Best Italian Restaurant In Cairns

Best Italian Restaurant In Cairns – Dessert at Vitalia’s Italian Restaurant – Photo of Vitalia’s Italian Restaurant, Cairns Photo: Dessert at Vitalia’s Italian Restaurant

Perhaps the most unattractive part of the food here is the difference in taste between western and eastern Italian food but the food is not good for me. It is very expensive to get such a small portion and not get the best taste. So sweet…

Best Italian Restaurant In Cairns

Dear Reviewer I am not satisfied with your review and let me explain why. First of all, if they eat in an Italian restaurant there is some time in your review, but I have not seen one except the pasta bar in Sydney, which you criticized without enthusiasm, the same you did with us. I don’t understand the point of comparing an Italian restaurant in the West and a restaurant in the East. An Italian restaurant is Italian wherever it is. Pasta is made all over the world, and so are pizzas. Italian cuisine is one of the most disgraced and distorted in the world, I will give you an example of spaghetti with meatballs in America, which I have not seen in my country, chicken parma or the fettuccine alfredo with its origin certainly not Italian. Maybe you are thinking about the food I mentioned above? Nothing like that, my friend. That’s why I’m not satisfied with your review, because there’s no room for improvement in my business, because you’ve done nothing but give vague advice and it’s not clear for us. Is the food too bland? You have salt and pepper on the table. Too expensive? Our menu prices are on our website and there you can check photos of other dishes. Do they look small? Are you red a review of our sizes? Then you post photos that aren’t yours, secretly without my permission. Check out other places to whet your appetite. If you think our products are not enough, you can complain in person, we will satisfy you. If you think the price of our food is too high, tell me what the price is, so I can answer, how much would you pay for fresh food? Can you tell the difference between packet pasta and fresh pasta? I don’t think so, I’m not coming to write you these words. Now let me tell you, do you know how much the workers here earn? Do you know how much Italian products cost? Do you know how much our rent is? Do you know how much we pay in taxes? Do you know how much electricity, water, gas, garbage costs? Do you know how much insurance costs? Do you know how much the license costs? Do you know how much labor costs to do everything we do at home? Do you know the cost of advertising? I could go on, but I want to stop here. Since your review is shocking, I hope that from scientists and food experts like you, you know how to respond to these comments. In closing, I thank you for not interfering, (even though in fairness I don’t appreciate it). I invite you to think and listen to yourself, because we use some flavors and others don’t. Because the wise listen, they want to know and want to improve themselves, the proud are the ones who lose easily. Thanks to Vitalia’s If you’re looking for great Italian pizza on the Cairns Marina waterfront, then check out Ollie’s Italian Restaurant next to Dundee Australian Waterfront Restaurant on the waterfront. Ollie’s is your classic, casual Italian restaurant serving authentic Italian food like pizza, pasta, steak and fresh local seafood.

Nick’s Swiss Italian Restaurant

I grabbed a pizza for lunch and walked to the marina to see Oli. I arrived at noon and chose the seats in the restaurant. There are tables and chairs at the front of the restaurant with great views of the marina waterfront.

Ollie’s pizza is traditional Neapolitan pizza, also known as Naples-style pizza. The pizza crust is pillowy and chewy and topped with fresh tomatoes (instead of tomato paste or sauce) and the cheese they use is fresh mozzarella cheese.

The stove in Ollie’s kitchen is a gas stove (Josper from Spain). Without electricity or gas, the oven heats up to 500 degrees and cooks quickly, sealing in the natural food. The pizza gets a good smoke for this process.

Good pizza, a selection of seafood and the restaurant’s specialty is steaks. Next time I’m in Cairns, I’ll be back to try more of the food at Ollie’s.

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Open for dinner on Wednesday and Thursday, open for lunch and dinner on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

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