfort of your own home, check out Lofoten Links Lodges on the island of Gimsøy. I was here alone but the cabins are really big so I think it would be fun to come here with your family or a group of friends.

Gimsøy is the best place to see the Northern Lights in Lofoten because there is a clear view to the north and a very dark sky and the cabins have large floor to ceiling windows to the north for the best view of the aurora. They also organize horse riding on the beach!

There are many incredible places to stay in Lofoten, but Nusfjord Arctic Resort has to be at the top of the list.

Amazing Winter Adventure Activities In Tromso, Norway

Näsfjörður is one of the most beautiful villages in Lofoten (read about my visit to Näsfjörður here). Nusfjord Arctic Resort has beautifully designed overwater cabins and an outdoor spa with a wooden bath, sauna and natural outdoor shower. I originally planned to book a night here in December but decided to wait until the spa reopened after the pandemic.

I didn’t stay here but saw Stegan Lodge when planning a trip last year and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. These cabins are right on the water with beautiful mountain views.

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