Best Nose Job Doctor In Houston

Best Nose Job Doctor In Houston – Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) is the most common facelift procedure. It is an intimate and very personal procedure, one of the best facial plastic surgery.

Your nose is unique and so are your needs. You’re looking for a very simple rhinoplasty with a short recovery time (think conservative rhinoplasty or ultrasound), or you’re looking for a surgeon who has experience with your patients, or you’re looking for another doctor’s job. prepared and reviewed. like your attitude. Wherever you are, we know where you’ll end up: You’re going to love your new nose. Here are some videos that capture the emotions of our patients when they see their new looks for the first time. (You can watch more videos after the operation.)

Best Nose Job Doctor In Houston

Dr. Siegel is known as one of the best nasal doctors in Houston (or for that matter). For each patient, it takes into account your bone structure, cartilage, skin type, race and attitude to create a balanced aesthetic for the nose shape. Getting the nose you’ve always wanted requires rhinoplasty skills, advanced surgical skills, good communication skills and art. Rhinoplasty can be combined with other facial surgeries, such as eye surgery, cheek augmentation or cosmetic surgery. Dr. Siegel has earned a reputation as a Houston nasal surgeon with years of experience and the ability to create natural rhinoplasty results that truly enhance your features.

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Dr. Siegel is one of the few facial surgeons to offer rhinoplasty and ultrasound (Piezo) rhinoplasty. If you have a short recovery time and pain/bruising/swelling is your priority, you may want to consider one of these.

Most surgeons will tell you they are “artists.” Dr. Siegel thinks you are an artist because you have the vision and the tools. Dr. Siegel is here to see exactly what he wants to see in the painting. You love your masterpiece and are proud to show it to others.

People travel from all over the United States and the world for rhinoplasty. Siegel, but plenty here in the Houston area. We frequently see patients in Cypress, Spring, Bellaire, Sugar Land, Fulshire, Tyne, Katy and nearby communities. We also saw many patients from other areas of Texas, including Austin, San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth, Midland, and Odessa.

Wherever you are, we look forward to helping you look your best. You can contact us today to request a consultation with Dr. Siegel (at the Houston office or via Zoom).

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Different people may benefit from rhinoplasty in different situations. Rhinoplasty can benefit men and women of all races, from seniors to prime age. You may feel like it’s time for a new look, or you may have had an accident or birth defect that affected your nose.

You may have strong feelings about your nose: You may feel that your nose is too big, small, dull, wavy, flat, wide, piercing, sticking out, bent, or something you don’t want to see in the mirror. . You may have had a rhinoplasty that did not meet your criteria, and you need a rhinoplasty examination now.

Regardless of the situation in which you decide that rhinoplasty is right for you, Dr. Siegel has the experience and eye to achieve the nose and overall look you’ve always wanted.

Rhinoplasty Treatment. Many people choose rhinoplasty. In this new rhinoplasty, the bone is removed and the bone structure is deeply shaped without disturbing the skin and tissue that attaches to the bridge of the nose. Usually, the initial inflammation is not severe or prolonged, and recovery time is usually short.

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Ethnic rhinoplasty. Dr. experience. Siegel’s ability to work with patients of all ethnicities helped him achieve the look he wanted. The technique most suitable for the nose of a Caucasian patient may not be suitable for a Middle Eastern, African-American, Latino, or Asian patient. See ethnic rhinoplasty photos.

Nose surgery for women. Women who opt for rhinoplasty often want to add or enhance certain features: whether you want a relatively straight and short nose, or a nose with a straight or slightly curved bridge, or a narrow bridge, or more. recorded copy. Dr. Siegel can help balance the classic female nose feature with your unique look and features. See photos of women’s rhinoplasty.

Nose surgery for men. Instead of creating a sculpted appearance, male rhinoplasty adds strength and balance to other attractive features of the male face. Characteristics commonly associated with a male nose include a straight and relatively wide tip, a slightly longer profile (i.e. a long nose), and a straight or slightly fuller bridge. See photos of male rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty for teenagers. Choosing the right rhinoplasty is very important for a successful teen rhinoplasty. A teenager’s dating and self-confidence means that he or she will have years to live with the “wrong” or beautiful nose, and it’s even more important to identify it. A rhinoplasty surgeon with experience working with adolescents are surgeons like Dr. Siegel.

Rhinoplasty In Houston: Open Vs Closed Surgical Approach

Reverse rhinoplasty. Whether your original rhinoplasty was perfect, or was it done well but needs correction, Dr. Siegel can give you the results you want for your rhinoplasty. See photos of rhinoplasty revision.

Transgender rhinoplasty. For many people, change involves changing one’s face. Finding the nose you want is key. Dr. Siegel has performed rhinoplasty for trans patients, and understands what aspects require special attention.

Ultrasound (Piezo) Rhinoplasty. Ultrasound (or Piezo/Piezoelectric) rhinoplasty is a new way to make rhinoplasty more precise and easier. This approach allows Drs. Some of the bones in a seal’s nose don’t need to be cut or crushed.

“I’ve been looking for rhinoplasty for years. 2 years ago I finally got in touch with Siegel. As an African American, I know it’s important to choose a doctor who not only does ethnic rhinoplasty, but he does it everywhere. 2 years. Dr. Siegel was the best for me. I thought it was a good choice. I had surgery last week and today was the day I removed my patch. I am very happy with the result and I am surprised it will get better in time .” – Tisheria V. (See more)

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“I avoided rhinoplasty for fear of healing, but after having a broken septum and a nose that couldn’t breathe in the past, I finally decided to have my nose repaired. I’m worried about the shape of my nose. nose. Dr. Siegel also fixed my bridge and ends. I am happy to report that the operation was a great success and I can breathe but not in pain. I’m not bruised or sore. My nose looks bigger 3 weeks after the surgery. If you are considering rhinoplasty, I highly recommend Siegel. I really did. nasal surgeon. Thank you.” – Ed B. (Read more comments)

To get the best rhinoplasty results, Dr. Siegel needs to know and understand your nose problem. This is a unique skill that rhinoplasty surgeons with limited experience – or surgeons who do not specialize in facial surgery, cannot perform.

Dr. Siegel is often called in for revision rhinoplasty to correct ineffective rhinoplasty. Many patients want their nose implanted by a true professional and a specialist in facial plastic surgery. If not properly supported to change the shape, size, and appearance of the nose, the shape of the nose can deteriorate over time. You can rest assured that your rhinoplasty will be done correctly, that the specific shape and size will be balanced and that it will be a real improvement to your other features.

“Dr. Siegel is the best in Texas. He did a rhinoplasty and a lower blepharoplasty at the same time and the results were amazing. He did what my face wanted. I have very thick skin on my nose and Dr. Siegel cleared it with great results. and natural. You have a very professional conversation. .I recommend Dr. Siegel to everyone!” – T’ari Vincent (View on Google Maps)

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“From start to finish, my experience with Dr. Siegel and his receptionist, Sheila, are 100% smooth, kind, productive and easy. I came to Dr. Siegel to find a rhinoplasty that would preserve the integrity of my face, but simplify it. From my conversations I learned that this doctor and I had 20+ doctors looking to fix the most unsafe I’ve had in years. Everything is explained clearly and any concerns or questions are clearly answered.

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