Best Non Denominational Churches In San Antonio

Best Non Denominational Churches In San Antonio – Click ahead to see the top rated churches in 1 of 53 S.A. 15. Alamo Heights United Methodist Church Curt C., San Antonio, TX: The Methodome! Such a large church in the middle of Alamo Heights. The Methodist Church was on Broadway, but the pulpit outgrew and had to be moved to a larger congregation in Lincoln Heights. This new church has stained glass windows in the “hood” and a large “ship button” in the center of the church. JD G., San Francisco, CA: Wow… the sermon here is an inch deep and a mile wide… Yelp/ Chelsea L. More Less

2 of 5314. St. Luke’s Episcopal Church Natalie K., Frederick, MD: I moved here a billion years ago and I loved it. I just came back for a visit and saw my old librarian and former Sacriston. And they both remembered me 20 years later.

Best Non Denominational Churches In San Antonio

4 of 5313. City Church West Allyson A., San Antonio, TX: This church does not judge anyone and welcomes everyone. Dress casually, you’re not here to impress anyone, God knows your heart 🙂 Yelp/ James S. More Less

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5 of 5312. The Catholic Church of St. Matthew Vivian Q., San Antonio, TX: Beautiful church, all seats are good. Grace G., San Antonio, TX: Great parking and fast service! The church is quite big but arrive early to get a good seat! If you’re blessed, the priest might lead a Mass that sounds like Clint Eastwood!KIN MAN HUI/SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWSMore Less

7 of 5311. St. Joseph’s Catholic Church Angie A., San Antonio, TX: It may not seem like a bad thing to rate the church, but this is one of the best parishes in town. Crime church for visitors and locals. Beautiful inside and out! Curt C., San Antonio, TX: This church steeple was the highest point in the city. However, real estate developers later bought and ran them so they could build Joske’s Department Store (now Rivercenter Mall). The church refused, building a shopping center around the church and reducing the space left by the church. If you follow the sidewalk in front of the place, there is a copper dividing line. The stained glass and artwork here is simply beautiful. It’s a great place to check the crowd. Especially if you’re looking for Latin songs, they do! Ecce!Tom Reel /San Antonio Express – News More Less

8 of 5310. Grace Point Church Jessica M., San Antonio, TX: I have been attending this church for a very long time and absolutely love it. From the moment you walk in you feel comfortable and not uncomfortable. When you enter there is music playing, announcements, people talking, kids running around and the environment is very peaceful. More less

10 of 539. St. Mary Dawne L. Catholic Church, Castro Valley, CA: A beautiful church in the heart of downtown San Antonio! Conveniently located a 2 minute walk from our hotel near the Empire Theater (Sheraton Gunter) and steps from the River Walk Hotel. Above all, they are very accommodating and friendly regular customers to their guests. Beautiful church, beautiful people! John Davenport/San Antonio Express-NewsMore Less

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11of 538 The Little Church of La Villita Sk W. in San Antonio, Texas: A little gem in the heart of downtown San Antonio, Texas! The small church of La Villita is not a sect, so as a visitor I felt very welcome. Service is every Sunday at 11 a.m. and prayer time is at 11 a.m. on Thursday. I enjoyed music with old hymns and gospel songs. The musicians were great. All the patrons were so nice. Since there are many customers, it is okay to wear casual clothes. San Antonio Express-NewsMore Less

13 of 537. Summit Christian Center Mrs. J., Kingsville, TX: Our children love children’s activities and lively praise and worship. We wish we could live closer. What a powerful service for the whole family! Definitely a San Antonio treat. The free offer for first time visitors is great! Greg S., San Antonio, TX: Top facilities. I’m not a fan of religion for much gain. It seems wrong to receive so much money from family members to be “members”. Of course, everyone knows it’s just a scam and it’s too scary to admit it. Yelp/ Summit Christian CenterMore Less

14 of 536. Mission San Juan Capistrano Catholic Church 5 Star Ratings / 9 Reviews Dan R., East Falmouth, MA: Mission San Juan was completely empty when we arrived and we enjoyed walking around the historic site. church. We thought the cross surrounded by cactus plants was a beautiful sight and will always be remembered. Spencer Selvidge / For Breaking NewsMore Less

16/ 535. City Church 4.5 star ratings/ 18 reviews Aaron M., San Antonio, TX: Music is out of this world good. Half of the service was music… and when I say music… Every Sunday there is a big production celebrating our almighty creator and savior. But every sermon seems to resonate deeply with what is happening in my life. Bless the people of this church and those who attend. Kendra S., Chino, CA: Beautiful and relaxing church. Even if you can’t go to church, you can still check your messages online. This tech loves that aspect! They also have great courses to help you with your life. The messages are great each week and make the Bible easy to understand.JERRY LARA/San Antonio Express-NewsMore Less

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17/ 534. Mission San Francisco de la Espada 5 stars/ 17 reviews Pye E., Mililani, HI: Times were different back then, but as we approached Mission de la Espada we were greeted with oh! I was raised Catholic and became a Christian as a young adult. I didn’t cross myself. But the emotions I felt were joy and wonder. I felt a sense of the Lord and was blessed to see His work through people. I was so peaceful. kindness Stephen C., San Antonio, TX: The small chapel is beautiful and still used for regular church services. The church was completed in 1756. (20 years before the United States gained independence from Great Britain). Ray Whitehouse, Staff / San Antonio Express-NewsMore Less

19 of 533. Community Bible Church 4.5 stars / 29 reviews Amber R., Orr, MN: You feel at home here. It’s amazing to be with so many people, but this is a wonderful church with an amazing message. Each week I leave the service I have the power to start the week with. I learned more about the Bible from several services than I knew. Jerry Lara/San Antonio Express – News More Less

20 of 532. Mission San José y San Miguel de Aguayo 4.5 stars / 58 reviews Karen M., Blanco, TX: The Missions of San Antonio is great. I often do projects to recharge. Curt C., San Antonio, TX: Very nice place to walk! This place is amazing. An old Spanish mission built at the end of the 18th century, the chapel is the highlight of the tour. The church has one of our favorite things to do in San Antonio for free, the Mariachi Mass! Wendi Poole/For The Chronicle More Less

22 of 531. San Fernando Basilica 5 Star Ratings / 49 Reviews Kay T. San Antonio, TX: Within its walls, there is a rich history and a great sense of tranquility due to the spirituality of the congregation. San Antonio’s rich culture lives on, with weekly Masses held in English and Spanish. Scott L., New York, NY: Walk back into the central altar area for a more intimate experience. Whatever your religious beliefs, you will be missed Edward A. Ornelas /San Antonio Express-NewsMore Less

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The 18th century Basilica of San Fernando is the first church built in San Antonio, the oldest standing church in Texas, and one of the oldest cathedrals in the United States. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. (Photo circa 1907) Ernst Raba /San Antonio Conservation SocietyMore Less

25 of 53 Construction of the original church began in 1738, about five years before the Alamo Stone Mission Church, and took 15 years. More Less

26/ 53 San Fernando Basilica is the birthplace of the first 15 families from the Canary Islands who settled in San Antonio and founded the church originally called Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria y Guadalupe Church. The Virgin of Candelaria, commonly called La Morenita, “the brown one,” is depicted there as the Black Madonna. Berthold Werner/ Wikimedia CommonsMore Less

When construction 28 of 53 was completed, it was officially named San Fernando. He was the king of Spain in the 13th century, known throughout the Spanish Empire for the peaceful coexistence of Christians, Muslims and Jews. King Ferdinand

St. Gregory The Great

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