Best Jobs In Wyoming

Best Jobs In Wyoming – Wyoming offers thrills for younger skiers in places like Jackson’s Hole and has the least populated state in the league. Many truckers will instantly fall in love with the peaceful and airy space they feel here every day. Having the opportunity to admire Grand Teton or Yellowstone National Park on your day off will give you beautiful views and a great connection with nature.

Founded in 1973, Prime Carriers provides reliable transportation solutions to 48 states and Canada. Our main focus is flat load transport of steel, building materials and other important composite materials. We provide cost-effective logistics services and provide a comprehensive backbone for efficient transport management and ongoing support. We have a long standing reputation for first class customer service, efficiency and a high level of professionalism.

Best Jobs In Wyoming

If you’re looking for a great trucking job in Wyoming, we’re happy to provide many A-level benefits and services to our employees that they won’t find anywhere else. Some of the benefits we offer people looking for great trucking jobs in Wyoming include:

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Satisfied employees are always the backbone and backbone of any successful business, and key executives are no exception! We have created a working environment where all our employees want to be part of the family 24-7.

We strive to develop a close working relationship with everyone who gives their best on the road, and we support our truckers to ensure their consistent performance. We are glad you are safe, healthy and productive at home with your family.

Some of our competitors may not even offer health insurance, and at Top Carriers we make this our top priority. Here are a few ways we can make people our top priority:

We offer an expertly supported training and coaching program for all our new and qualified employees and determining whether you can be welcomed on board is quite simple!

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Fill out our simple online application to see if you’re a good fit, and soon you’ll be playing an integral role in America’s vital supply chain while marking the journey and your time! Are you interested in helping Wyoming grow? Do you want to travel to different parts of the state? Join our Shepard Construction team in Rollins, Wyoming. We are proud to develop stronger and better communities on the Great Plains of Wyoming.

Since 1988, Shepard Construction has been recognized as one of the leading contracting companies in the Rollins, Saratoga, Laramie, Cheyenne, Rock Springs, Rand, Riverton and Guernsey areas. We work hard to ensure our commercial premises reflect our highly qualified and dedicated team.

As a general contractor, we carry out all stages of the construction work. No two projects are the same, our capabilities include:

Shepard Construction Inc. commitment to our employees. We see the construction industry as one of the most rewarding career options out there, and we help make that happen by sharing our goals and achievements with the team.

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Whether you are an experienced supervisor, a site foreman, a skilled carpenter, or just starting out in the industry, we want to ensure that you develop and improve your talents while succeeding in life. We are looking for passionate and motivated individuals to join our team of professional contractors.

If you are interested, please upload your resume below. We are happy to have you on the Shepard team.

We are committed to quality craftsmanship and every job is a reflection of the people who make it. College enrollment rates have declined over the past decade. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, between 2010 and 2018, the total number of students enrolled in college decreased by 8%. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt higher education and job prospects, many Americans are assessing whether a four-year degree is a successful career.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, higher education generally equates to better job opportunities. The overall unemployment rate in 2019 was 3%, but it was only 2.2% for college graduates, 2% for master’s graduates and 1.1% for good students for a doctoral career. Although the unemployment rate has risen sharply this year, research shows that workers with more education are generally less affected.

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Similarly, those with an undergraduate degree or higher earn significantly more than those without a degree. While full-time workers at all education levels earned a median annual income of $39,810 in 2019, bachelor’s degree holders earned an average of $64,896, and those with doctoral and professional degrees earned a median salary of $64,896. The average is close to six figures.

Although higher education often leads to higher wages, the rising cost of education has created precarious conditions for many bachelor’s degree holders. The total amount of student loan debt held by US households has increased by more than 500% since 2003.

The total student loan balance currently stands at a whopping $1.54 trillion, second only to mortgage debt. In addition, the delinquency rate for student loans in the first quarter of 2020 was nearly 11%, the highest rate of any type of loan tracked by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Although degree holders can earn more after graduation, the difference is not enough to cover many people’s loans.

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Although going to college seems to be the norm, more than 62% of US workers do not have a bachelor’s degree. However, the percentage of college graduates varies greatly from state to state. For example, Massachusetts is the only state where more than half of the workforce has a college degree.

In contrast, in some southern and non-coastal states, more than 70% of workers do not have a college degree. The states with the lowest percentage of degree holders include Nevada (73.5%), West Virginia (72.3%), Arkansas (72%) and Mississippi (71.3%).

In some states, such as California, there are large differences in educational attainment in large metropolitan areas due to differences in local economies. For example, more than 80 percent of workers in the Bakersfield and Stockton metros do not have a bachelor’s degree, while just over 40 percent of workers in nearby San Jose and San Francisco do.

Bakersfield and Stockton have a disproportionate number of agricultural jobs compared to other major metropolitan areas, while San Francisco and San Jose have the highest worker densities in the computer and math sectors, according to data from the US Census.

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The burden of student loan debt, combined with the economic uncertainty of COVID-19, has raised questions about whether it is possible to have a lucrative career without a four-year degree. Fortunately, many jobs that do not require a bachelor’s degree pay two to three times the national average of $39 to $810 per year.

Financial researchers analyzed median salary data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Employment Outlook report to find the highest-paying jobs that don’t require a four-year degree. For each job, they also include projected job growth rates for 2018-2028.

It should be noted that these forecasts are current but were published by the BLS before this year. For information, the projected employment growth rate for all occupations from 2018 to 2028 is 5.2%. Here are the 15 highest paying jobs that don’t require a bachelor’s degree.

Magnetic resonance imaging technicians, or MRI technicians, work in hospitals and other medical settings. These specialists use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners on patients to take pictures of internal organs to help diagnose various diseases.

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The projected job growth rate for MRI technicians is 10.9%, which is well above the average for all occupations, reflecting increased demand for healthcare services as the population ages.

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While some web developers have a bachelor’s degree, many enter the field with a college degree or no degree at all. Web developers use computer programming languages ​​such as HTML and Javascript to design websites for their clients.

Web developers can specialize in back-end development (engineering the website), front-end development (interface and functionality for end users), or both. Job growth forecasts for web developers are more than double the national average.

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Oil pump operators, refinery and meter operators work in the oil and gas industry. These specialists are responsible for tasks such as regulating the flow of oil into pipelines, monitoring equipment to detect problems, and managing pumping systems in refineries. Employment in this sector is predicted to fall by 1.9% by 2028.

Another profession in healthcare, diagnostic medical sonographers use ultrasound transducers to take diagnostic images or perform diagnostic tests on a patient’s internal organs.

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