Best Italian Restaurants In Canberra

Best Italian Restaurants In Canberra – Carlo Tosolini has been in the restaurant game for longer than he cares to admit. From Tosolini to Bailey’s Corner at the iconic corner in Manuka; Until a brief appearance at Club Italo; He is someone who always brings enthusiasm to the table.

And now his restaurant, Molto Italian, has won ACT Restaurant of the Year at the Australian Restaurant and Hospitality Awards. He said it marked a year of challenges as well as rewards.

Best Italian Restaurants In Canberra

“It’s been a pretty good year for us,” he said. “We were able to continue this year, the team effort of last years, and that deserves recognition.”

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Tosolini has been at the helm of “Molto Italian” for 5 years now. This year, he took all his experience and went in a different direction, turning the restaurant into a retailer; The customer and the customer got mixed up.

“We are in a residential area and people have been instructed to stay indoors, so we listen to their needs and provide them with good fruits and vegetables. They provided fresh noodles, etc.

“We set up a mini-market, bought the warehouse upstairs, stocked the shelves, and gave the people all the flour, sauces and wine downstairs.”

He said the secret to Molt’s success over the past few years has been a stable core group, and bribery and hard work to keep everyone together in 2020.

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“I’m still a bit surprised by this win, I can’t believe it, it’s a great way to end the year.”

Molto Italians and Sons; It won the ACT’s best Italian restaurant ahead of London’s Mezzalira and Trecento.

Ricardo’s Cafe in Jamison was another big winner, taking home both Best Breakfast Restaurant and Best Coffee Shop.

During 2020, The popular cafe has a new seaside atmosphere; The makeover has been complete with a new website and revamped menu by head chef Jody Johnson.

Corvina Restaurant, Swinger Hill, Act

The management said it is impossible to express what this recognition means to the cafe after such a year.

“Being an established company in Canberra for over 15 years has really helped us as we have an amazing customer base that has supported us through the good times and the bad, and this is no exception,” the spokesman said.

“We are so lucky to be part of such a close community of customers who support us and we can’t thank them enough, without all of them these awards wouldn’t be possible.”

Realm Hotel Barton won the ACT Caterer of the Year award and was honored in the ACT Wedding Caterer category.

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Patrick Lonergan, director of Doma Hotels, said this recognition is testament to the hard work and dedication to their hotels and restaurants.

“There is no greater opportunity for people and businesses than to be chosen to celebrate an important or special occasion, to raise money for a charity or event. Our staff care about all aspects of the food they serve at all types of functions. I believe this award is testament to their commitment.”

The Restaurant and Hospitality Awards are the only awards in the industry with an independent judging system that answers to over 280 judges and a national chief judge.

Club Restaurant: Winner; Chatham House Restaurant; Australian National Press Club; Barton; Federal Golf Club Restaurant; Red Hill.

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Restaurant in the hotel: Winner; Capitol Bar And Grill; QT Canberra; Canberra Monster Kitchen and Bar; Ovolo Nishi, Canberra to stay Realm Hotel Barton.

Winery Restaurant: Winner – Olleyville Restaurant – Shaw Vineyard Estate; Murrambateman; Cafe Lerida Lerida Estate, Lake George; Pavilion Dining; Pialligo Estate, Pialligo.

ACT Chef of the Year: Winner; Sanjay Kumar Dana, Damien Brabender; Otis Dining Room; John Santos Federal Golf Club

From sports to education. Many topics have been covered here at The Canberra Times over the years. But now I can write about fun things – where to eat, what to do places to go For people to see. Tell us about your favorite things. Email: [email protected] When it comes to crowds, you can’t go wrong with a healthy Italian feast. From pizza to pasta; from caprese to ciabatta; Delicious Italian food has something for everyone.

Italian And Sons, Braddon Canberra

Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly restaurant for a big event or a restaurant full of great food, Canberra’s Fine Dining will have what you’re looking for.

Bellucci’s team takes a modern approach to food and its philosophy. Over time, As the Canberra food scene evolves, so does Bellucci. Their menu is traditional and focuses on creating simple and rustic dishes without sacrificing quality. Highly recommend.

Tucked away in a Melbourne building in the CBD, Mama’s Trattoria is very traditional Italian. Many pasta products and original concepts take center stage, lunch and dinner. Dinner and weekends The restaurant offers European style through an outdoor dining area that extends onto the sidewalk, creating a warm dining experience. I am sure, The menu certainly lives up to its name; My mother confirmed.

With more than 10 years in the Canberra food scene, Italy and Son have had time to master their craft. The first high-end restaurant on the now bustling Lonsdale Street; Italian & Sons is single-handedly credited with bringing a sudden (and shiny) makeover to Braddon Station. The food is modern Italian, offering authentic cuisine in an atmosphere reminiscent of Rome. If the cap rating from the SMH Good Food Guide is insufficient. Italian & Sons has a prestigious two-glass rating on Australia’s Gourmet Traveler Wine of the Year list. Awards that tell the truth with voice.

Great Food, Friendly Staff

It’s Italian & Sons’ big brother – a little bigger and more focused on fine dining. Half the clientele here will be diners slathered on elegant plates of tortellini, while the other half will be couples enjoying romantic Southern Italian cuisine. Reflecting class and intimacy, Mezzalira Ristorante is Canberra’s finest. Even better, we’re currently offering a $85 tasting menu where you’ll enjoy three courses of fresh, delicious Italian cuisine.

This is ideal for micro-dining. Little Pizza Gusto in Braddon is a wood-fired pizza joint known for their light and crispy pizzas. Located on Lonsdale Street, Pizza Gusto is the perfect weeknight destination if you’ve had no food at home and a long day at work. Sit at a table outside or grab a bite to eat. Prosciutto We’re sure you won’t be able to pass up the tomato and bocconi cheese drizzled with arugula and homemade olive oil. Anyone who says money can’t buy happiness has never eaten at Gust.

Canberra’s fine dining scene has grown in recent years, and (in our opinion) not to blame. There’s something to be said for long-established local restaurants that serve quality pizza and handmade pasta with fresh ingredients. . Walking around from the ground floor of the Melbourne building, Briscola met a diverse crowd – businessmen and women; families couples Groups of friends – all well and truly satisfied.

Carlo Tosolini is a name that needs little introduction to true foodies in Canberra. Carlo, who owned and operated Tosolini’s for 29 years, opened Molto Italian, a perfect blend of modern and traditional dance. cooking There is a rich sense of history with the enjoyment of Italian food and culture. The restaurant is modern and elegant, and the food is the least imaginative.

The Meat & Wine Co. Canberra

Originally opened on Perth’s Cottesloe Beach in 2002, Chez Frederic has been around for a long time – literally. Chez Frederic prides itself on producing innovative pastas and high-quality interpretations of classic Italian dishes. This small restaurant offers guests a truly modern meal with items such as Italian dishes.

A funny concept – board games and beer in a cafe and restaurant. But this works with Guild. Learn about yourself while eating delicious wood-fired pizza. The kitchen is run by Chef Damien Maier and his team for first class pizzas, Serves arancini and meze plates.

This wood-fired pizza and restaurant is located in the heart of Manuka. They rely on a 300-year-old traditional Italian recipe to serve up authentic Neapolitan pizza, and also serve up some modern classics with a refreshing twist for diners feeling a little squeamish. Its bright and airy interior overlooks the kitchen, so you can see the chefs hard at work.

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