Best Neighborhoods In Pittsburgh To Buy A Home

Best Neighborhoods In Pittsburgh To Buy A Home – Looking to invest in real estate in Pittsburgh, PA? Downtown Pittsburgh and the surrounding area is the best choice for investors, especially if you are a first time home buyer! The market is reliable considering that it has been classified as a fast-growing city for decades.

Pittsburgh’s primary industries are energy, information technology, advanced manufacturing, financial and business services, and healthcare and life sciences. There are strong factors that attract many new residents and make it a city where young professionals prefer to live after graduation.

Best Neighborhoods In Pittsburgh To Buy A Home

It is even said that Pittsburgh is poised to become the next Silicon Valley. It is the central business district for major hospitals, top universities, well-known banks and large companies. In addition, Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods offer the best of amenities from vibrant shopping and trendy dining districts to peaceful green spaces and natural surroundings.

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All these factors encourage more people to live and work here. Therefore, it leads to increased employment and population growth. Given this scenario, investors can expect high demand for rental apartments.

Whether you choose to invest in residential or commercial real estate in the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh, you are sure to generate income and a stable income. This is expected due to the influx of residents and entrepreneurs settling in this livable technological city, where first-class schools are available.

This article will take a look at some of the best Pittsburgh neighborhoods to consider for your next real estate investment.

Lawrenceville is an attractive neighborhood for real estate investors. It ranks as one of the greatest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh and remains accessible to the city center. Residential buildings along the river bank are attractive with their peaceful landscape. Families are drawn to live in Lawrenceville because of its access to schools and parks with walking trails.

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You can also easily attract young professionals to your rental because Lawrenceville is a hub for entertainment, dining and shopping. They can enjoy the culinary scene, art and culture, and nightlife.

In addition, Lawrenceville is a technology business hub. If you’re looking to maximize your rental income potential in Lawrenceville, now is the perfect time to check out some properties here.

The South Side is located along the Monongahela River and is divided into the South Side Flats and the South Side Slopes. It is home to a business district where many shops, restaurants and bars support the neighborhood’s economy.

It is also very attractive to professionals whose offices are located in the city center due to the excellent public transport system. In addition, the south side is pedestrian-friendly, so residents can quickly reach the city center. The median home value is generally considered reasonable given its prime location and the salaries of professionals working in Pittsburgh.

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As a landlord, you can target young professionals, entrepreneurs and families as your main demographic. In addition, the number of rental vacancies has decreased on the South Side since the revitalization of the business district has become a priority.

In friendship, neighborhood offers a strong sense of community. Most of the residents work at the nearby university and hospital. These include the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, West Penn Hospital and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

You can easily target families, students or professionals working in medicine and the university you invest in this neighborhood. Several schools and medical centers are within walking distance. Most of the properties in the Friendship neighborhood are Victorian mansions. However, you can always modify this classic architectural style and turn it into a multi-family property.

Friendship has experienced an increase in home values ​​due to its attractive location and sought-after amenities. Establishing a rental property is sure to bring strong returns with expected high demand for apartments for those working and studying in the area.

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If you are planning to build an apartment for short-term rental, consider investing in Sheraden. It is profitable and valued in terms of rental requirements for Airbnb tenants. Additionally, Sheraden offers great value considering the affordable prices in Pittsburgh.

It is recommended to target visitors and tourists for your rental accommodation in Sheraden. They can enjoy Sheraden Park, Carnegie Museum of Art, Andy Warhol Museum and Phipps Conservatory and Botanic Gardens as popular tourist attractions.

Although the South Shore is hailed among the most expensive neighborhoods for investors in Pittsburgh, it can still be financially rewarding. The riverside location continues to drive rental demand. Its approach to shopping and entertainment in Station Square cements its reputation as a profitable neighborhood in Pittsburgh.

The Brookline neighborhood offers diversity and historic attractions. It also tends to attract the attention of families as it offers attractive facilities such as parks, playgrounds and pedestrian-friendly streets. Currently, the median home value in Brookline is affordable allowing investors to expand their portfolio.

