Best Margarita In Tucson

Best Margarita In Tucson – Our handyman Samantha Muncie with a Bandera Margarita at Guadalajara Original Grill. Andy Berlin / Arizona Daily Star

1. Is it a monitor lizard or an intergalactic spaceship launched from an ice planet during the festival? Bandera, $9, comes in three frostings: watermelon, plain and strawberry. Contact him again at

Best Margarita In Tucson

2. This margarine is named after a remote restaurant in northeastern Spain that popularized dishes like liquid olives and Parmigiano-Reggiano foam. Using a secret blend of herbal extracts, bartender John Hardin crafted citrus tequila into the soft texture of ikura sushi. The bottom half of El Bulli, $10, is a pretty standard prickly pear using syrup from Cherry’s Desert Harvest. What makes it local I guess?

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3. The yard weather gods sent this: A lovely prickly pear margarita, $10, not too sweet or strong. Perfect for outdoor sipping with Sousa Green Tequila’s floral and mild spice. No, it’s not salt, it’s baby sugar!

4. At Cerveza’s Taco Garage – They “Make You Thirsty!” – You can get margarine right from the tap. But this $13 bad boy, Kirsten Gede, pops open a small bottle of Corona, smears some tajine on her lips, and cures herself with citrus juice before calling it a lazy afternoon.

5. The East Side is a quirky place where bartenders mix craft cocktails by moonlight. This moonarita, $7, is really just one of the “moonshine mixers” on the stillhouse menu. It includes lime juice, agave nectar, Roger Klein’s Reposado Mexican Moonshine, and by most accounts it’s just tequila. Not to be outdone, we’ve got a shot of Blue Curacao to deliver the electrifying flavor.

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Mariscos Mexico Lindo

Find #foodwriterAndyBerlin at a pub near you, nibbling on small bites and scribbling away in an old notebook. Tohono Chul’s margarita uses Cheri prickly pear syrup, whose sweetness is balanced by tequila, lime and salt.

Looking for a new favorite margarine in Tucson this summer? Here are our readers’ recommendations for the 8 best margarines in Tucson, Arizona.

When it comes to daisies, our reader @caxinn14 spoke clearly. What does she like? Any and all. While it’s hard to go wrong with a simple cocktail, when it’s 100 degrees, I want to know where Tucsonans go to chill with friends and sip a refreshing drink.

While many readers share their picks with us, some restaurants come up more often. This list contains them along with our favorite employees!

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When I reported for 12 Days of Tacos, I was as strongly impressed by Delicia’s cozy atmosphere as their delicious tacos. At 2 p.m. On Sundays, you’ll see friends enjoying Sunday brunch with their families at the next counter, gathering for refreshing, refreshing margaritas. It’s a fun, family-friendly, yet relaxed atmosphere that I don’t see very often. Come to the party!

While several readers recommended this iconic Tucson facility, reader @michele.algreen told us about their pitcher system. Any of their margaritas, from their basic house to the Cadillac (made with Casador’s Añejo, an aged tequila), can be upgraded to a pitcher size.

Most margaritas have a 9 oz. Most pitchers contain 60 — so you get six servings in one pitcher. I love that motivation for the whole group to have a good time together.

Price: Residential cap is $8. Indoor pitcher is $27. Specialty margarines range in price from $9-$12, and you can buy pitchers from $29-$37.

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Former #team member Samantha Muncie with Margarita Bandera at Guadalajara Original Grill in 2016. Andy Berlin / Arizona Daily Star

While many of our readers recommended Guadalajara, some decided which side they were on. For those who don’t know (like me, before I started writing this), Tucson’s Mexican restaurant brand Guadalajara was founded by a husband and wife team. When they split, intellectual property split. You’ll see unified branding like beautifully hand-drawn lettering in the same font on both strings.

Other locations listed on a website under the umbrella of “Guadalajara” are operated by Seth Holzman. Like their less-familiar sister restaurants, they have a margarine-centric menu with plenty of choices and happy hour specials.

