Best Japanese Restaurants In Brisbane

Best Japanese Restaurants In Brisbane – Whether hot or cold, clean or dirty, hearty or sweet, Japanese is unique in its ability to respond to any situation with an all-encompassing power to maintain freshness, liveliness and curiosity while respecting tradition.

We thought it was time to update our experience of the best Japanese restaurants in Brisbane. If you’re looking for a great bowl of ramen, you’ll find the best in town here, but for an all-out Japanese feast, this is the place.

Best Japanese Restaurants In Brisbane

Taking the Boom Boom Room, this underground place is a must for all lovers of Japanese cuisine. Boom Boom Izakayana not only boasts a luxurious interior, but also a menu that will make you dream for days. Twice-cooked pork belly with miso apple, pressed and shredded duck in katsu curry sauce, and slow-roasted eggplant with fried tofu and enoki mushrooms are among the list of great dishes they have to offer. The menu is designed to be ordered in bulk and to be shared with a group, so gather your friends and dine like royalty at this fantastic venue.

Best Japanese Restaurants In Brisbane Serving Authentic Dishes!

If there is a highlight of traditional Japanese dining, it is being able to watch the chef prepare and prepare your dream dish right in front of you. Fortunately, Shunsai in Woolloongabba allows you to watch the masters at work as they prepare an omakase-style menu for lunch or dinner featuring super-seasonal produce as well as traditional desserts.

Sonua is famous for its teppanyaki, but sushi is also a great option for large groups. A traditional Japanese restaurant with tatami-covered private lounges, Sono diners can enjoy a splendid selection of sushi and sashimi, as well as several banquet and omakase options when you want to leave it to the masters.

The Athotô team has forever solved the age-old dilemma of how to give the refinement and sophistication of Japanese cuisine a spicy and sexy vibe. With whimsical minimalist interiors, long communal tables and a sophisticated whiskey bar to sip on while you wait to be seated, this dimly lit spot in the Valley is the place to go for elegant Japanese-influenced dishes (with some nuance).

Let’s call it: Hosokawa is one of Brisbane’s most underrated Japanese restaurants. The fresh fish is the star of the show here, and the sushi rolls and nigiri that come out of the kitchen are some of the best we’ve had the pleasure of tasting.

Where To Find Japan’s Best Food Experiences

Oshin is actually a little piece of Japan in the heart of Brisbane that was somewhere in the 80s, tucked away above the madness of the CBD on Adelaide Street. Move on to an extensive menu that includes buffets, bento boxes and a la carte dishes, as well as sushi, skewers and rice bowls especially for lunch. You’re not a Japanese foodie in Brisbane if you haven’t tried this iconic spot.

Head to Howard Smith’s Wharf and visit Yoko Dining for an incredibly refined and tasty Japanese meal. Try as much spicy pork udon, pork gyoza, miso-glazed eggplant, chicken karaage and sashimi as you want. You’ll also be obsessed with their dessert menu, which includes super-refreshing seasonal shaved ice.

Taste all the unique flavors of Japanese cuisine in this cozy meal with sushi master Takashi Nami. Takashiya offers a wide variety of Japanese delicacies, including bluefin tuna, negitoro, makior, glacier, 51 tooth fish, katsu sando with yuzu mayo and lotus chips, perfect for a cocktail combo at the bar. We also recommend trying the 16-course omakase if you’re a serious foodie.

At first glance, yakitori seems simple enough, but few places that serve yakitori really pull it off. Purists demand that real yakitori be charcoal-grilled (go for it, George Foreman), and that’s where Bird’s Nestwinkles finds its distinction in a minefield of posers. They offer authentic yakitori, fries (bonus) and all the sake you can responsibly handle.

Kabuki Japanese Restaurant, Brisbane

The uninitiated will probably cringe at the prospect of a big old bowl of tofu for dinner. If this sounds like you, check your priorities, because the first step to self-discovery is Mizu Signature Agedashi Tofu. Round off the rest of your party with cheeky sushi and a couple of bottles of plum wine, and heaven comes first.

Considered a staple of Brisbane’s Japanese cuisine, there’s no end to the wonders and delights that await you on the pages of Moga’s menu. Sashimi, katsu, yakitori, nigiri, tempura, you name it, there are many, which make absolutely brilliant for long lunches and dinners with the team.