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Pittsburgh is a city that is always on the radar of real estate investors. It is progressive and filled with practical urban amenities that provide residents with entertainment, art and culture, employment opportunities and access to the best educational institutions.

If you are looking to buy real estate in Pittsburgh, you may want to consider Lawrenceville, South Side, Friendship, Sheraden, Southshore or Brookline. All settlements in the area offer investors and locals something unique!

If you want help managing your rental property, talk to the experts at DeSantis Property Management. Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you have any questions about investment opportunities in Pittsburgh, PA! Randyland Art Gallery, in the north side of Pittsburgh, is a fun place to discover local street art | © Michael Ventura / Alamy Stock Photo

Each of Pittsburgh’s 90 neighborhoods has a distinct personality. Also known as the City of Bridges – there are 446 of them – this Pennsylvania city has skyscrapers, reconstructed public spaces, riverfronts and museums that are part of its shared landscape. Why not book a tour of the city of steel through Culture Trip and see for yourself.

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The North Shore is worth a visit not only for its famous sports fields, but also for some of the best museums in the city. Visit the Andy Warhol Museum, the National Aviary, the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, and the Carnegie Science Center before heading to the amazing Randyland. Once a dilapidated building, now an unparalleled art museum and the most colorful building in Pittsburgh.

One of two neighborhoods on Pittsburgh’s South Side, South Side Flats is located along the Monongahela River and is a must-see after dark. The area is centered around East Carson Street, a National Historic District of Victorian buildings filled with bars, music venues and coffee shops. Don’t miss a cocktail at the elegant Acacia speakeasy or, if you prefer a more boisterous atmosphere, Jack’s Bar is a local legend for its jukebox, pool table and friendly staff.

Brookline is a family-friendly neighborhood full of restaurants, art galleries, excellent schools and two city parks. Kids will love the playground at Brookline Park and the ice cream at Scoops on the Boulevard. Meanwhile, adults will enjoy the taco stand at Las Palmas Carniceria and specialty coffee at 802 Bean Company. And there is the legendary Pitaland, which attracts crowds for its fresh bread and hummus.

The residential neighborhood of Squirrel Hill, on Pittsburgh’s east side, is known for pizzerias like Aiello’s and Mineo’s, as well as a diverse culinary scene. Movie buffs will enjoy a visit to the Manor, one of the oldest theaters in Pittsburgh, which has a popular bar. Plus, if you’re into the outdoors, the neighborhood sits between Frick Park and Schenley Park, offering easy access to green spaces.

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Because of its affordability, Bloomfield, also known as Pittsburgh’s Little Italy, is a favorite among students at local universities such as Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh. Eat at old fashioned Italian restaurants, and if you stay long enough, try the local Thai and Vietnamese places too. This exciting destination boasts Freedom Avenue, where you can buy classic vinyl records, books by local authors or trade and buy used clothes. Bloomfield also hosts a number of popular annual events, such as the Columbus Day and Halloween parades and Little Italy Days in August, where Liberty Avenue comes alive with Italian vendors, food and entertainment.

Lawrenceville, once an industrial area, has transformed into a hub of innovation, creativity and nightlife. There are plenty of local vendors, cute spots for breakfast and lunch, and a selection of places to enjoy a drink; Church Brew Works is the oldest brewery and draws crowds with its unique space in a historic church. For entertainment, catch a show at the Row House Cinema – a single-screen cinema that selects films based on a weekly theme – or head to the Arsenal Bowling Alley.

The Strip District, otherwise known as the Strip, is a foodie’s paradise. Start your day with a classic breakfast at Pamela’s or grab a coffee at some of the best coffee shops in town, such as La Prima and 21st Street Coffee, where they brew Intelligentsia beans using a variety of stylish techniques. Meanwhile, lunch can take you anywhere from fish at Luke Wholey’s to spicy tacos at Edgar’s before the night starts.

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