Best In Wall Rear Surround Speakers

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Here are our top picks for the best in-wall speakers of 2020 that deliver true audio performance and are perfect for home theater or home audio applications. These speakers are specially designed to blend in with modern home interior decor and are wall-mounted for an elegant look while saving space in your room. They produce rich and detailed sound quality and have a wide frequency range for comfortable reproduction. These in-wall speakers are dual left and right channel speakers for home stereo applications and provide a truly immersive stage experience while watching movies or listening to your favorite audio tracks. Check out our top picks for the best in-wall speakers below!

Best In Wall Rear Surround Speakers

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Ch Home Cinema With Wireless Rear Speakers

The Polk Audio RC85 is one of the best in-wall speakers with a great combination of sound performance, quality design and price. For sound imaging, it comes as a two-way in-wall speaker compatible with the Polk Audio RTI series. The speakers are equipped with 8-inch fully dynamic balanced mineral polymer composite cones for deep bass reproduction and a frequency response of 32 Hz to 20 Hz. The speaker comes with a smooth metalized dynamic metal tweeter that has a 15-degree flare for increased lift and treble. All speakers are made of moisture-resistant materials, making them ideal for use in bathrooms or under balconies or patios. The speaker measures 12 ¾” with a section width of 8 5/8” and a depth of 2 15/16 inches. If you are looking for one of the best in-wall speakers that offers great sound performance and value for money, the Polk Audio RC85 is highly recommended.

The sound performance of the Polk Audio RC85is is very good and works well for music and movies. Works great as front left and right channel speakers or as in-ceiling or wall mounted rear channel speakers. The RC85is produces good sound quality and has clean stereo sound performance. When inserted as side speakers in a surround sound system, they provide excellent detail. Vocal performances were delivered with detailed sound clarity through the RC85i speakers, and musical notes were clearly reproduced without distortion at high volumes. In-wall speakers don’t produce much sound and must be paired with a dedicated subwoofer for low-frequency punch. That said, the RC85 is acoustically accurate, providing presence and soundstage for concerts. When watching movies through a surround sound system with these speakers, dialogue and sound effects are clear and the amount of detail you get is also good. While these speakers don’t make audiophile quality, they offer great value and very detailed sound performance for any home or outdoor audio experience.

Installing the Polk Audio RC85s is relatively easy and requires cutting a hole in the wall and running the wires. You can mount the speaker using accessories or use swivel cameras that attach the speaker to the wall without drilling. The speaker comes with a colored panel and bezels that allow the wall speaker to blend into your wall and disappear into your room. The RC85i features an 8-inch polymer-filled mineral cone with a durable and well-constructed rubber cone made of high-quality materials. It comes with an internal spiral tweeter, which is great for direct high frequency control and offers spatial imaging – you can project the sound anywhere in your room. The tweeter is well designed and has excellent treble and treble range in any situation, including off-axis leeching positions. The RC85i features seamless audio tuning that uses the virtual environment of wall space for better bass response; If you want a full surround sound experience, it’s compatible with the Polk Audio monitor series of speakers. The speakers come with 2 grids, a cardboard template and an owner’s manual for easy reference.

Judgment? The Polk Audio RC85 are the best in-wall speakers that offer great sound quality, durable construction and design. The speakers come with an 8-inch composite cone filled with mineral polymer for better response and a soft-dome Dynamic Balance 1 tweeter for high and adjustable sound projection. Music and cinema programs sound very sharp and detailed through the RC85is at all volume levels – vocal performances are crisp and especially well-produced. The level of sound dispersion you get from the RC85is is excellent, and it also uses in-wall virtual surround for better response. All speakers are made of durable materials, making them suitable for use in bathrooms, saunas or outdoor spaces. Polk speakers are ideal for covering the soundstage when used in home theater systems, providing sound clarity even in off-axis listening areas. All in all, if you are looking for the best in-wall speakers that deliver great sound performance, the Polk Audio RC85is is definitely for you.

Rear Surrounds With Only About 2 3′ To The Back Wall

The Micca M-8S is one of the best in-wall speakers that can deliver great value for money and excellent sound quality. The M-8S is a two-way in-wall speaker with a high-excitation 8-inch polywoofer and a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter that delivers high-end and treble range. It provides excellent integration with the tweeter and woofer’s 12Db crossover system. The M-8S delivers a smooth, natural sound signature with clear sound reproduction and plenty of detail – perfect for home theater applications or casual listening. Micca M-8S speakers are easy to install and can be painted in any color – exterior measures 10 inches (width) by 14.13 inches (height), cut-out size 8.75 inches (width) by 12.75 inches. (Height). It is very easy to install with simple hand tools and comes in a range of colors to match your home’s interior decor. Overall, the Micca M-8S are the best in-wall speakers you can find, and we highly recommend them.

The sound performance of the M-8S is of the highest quality – it produces high-quality sound performance at maximum power and provides accurate sound reproduction. They provide true audio performance at any volume and do not distort at maximum volume. We also found these speakers to deliver very good sound through the high excursion of the 8-inch polywoofer. When using the M-8S as front speakers, the level of detail obtained and the sound performance were very good. Movies and sound effects really come alive with these speakers, and musical performances are heard with detail and precision. Voice performances are rough and unclear. Instrumental music was melodic and well-defined, with a good amount of extraction in the soundstage and detail. We were impressed with the overall sound performance of the M-8S, and it blends well with most home theater speakers, whether front or rear.

The M-8S speakers are well designed and fit seamlessly into modern home decor. It is easy to install and does not require complicated wiring. The M-8S comes with a high-excursion 8-inch polywoofer for excellent bass response and a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter that delivers beautiful highs and excellent clarity. We liked that the bubble dome tweeter has a quick design that allows you to direct the tweeters to a wider soundstage. The M-8S in-wall speakers feature an advanced crossover design integrated between the tweeter and the cone through a 12dB crossover network that provides good crossover at mid-range frequencies. They are also great as background speakers or front speakers in a multi-channel home theater setup. The speaker comes with a template that you can use to mark and cut the mounting holes; Built-in panels also make mounting the M-8S speakers easy. Mounting tables support the speakers above the surrounding dryers

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