Best In Ground Basketball

Best In Ground Basketball – High quality basketball will give you years of fun. It’s a great place to meet neighborhood kids, practice skills and compete in filming.

But that doesn’t mean that adults can’t have fun too. After a hard day’s work, being able to relax and shoot hoops in your own driveway or backyard is just appreciated.

Best In Ground Basketball

Today, most homeowners choose the versatility of portable basketball hoops, but these tend to rattle and shake after every shot. If you have enough space to install a permanent basketball hoop, go ahead – you’ll have more fun!

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This article is intended to help you find the perfect basketball floor hoop for you. I will explain what to look for and show you some of the most popular basketball hoops on the market:

Permanent basketball hoops are not cheap, and once installed, they often last for decades, so it makes sense to plan the installation carefully. Here’s everything you need to know:

If you plan to install a basketball hoop in your driveway or backyard, make sure you are legally allowed to do so. Unfortunately, many HOAs or municipalities have strict rules against “nuisances”. You really don’t want to install an expensive basketball hoop only to find out you have to remove it again a few days later. If permanent basketball hoops are not allowed, check out my article on portable basketball hoops.

Permanent basketball hoops require you to dig a hole deep enough (usually 48 inches) for the goal post. Make sure there are no underground utility lines where you want to place the ring. There is a free service that can tell you where to dig safely. Learn more at

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Measure your driveway, porch or wherever you want to put the ring. A standard NBA basketball court is 50ft x 47ft (50ft x 42ft for high school), but of course your court doesn’t have to be that big. Let’s assume a typical overhang of 2 ft (distance from the goal post to the backboard) and an additional 2 ft of clearance behind the ring for the height adjustment mechanism. The distance from the high school 3-point line is 19’9″, so if you want at least 3 feet of space behind the 3-point line, you need a lane that is about 27 feet long.

However, if you do not have a large space and the dimensions of your garden will be smaller, it may make sense to attach a smaller ring with less overhang and a smaller shield. In this way, your pieces do not get smaller and the dimensions do not look overwhelming.

If you have decided to buy floor basketball, there are many options to choose from. The main difference is the thickness of the goal post, size, material and overhang of the shield and the quality of the edge. Let’s take a closer look:

The support bar is the basis of any basketball and is responsible for its stability. Cheaper rings often come with a multi-piece support bar where the bottom bar is directly inserted into a 24″ hole filled with fresh concrete. This installation can be a little tricky because you have to make sure the bar is perfectly vertical because you don’t want to be able to adjust the support rod later.

Basketball Hoop Pics

More expensive rings come with anchor kits. Construction of the anchor kit is basically the same for all in-ground basketball hoops and usually requires digging to a depth of 48″. This means that you will need between 8-25 bags (80 lbs) of concrete!

A big advantage of this construction is that you can level the shield later by adjusting the nuts on the J-bolts under the anchor plate.

You want the bar to be as strong as possible to minimize shaking in the frame after shots (or dunks). Cheaper hoops often use thinner support bars (3.5″ round diameter) that lack the stability needed for a professional playing experience.

The top-of-the-line ring in this article needs a solid 6″ x 6″ bar to support the weight of its 72-inch tempered glass. A support rod like this eliminates almost all wobble. Even Shaquille O’Neal himself could throw this ring!

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Most basketball hoops sold today are height adjustable and allow you to lower the rim to 7.5 feet. This is very useful for kids who aren’t strong enough to shoot at a regular 10ft target, and it’s also fun for adults who want to feel Russell Westbrook smashing the 9ft rim. 🙂

But the mechanics of height adjustment is also a source of instability. If you don’t plan on adjusting the height, it might make sense to switch this feature off and get a fixed height ring.

The regulatory shield used in the NBA and NCAA is 72 inches wide and 42 inches high. These big backboards weigh a ton and are therefore reserved for the most expensive and massive baskets.

More affordable basketball hoops usually start with backboards that are 48 inches wide, but the most common dimensions are 54 or 60 inches. These backboards give you more than enough room for bank shots and layups – 72 inches is just what the most sophisticated basketball purists out there need.

U Turn In Ground Hoop With 54 Inch Backboard By Spalding

Entry-level billboards are often made of polycarbonate because this material is very light and durable. Unfortunately, because polycarbonate is light and soft, the rebound response of the polycarbonate sheet doesn’t feel right.

This is especially true if you are used to high quality indoor rings. Another disadvantage of polycarbonate is its discoloration and yellowing after prolonged exposure to the sun.

Acrylic signs are slightly more expensive and their transparency gives them a more professional look. Unfortunately, acrylic is a very soft material and over time will pick up scratches that will slowly ruin the beautiful look.

Acrylic is very popular with rings in the medium price range because it weighs significantly less than tempered glass. This weight reduction means that the support structure does not need to be as strong to support the weight of the shield. Unfortunately, lighter basketball hoops are more sensitive to the wind and the bounce response of the shield is just average.

A Must Read Guide To Choosing The Best In Ground Basketball Hoops

Professional whiteboards, on the other hand, are made of tempered glass. This material is very hard, scratch resistant and provides the best rebound response. You will not find any discoloration, even after several years.

Due to the heavy weight of tempered glass, moderately priced rings often use a relatively thin layer of glass (1/4″). The most advanced rings have glass panels that are twice as thick.

A 72 inch wide shield will easily weigh over 100 lbs. and will be completely unaffected by the impact of basketball and offer a game experience like no other. If you want to see an example of such a basketball, take a look at the Goalrilla GS 72.

On official NBA basketball courts, the distance between the baseline and the backcourt is defined as 4 feet. This allows players to attack the rim without hitting the support post. It also allows them to dribble under the basket. If you want to do the same thing, use a ring with a big overhang (the distance between the backboard and the goal post).

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Less expensive rings like the Lifetime 90020 offer a relatively small overhang of just 22″. But if you only have a small driveway, this can actually be an advantage, because it saves a lot of space.

More expensive (and heavier) hangers offer up to 4 feet of hanging and allow for more during basket action. 3 ft overhang is a good compromise between stability and enough room for reverse deposits.

Almost all basketball hoops on the ground come with broken rims. Such edges dampen the impact of shots and make rejections a little shorter. It’s also more comfortable if you want to hang onto the rim after a heavy bang.

If you buy a ring, make sure the spring in the breaking mechanism is coated to prevent rust and ensure longer durability.

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In the following section, we will take a closer look and talk about the strengths and weaknesses of each basket:

Lifetime is a company known for producing quality basketball hoops at very affordable prices. The 90020 is on the lower end of the price spectrum and a great choice if you’re looking for your child’s first basketball hoop. Compared to cheaper portable models, the 22-inch overhang allows for a fair amount of play under the basket and reduces the danger of hitting the goal post.

The Lifetime 90200 shield makes bank shots a little difficult because it is only 48″ wide and smaller than the professional 72″ shield. The small size, combined with a very light material (Polycarbonate), makes it Spalding U Turn In Ground Basketball Hoop

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