Best Orthodontist In Tijuana Mexico

Best Orthodontist In Tijuana Mexico – Orthodontics in Tijuana is known as a specialty whose main goal is to correct your teeth or jaw defects to improve your aesthetics.

But yes, it is not only about aesthetics as many believe, it also helps in improving the function of our teeth and your overall oral health.

Best Orthodontist In Tijuana Mexico

With the Tijuana implants that we offer at ProDent, we focus not only on correction, but also on the prevention of future problems, because they must be treated at the right time.

Dental Clinic In Tijuana With Specialized Dentists

If you decide to visit our orthodontic dental clinic, you will find that we work with a wide variety of equipment.

For this reason, the previous analysis is very important, because our experienced dentists can get the best treatment for each patient, because each case is completely different.

First of all, it is important to remember that Tijuana orthodontics is how the position of the teeth is addressed, as well as how the jaw rests when it is closed.

When we talk about orthodontics in general, we mean not only cosmetic procedures, but also functional procedures to improve our teeth.

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Today, there are a large number of orthodontic devices that make it suitable for everyone to perform this procedure.

From young to slightly older, at ProDent we offer you the best orthodontic dental clinic in all of Tijuana, regardless of your age.

This is a type of transparent splint made of a special material that aims to straighten your teeth, like braces in Tijuana.

Because they use a gentle, consistent force to straighten your teeth, you don’t need to use the metal wires commonly used with braces.

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It should be noted that the aligner is clearly customized for each patient, which requires a digital scan.

Unlike the braces we are familiar with, no elastic fasteners are used; They use an arch mechanism that opens and closes and holds the aligners on the teeth.

Thanks to this system we can see less friction between the wire and the curve, we see the advantage of the curve in Tijuana.

Braces are probably the most popular orthodontic appliance on the market. It consists of a system of wires and brackets; Brackets are attached to the teeth and wires push and gently move the teeth into position.

Braces Cost In Mexico

Traditionally, wires and brackets are metal and very noticeable. There are ceramic alternatives that work the same but are made from more carefully pigmented materials.

New to Prudent’s adult orthodontic line, the transparent, high-tech braces are the perfect cosmetic alternative to the popular Tijuana braces.

The hi-tech sapphire-like design makes the bright bra almost invisible, the best part is that it is dirt-resistant and easy to use as it gives results within the first six months of use.

Orthodontic treatment methods in Mexico are designed to straighten the teeth, but this condition does not change the way the upper and lower teeth fit together.

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What does it mean? This technique alone will not correct the malocclusion problem, orthodontic braces are used in cases where braces or aligners alone are not enough.

Invisalign in Mexico is nothing more than a small and very careful rubber band that applies additional force to our teeth in a certain direction to straighten them.

ProDent reminds you that not all patients using Invisalign need elastics, if you have narrow teeth or gaps between your teeth, chances are you won’t need them.

Like traditional orthodontic methods, it has the effect of correcting the teeth. These single braces or Invisalign in Mexico are completely unobtrusive because they don’t have nasty brackets and wires.

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The first orthodontic examination that everyone should have is between the ages of 7 and 9, so that dentists in Tijuana can effectively control the development of each patient’s jaw.

Regarding orthodontic treatment in Tijuana, it should be noted that it takes two years, depending on the patient’s condition.

If you are an adult and you do not like the aesthetics of curves in Tijuana, you should go to the Prudent Orthodontic Dental Clinic.

We only offer you the best options that suit your teeth, what they need and how to protect your beauty at the same time.

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Good chewing and biting: The main goal of good orthodontics in Tijuana is to prepare the right teeth so that our teeth can rest well.

Remember when they don’t bond properly, our chewing behavior changes, making our teeth easier to wear.

Poor speech: Poorly closing and resting the teeth affects our ability to speak because there is not enough space for our tongue to grow and move. Crooked teeth or gaps between teeth can be the cause of oral health problems, not to mention embarrassment or self-confidence. Improper teeth and jaw alignment can also cause tooth decay and painful dental conditions.

The good news is that orthodontic treatment can correct this and give you a healthy, beautiful smile.

Dentist In Tijuana México

At Smile Makers, our certified orthodontists will guide you in choosing the best fit for your teeth.

After you take x-rays and make a diagnosis, our orthodontist will create an individualized treatment plan.

In addition, this orthodontic treatment replaces the traditional brace system and provides an aesthetic, less visible and better solution for the following oral health problems:

Each set is customized for your teeth. They were each worn for about two weeks and then replaced with the next set in the series.

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Additionally, we strongly encourage you to meet with a smile designer to evaluate your case and determine the best treatment for you.

Finally, it is important to let you know that we offer a variety of the best solutions for your orthodontic treatment needs.

Brackets are attached to the surface of the teeth and then attached to the brackets to apply pressure and begin straightening.

This orthodontic treatment is common to many patients. However, at Smile Builders we have a variety of systems to suit your needs and budget.

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No elastic or rubber band or metal band required. Instead, special clips or brackets help the arch hold your teeth in place.

If you are looking for minimally invasive orthodontic treatment, this is a great option. Self-bonding ceramic braces are white or transparent and designed to be discreet.

Plus, it blends in with the natural color of your teeth, making them less noticeable and more aesthetically pleasing.

In addition, each bracket is placed on the surface of each tooth. In addition, gentle force is applied by the elastic band as the arch gradually straightens your teeth.

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This orthodontic treatment is a smooth and transparent sapphire crystal or artificial sapphire that takes on the color of natural teeth and is almost invisible.

Sapphire tape is known for its durability and is unlikely to be damaged, broken or scratched during the process.

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