If you’re looking for a hidden Japanese gem, Ku-Ois is an oriental place decorated with umbrellas serving traditional dishes on Trafalga Lane. You’ll find everything from affordable sashimi to tasty hotpots. The locals keep it a pretty tight secret, but information is slowly coming to them.

This Westside spot specializes in all things katsu, breaded and fried meat or seafood served in a signature set with katsu sauce, rice, salad and miso soup. The star of the show is their cheese katsu – mozzarella cheese wrapped in a pork loin and coated in panko fritters – but they’re also known for their Japanese version of carbonara, where the spaghetti is replaced with udon noodles. Frankly, KatsuCoy is one of our favorite Japanese places, and it should be one of yours too.

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When a hangover hits, sometimes it takes more than a sushi roll to quell the impending anarchy. Meet Okuman and its epic offering of sashimi, sushi, fried snacks, filling ramen bowls and rice bowls. It’s one you want to tackle with pleasure.

From teppanyaki, teriyaki and tempura to katsu, hot pot and sukiyaki, Bishamon Japanese has something to satisfy your fancy, it’s like the Allen Key of Japanese Brisbane. Sweet miso-slathered eggplant is an elegant statement of the best way to eat vegetables, and the gluten-free menu means you can bring your GF posse without fear of sneaky contaminated soy spoiling your damn mood.

With a warm wooden exterior, Izakaya Goku offers you all the comfort and privacy you need to get the most out of a long and heady meal. Start with the okonomiyaki (spicy pancakes), quickly dip into the chicken katsu, then add some teriyaki wagyu beef that’s guaranteed to blow your mind. Don’t forget the wide range of sake and, of course, Sapporo on tap.

Hikari is a relative newcomer to the leafy streets of Tenerife, but has already won over taste buds everywhere with lunch dishes such as donburi bowls and okonomiyakisoba – savory pancakes filled with soba noodles and your choice of meat . But you really want to check out their izakaya-style lunch menu, which offers a variety of dishes that are perfect for drinking Japanese beer.

The Best Restaurants In Brisbane Cbd That You Need To Experience Immediately

Yuzu & Cois is a local spot that serves fresh and modern Japanese cuisine. While stocked with classics like sushi rolls, gyoza and ramen, Yuzu & Coalso offers stellar options like wagyu with truffle sauce, as well as a great selection of traditional bowls for those looking for a healthier option, but still delicious

Kenjinis is unlike any other Japanese restaurant in Brisbane because it’s not just a restaurant, it’s also a nightclub with a strobe-lit dance floor right through the door at the back of the place. Don’t worry if you’re the type of person who likes to go home with baby food, because the restaurant itself is a great place to crawl into the big plush booths to enjoy creative fusion dishes, including Okonomiyaki Potato, octopus. takoyaki, crispy pork belly served with a 63-degree egg and a hibachi-grilled wagyu bun. However, being a crazy night spot, they’ve also put together a drinks list, which means you can pair your food with cocktails like the Kenjin Yuzu Spritz, a mix of yuzu, white martini and prosecco.

Organic Food Couples Branded Content News Australia Nightlife Auckland Shop Wellness Sustainability Sponsored Content TV & Movies Students Trending The bento boxes at this cute restaurant are some of the best around – and not just at lunchtime. Mizu’s special bento breakfast (weekends only) includes grilled fish of the day, chicken karaage, shrimp skewers, boiled egg and fried vegetables. For dinner, the signature salmon carpaccio is a fresh and tasty option, while the roasted Wagyu prime rib with garlic butter sukiyaki sauce is very satisfying.

In Sono, it is a special event with an attentive waiter in a kimono and a view of the river in a restaurant near the port. The six-course tasting menu is worthy of something to feast on, and includes the chance to try a superb Queensland Kobe Wagyu steak for the main course. At the Queen Street Mall restaurant, everything is a little more relaxed – but no less delicious.

Round Up: 15 Of The Best Japanese Restaurants In Brisbane

Despite being located outside of Brisbane’s more popular restaurant scene, this relaxed, no-nonsense restaurant is always buzzing. People come to Bashamon for consistently good teppanyaki, hearty shabu shabu and chef specialties like fried cuttlefish and snow peas in salad bowls.

The locals wanted to keep this little place for themselves

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