Best Itinerary For 8 Days In Costa Rica

Best Itinerary For 8 Days In Costa Rica – It’s one of the most popular vacations in Costa Rica – and for good reason. It includes all the great wildlife spots and tours that make Costa Rica famous.

7-10 days and from $787 to $1,815 per person, including all travel, accommodation and activities – ask for details.

Best Itinerary For 8 Days In Costa Rica

A beautiful cone rises from the plains of the mountains surrounded by lakes, tropical rivers, eternal rain forest for children, the tourist town of La Fortuna and a valley full of natural hot springs. It’s fun all around. We have visited many times and find something amazing every time we come back.

Costa Rica Adventure With Teens

Tropical areas are ideal for white water rafting (the water is warm!) or new endeavors such as whitewater rafting. Wildlife viewing is another highlight, and you can do that on a guided tour, on a hot water safari, or on a boat cruise through the Rio Frio wetlands and Cano Negro. .

The view of Arenal is amazing when you ride a horse, swim in the tropical waters or ride a bike, but the best part of the volcano may be underground. Geothermal vents heat the water all day long so you can relax at night.

Here are some of the best boutique hotels in the country, as well as many inns, small resorts and spas, as well as tourist hotels and hostels.

The restaurants around the volcano have spectacular views and serve Italian, Chinese, seafood, fusion and sushi. This is a farming town, so there are plenty of great steakhouses.

The Perfect 2 Week Costa Rica Itinerary

The mountains that surround Monteverde touch the clouds, which absorb water into the bark and leaves of trees, supporting an ecosystem of epiphytes high above the ground. It is one of the last beautiful places in the world to experience the endangered cloud forest environment.

These famous bridges allow you to see orchids, sloths, butterflies, mot-mots and different types of hummingbirds on the trees. If you’re lucky, you might catch a “clown” call ringing out a bellbird on a branch, or catch a glimpse of a regal quetzal with its brilliant emerald tail.

There is no shortage of adrenaline-pumping activities in Monteverde. This is the longest, highest and fastest zip line, and the most spectacular water rappel we have ever experienced.

After the tour, you’ll be ready to sleep by the Pacific Ocean, and Manuel Antonio is the perfect place to stay.

One Week Itinerary For Costa Rica: From Liberia To San José

The Ridge boutique hotel and resort overlooks the most beautiful coastline and beautiful beaches anywhere. Many hotels change the view of the sand and their pools and are located at the bottom of the mountain where you can go to the beach.

You’ll have no problem finding a place to refuel while you rest and recharge. This area is one of Costa Rica’s culinary hotspots (along with San José in the southern Caribbean).

If you are like us after a few hours under the palm tree, you will be ready to go out and do something, and there is a lot to be gained. Almost everyone spends a day with a nature guide in Manuel Antonio National Park, known for its squirrel monkeys and other exotic species in many cities.

Sailing and snorkeling trips offer a different view of the coast or you can sail in the calm waters of the mangrove harbor. There are surf lessons and of course if you miss zip lining that can be accommodated as well.

Elegant, Playful, Tourism Flyer Design For Costa Rica Rios By Nadhisa87

In fact, you may decide that you’ve had enough of the game and choose to fill your drink with a good shade… and you’re on vacation.

Get the unemployment benefits below for your undiscovered paradise vacation – or – check out tips on how to do it yourself.

Flexible vacation plans – get this itinerary at free prices, recommended accommodation, activities and tours to suit your budget, travel dates and needs.

Costa Rica is well-recognized by the Tourism Board and rated A+ by the US Better Business Bureau with 100% positive customer reviews.

Costa Rica Experience

The price of Pacific Trade Winds S.A. Located in Arenal Costa Rica, our best friends, business partners and sometimes collaborators in photos, videos and games here.

While Sue and I draw on 25 years of travel experience in Costa Rica. Since there’s no going back on it, we recommend buying a guide instead of just relying on the internet for a few good things.

This is a great rental car tour for the independent traveler. Arranging your own car delivery is an option, but it can be more expensive for two people. Since there is no single minibus company that covers all the routes, it can be confusing and time-consuming (on the other hand, if you are using a tour, the bus can be the best method).

– Public transport is a pain in the neck on this route. Going from San Jose to Arenal is fine, but getting from Arenal to Monteverde is a pain and from Monteverde to Manuel Antonio can be a nightmare. Choose a different itinerary or add more days to get from one destination to another.

Costa Rica: Waterfalls & Wildlife |solo Travel Costa Rica| Flash Pack

It is easy and cheap to get in and out of Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO), west of San Jose, this way. Using the LIR in Guanacaste will add at least three to four hours to your land transfer time. Tickets and rental cars are usually more expensive at one lira.

If you plan your arrival in the afternoon (before 2pm) or arrive later and use a bus service (no night driving), you can spend your first night in Arenal instead of staying at the airport. The same goes for your departure. Do it in the afternoon or later, it’s easy to get to the airport from Manuel Antonio, which gives you another sunset on the beach.

This google map includes turn-by-turn driving directions and useful waze maps for cell phone navigation in Costa Rica (when you have a signal and data plan).

We create free Arenal, Monteverde and Manuel Antonio map downloads, free highway and driving maps of all cities, print rough water travel maps of Costa Rica. Maps are actually good for getting research (I’m told) and getting back on track when the GPS takes you off course.

Costa Rica: San Jose, Tortuguero National Park, Arenal Volcano National Park & Monteverde

There are four lines between San Jose and La Fortuna. Each includes sections of narrow winding mountain roads and we do not recommend driving any of them at night.

The fastest route (although they are all equal) is to head east on the Pan American Highway to San Ramon, then turn north to La Tigra and La Fortuna. Villa Blanca and the Los Angeles Cloud Forest on this road are a great addition to the trip and are only an hour and a half from the airport.

You can go from the north to Alajuela to Varablanca, turn west to San Miguel, and from Aguas Sarcas and Muel to La Fortuna – if you have another day, you can spend a night in Peace Lodge at La Paz Falls. A great extension of this holiday. Just over an hour from the airport on the slopes of Boas Volcano, this is one of the most unique boutique hotels in the butterfly house, aviary, frog exhibit and of course waterfalls are one of the do the best in Costa Rica.

The main road (though two narrower roads) is west of Naranjo on the Pan American road, where you turn north to Circero (stop and look at the beautiful topography of the church), San Carlos , then from Florencia to La Fortuna. .

The Perfect Costa Rica Itinerary For One Week: 7 Days Of Pura Vida

The last and worst route starts as the main road – west on the Pan American Highway in Naranjo, where you turn north to Circero – and in Circero you turn a little east and then go to the mountains to Bayo del Toro. El Silencio Lodge in Bayo del Toro is a beautiful lodge in one of the most beautiful rainforests and cloud forests in Costa Rica. If you have nights to spend, be sure to enjoy them here.

A short “Super Highway” is under construction from San Ramon to San Carlos. It was originally planned to be completed in 2013… we don’t plan to start breathing until at least 2018…

There are two ways to get from Arenal to Monteverde. If you have a rental car, you will drive west around Lake Arenal and Tilaran, then east to Santa Elena and Monteverde on rough and gravel roads.

If you are using the train, there is a better way to cross Lake Arenal, eliminating most of the highways around the lake.

Costa Rica 7 Day Itinerary The Perfect Beach Vacation — On The Styled Side

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