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Best Internet Provider In Hillsboro Or – Highlight served approximately 2% of Hillsborough addresses at the beginning of its existence. The city hopes that next year, as it expands to South Hillsborough and Southwest Hillsborough, the network will include 4,700 residential and commercial addresses, which is approximately 10% of Hillsborough’s area.

Hillsboro’s new fiber optic network was officially launched Thursday, delivering HiLight internet and phone service to just 780 homes and businesses in one neighborhood near Shute Park.

Best Internet Provider In Hillsboro Or

Over the next decade, however, Hillsborough plans to expand plans to build Oregon’s largest publicly served fiber network at prices and speeds that can be achieved by private companies that currently dominate the market. The best that is offered.

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The city has committed $ 28 million over seven years, hoping to offer its citizens and businesses better communication and provide high-speed internet access to families who cannot afford packages like Comcast. To date, it has spent over $ 9 million.

The history of public transportation networks in Oregon and elsewhere is strained as local governments struggle to keep up with emerging technology and fend off competition from well-funded corporate rivals.

The city believes that there is a unique chance to implement this project. It works with the Hillsborough school district and connected 44 schools to its fiber optic network last summer. Lighting will initially focus on the booming South Hillsboro as it is cheaper to run fiber optic lines along with the new structure.

With a population of over 100,000, Hillsborough is home to Intel’s computer chip factories and poor farming communities. The city hopes Highlight can overcome these divisions, serving a diverse population.

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“Access to HiLight for families who do not have internet means they can afford it,” said city councilor Olivia Alkier.

HiLight charges $ 55 per month for an internet speed of 1 gigabit per second (one gigabit equals 1,000 megabits per second), about a tenth of what Comcast is charging. Both Comcast and HiLight offer generous discounts of around $ 10 per month for low-income families, although the HiLight discount rate is much faster.

Despite its domestic reach and annual revenues of more than $ 13 billion, Comcast has the technological and marketing power to compete in any way.

“Other jurisdictions have given up on such efforts after they found them to be more complex and costly than initially anticipated,” Comcast said in a written statement on HiLight. “Providing reliable and fast communication is our everyday life.”

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Another major Internet service provider in Washington County, Zippy Fiber, declined to comment on the matter. Comcast has not said how it will respond to the Hillsborough network, but it could launch an aggressive advertising campaign, lure customers with discounts on long-term contracts, or offer rebates to new customers.

This is what happened in Ashland two decades ago when an established cable company easily outperformed southern Oregon’s municipal telecommunications service, leaving the small community with years to spare.

Multnomah County Commissioners backed plans to investigate the county-wide fiber network in October after a publicly-funded study found the project would cost $ 1 billion. Hillsborough itself rejected the idea of ​​a home fiber optic network in 2015 after a city-backed study estimated the cost at $ 66 million.

But Mayor Steve Callaway said the city cut back on plans as it was realized that it could match the money to the school district and prevent South Hillsboro’s development.

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“Things have changed in terms of resources and technology,” said Callaway. “Then he started to understand something else.”

Highlight served approximately 2% of Hillsborough addresses at the beginning of its existence. The city hopes that next year, as it expands to South Hillsborough and Southwest Hillsborough, the network will include 4,700 residential and commercial addresses, which is approximately 10% of Hillsborough’s area.

The city says the launch of the Highlight program is 18 months late – due to technical issues and complications from the partnership with the school district. Hillsborough, however, points to the city-owned fiber network in the suburban community of Longmont, Colorado, as evidence that city-wide Internet services can operate at a moderate level.

Cost: $ 55 / month for 1 gigabit connections (upload and download); Comcast’s standard rate for similar download speeds is $ 100 per month. Highlight offers a phone service for $ 20 per month.

Broadband Now Available In Hillsboro

Service area: very limited, to 780 addresses near Shutt Park in Hillsborough; Highlight plans to expand to other locations in the coming year, including the new South Hillsboro development. It may take ten years to complete construction. The network already connects to 44 Hillsborough School District facilities.

City Spending: Hillsborough has committed $ 28 million to the project over seven years. He spent $ 9.3 million on June 30.

Note to readers: If you make a purchase through one of our affiliate links, we may earn a commission. Highlight is a broadband broadband internet service provided by the City of Hillsborough to our community. It is a service that is essential to meeting the needs of Hillsborough residents and businesses.

The sign is now available in the neighborhoods surrounding Shute Park in the southwest of Hillsborough. Hillsborough currently has the lowest broadband speed in the region. As part of the South Hillsboro neighborhood development, the fiber optic network will continue throughout the construction of roads and housing. They will also be built east of 10th Avenue and north of TV Highway, as well as parts of South Hillsborough. and enabled for the backlight service.

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The HiLight network and service will be expanded and rolled out to other Hillsborough areas in the coming years.

The backbone of the Highlight network is its fiber optic backbone. This column was developed in collaboration with the Hillsborough School District (HSD).

In addition to providing means of communication for all HSD schools and facilities, its backbone will power five fiber networks that will serve as the nerve centers of the Highlight Network Fiber to the Home (FTTH) distribution system. which will be used as a residential, multi-family building. real estate and businesses across the community.

Construction of the Highlight FTTH distribution network to reach all Hillsborough neighborhoods is expected to continue over the next few years. The construction of the distribution system will be carried out in stages, which will be installed around five fiber optic tunnels.

Nw Dale St, Hillsboro, Or 97124

The first areas completed were the neighborhoods around Shutt Park in southwest Hillsboro. The growing area of ​​South Hillsboro, where home-building activities enable the installation of high-speed fiber optic lines when the excavation is open, requiring less digging and disruption, will also be one of the first areas to receive this service.

While there will be exceptions, it is generally to be expected that if other services are located somewhere underground, high-intensity fiber optic lines will also be placed underground on the utility (or PUE). If other communication or electrical services are dominant, it can usually be expected that high-speed fiber optic links will also be installed overhead. Interesting construction activities can be identified by the signs on the construction site.

Building a distribution network will extend the Highlight Fiber Lines from Fiber Caves to every residential and commercial area in Hillsborough. Once launched, the system is ready for the final stage – installing fiber optic lines to any home or company that subscribes and provides services!

Construction of the Southwest Hillsborough phase is expected to be completed by the end of 2021. Forward.

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A note on points of interest: Citywide, a point of interest (PUE) is typically 8.5 feet from the edge of the footpath on each owner’s property. (In some areas where there are no sidewalks, these PUEs still exist.) These customizations are common methods for location services and franchise underground services. Typically, these objects are at the front of the house, but they can also be at the back or side of the house.

A light distribution network will be built among these facilities. Contractors involved in the completion of this construction will be responsible for repairing any damage or restoring any earthquakes affected by their work on the public facility.

And the HiLight fiber optic distribution system will be built outside of each MDU apartment, condominium and other properties to provide service to tenants of these properties, with the signature of the owner, permission and HiLight access. it will be needed. Right of Entry Agreement (ROE).

Once the ROE is signed, Highlight will coordinate with property owners / management before or after each residential unit is cabled over a direct fiber line. It will acquire every unit and allow every MDU resident to access and subscribe to HiLight internet and voice services upon activation.

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Optical fiber is more reliable. While less active devices fail, there is less service downtime. The fiber is protected against temperature fluctuations, extreme weather conditions and electromagnetic interference.

Fiber requires less maintenance. The system design has fewer components, less maintenance and less downtime.

Installing the optical fiber is easy and less invasive. fiber optic lines

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