Best Jobs In Maui

Best Jobs In Maui – : When it comes to my twelve-year-old “Mauiversar,” I look back and realize that I knew nothing about Maui when I moved here! I had never been to Hawaii or Maui before. Before I decided to move to Maui, I lived in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and if you’ve spent any time there, you know it’s amazing, but the year-round weather and career opportunities can be challenging. So I decided to sell my car, pack up and start a new life in Maui because I knew very little about the island.

It might sound a little wild, but it’s not as unusual as it sounds, many Maui residents will have a similar story about how they love island life. Every month, many of my readers contact me to discuss their plans to move here, and I love hearing echoes of my experiences. Living on an island is an experience in itself, but doing it in Hawaii is something else.

Best Jobs In Maui

I lived briefly in the Virgin Islands in my twenties and knew little about island life in general. I knew Maui st. There are more opportunities and things to do than Thomas and that was definitely enough for me. I knew moving to Maui was for me and I wanted to live on the best island! If you’re interested in living your best island life, read this detailed guide that I sincerely hope will help you make that decision, and if you choose, I’ve also provided additional resources.

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Since I am a real estate agent in Maui, I should add that this article is not intended to influence your decision to move to Maui, but rather my way of sharing what I have learned about this special place and providing a resource that I do not provide. has. When I first moved here.

My desire to move to Maui was mostly instinctive. Something told me it was right, and of course it was. If I had known how amazing Maui was, I would have moved here sooner! We have sunshine and rainbows almost every day on Maui, but like any great endeavor, there are still some challenges to overcome and ways to optimize your experience. Read on to discover the three big questions you need to answer before moving to Maui.

This question is actually two separate questions. What will I do for work? What should I do for fun? Many people already know what they will do when they move here. Surfing, snorkeling, spending more time in nature, etc. on a daily basis.

The balance of work and play on Maui is one of the most important things for us. We’re always drawn to the many adventures around us, but living here is expensive and securing your income stream will be important to maintaining your desired version of Maui life.

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For some groups, this will be easy. If you’re retired or semi-retired, you’re set, and yes, I’m a little jealous. You can focus on finding your favorite hobbies and groups to join. There are many activities here for retirees.

If you’re a digital worker or can work remotely, you’re good to go. Working remotely brings several other challenges, such as the time difference and always having an internet connection. All in all, telecommuting in Maui is truly a dream come true. Going for a quick surfing session before sitting at the computer all day helps to recharge your personal batteries.

There isn’t a certain workplace that I’ve seen that has everything the average telecommuter is looking for, so you want to find a home that you enjoy working in or a good coffee shop. I like Sip Me in Makawao, Akamai Coffee in Kihei or Cafe Cafe in Lahaina.

Maui has begun to recover from the extreme challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past several years. However, restaurants and hotels still have problems and have not yet fully recovered. Overall, Maui’s business landscape looks better than it did 12 months ago, and some beloved local restaurants like Da Kitchen, which closed their doors during the pandemic, are starting to reopen.

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The main types of jobs for those looking for work on the island will be restaurants, tourism and hospitality, health care, business services or retail.

As real estate agents, the way we work has changed a lot since the start of the pandemic, but we are lucky that the real estate market is still very strong. Other professional jobs are available in health care and we really need more teachers in Maui.

So, once you’ve figured out how to rent or buy a home in Maui, it’s time to explore the island and see what to see.

While Maui may not have the best nightlife, there is certainly no shortage of fun and adventure. Being on a beautiful tropical island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is just as cool as it sounds, and there are tons of fun things to do in Maui. When you move here, it’s up to you to try them all and discover your favorites.

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Spending time in nature, whether on the beach or atop a 10,000-foot volcano, is a big part of island life and makes Hawaii a top destination for nature lovers. Of course, we have all the great ocean activities like surfing, scuba diving, sailing, fishing and snorkeling, all of which you should try (unless you’re a pescatarian and don’t want to fish).

Maui is also home to other cool ocean sports like kiteboarding, windsurfing, and parasailing. Windsurfing in particular has recently become a very popular ocean sport and I definitely recommend trying any of these sports. You’ll find that ocean sports create a community of like-minded people who enjoy playing in the water, and it’s a great way to make friends. Even if you’re not into water sports, you’ll definitely enjoy dozens of great beaches to relax on.

You’ll find yourself making weekend plans that include waterfalls and beaches rather than bars and cafes. If you prefer a bar or coffee shop, we’ve got plenty too!

In addition to ocean sports, Maui has a variety of great land adventures to hidden waterfalls, especially along the Road to Hana, as well as many hidden spots around the island. There are many different walks in different climate zones across the island. For remote workers who commute here, it’s great to take an afternoon break to take a quick walk to break up the workday.

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If you’re looking for lots of nightlife, you’re better off moving to Oahu than Maui. Maui has many great bars and restaurants, but very few hold regular events or stay open very late. Maui’s main nightlife spots would be the Triangle area in Kihei or Front Street in Lahaina, but it still has a lot to offer.

Maui is a more after-hours island with lots of great bars and restaurants open most of the afternoon, so you have to go to bed early to wake up and catch the waves! On Maui, we like to grab a Pau Hana (work drink) or two at places like Maui Brewing Company in Kihei or Merriman’s in Kapalua. If you’re moving from a big city, the laid-back nightlife can be one of the biggest adjustments you’ll make.

Is it expensive to live in Maui? You’d be surprised how comparable the cost of living in Maui is to many major American cities.

Rent and real estate are the most expensive in Maui. Gas prices have gone up since we entered this inflationary period, but not as much as in California. Maui’s average real estate prices are significantly higher than the mainland, except for downtown major metropolitan cities such as San Francisco, LA or New York. This means that the rent is also high. In some cases, you can pay up to $2,000 or more per month for a 1-bedroom apartment. If you hunt and are patient, you can find rooms for rent in Maui for around $1,000-$1,300 per bedroom.

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You never have to go far to get anywhere, and gas is usually a dollar or more from the mainland, especially if you have a Costco membership. Food will be much more expensive at Safeway and Foodland, and buying in bulk at Costco is always more economical. You’ll also find that Costco has a great selection of quality meats as well as local produce. Starter cars are easy to find for very little, we call them “Maui Cruisers”.

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