Price: Residential limit is $8.50. Frozen margarines are $10 and $12, with real frozen fruit added for flavors like mango and prickly pear.

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Time: Kolb | Monday-Thursday 11am to 9pm | Friday 11 am to 10 pm | 10 am. till 10 pm on Saturday | 10 am. to 9 p.m. on Sunday

Broadway | Monday-Thursday 11am to 10pm | 11 am to 11 pm. Friday | 10 am. till 11 pm. Saturday | 10 am. to 10 p.m. on Sunday

At one of my first live events with the Arizona Daily Star team, my colleague Elvia Verdugo ordered a prickly pear margarita and I ordered their Pink 75, their Hibiscus in Cocktail Champagne. While I was enjoying my drink, I was in the minority with my order: everyone ordered beautiful, bright pear margaritas. That’s what he gets! I remember, I will try next time. Their menu has since been updated to feature hibiscus instead of prickly pear flavor, but it’s okay to ask.

Hours of Operation: Closed in summer, but normal hours: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday until 9 p.m. | Fri-Sat 9am to 10pm | Sunday 9 am to 3 pm | Closed on Mondays

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You can choose three margarines from the Reforma Modern Mexico menu to create your own flight. Angela Augustine, Union Hospitality Group

We’ve featured Reforma before in # , highlighting its margarita flights — perfect for indecisive foodies. Reader @sgabaldon recommended their Rocca Rita made in Rocca Patron silver.

Timings: Monday-Thursday 11 am to 10 pm | Friday midnight to 11 p.m. | 10 am. until midnight on Saturday | 10 am. to 9 p.m. on Sunday

I mean, look. This mango margarita with Samui’s stick must have topped last year’s slushie coverage chart. Taqueria La Esquina has a creative drink menu throughout. Their use of margaritas is equally creative.

Prickly Pear Margarita

Tohono Chul’s margarita uses Cheri prickly pear syrup, whose sweetness is balanced by tequila, lime and salt. Ellis Luders

If you’re looking for a brunch spot, readers highly recommend Tohono Chul’s Bistro for their deep red pear margarita. They also offer bottomless margaritas and mimosas for $7 more each, so that’s the move if you want to have more than one.

While the pub is only open for brunch, the gardens at Tohono Chul host Chill, a series of evening events featuring a limited bar menu and snacks. You can make your own hedgehog margarita with live music, DJs and free admission to the Botanical Gardens on Fridays and Saturdays until September 3rd!

This is what I’m excited to follow @Needitysoaps’ recommendation. Located in the vibrant Tumaccori, Wisdom has a history as long as El Charro. Unfortunately, they are closed for maintenance until early July. But when they were up and running, I enjoyed the saguaro-ribbed ceilings, the rustic atmosphere, and their signature margaritas on the terrace.

Playground Bar & Lounge (tucson)

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While purists may claim that classic cocktails only contain tequila, Cointreau, and lime juice, they still taste great when local fruits like prickly pear are added. Even a little cilantro or jalapeño is great.

Reforma offers a variety of delicious margarita flavors including Blood Orange, Tamarindo, Prickly Pear, Mango Habanero and Cucumber Mint. Every Monday is $6 Margarita Monday.

Basil Blueberry Margarita And Prickly Pear Margarita

La Cocina’s Classic Margaritas are $8, but spend an extra dollar for the Prickly Pear, Jalapeno, Strawberry, Hibiscus or Ginger versions. Today’s margarita is also worth a try.

While El Beracco’s michelada deserves its own fan club, don’t miss the margaritas. Strawberries and tamarind are also popular choices

, house-made jalapeño and cilantro tequila. For frozen fruits, margarine, strawberry and mango are available. The

With a designated guide, Tohono Chul Garden Bistro is a great value—bottomless mimosas for $14 (seven days a week) with ticket purchase. Enjoy, but don’t get carried away.

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