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Best Parole Attorney In Texas – I met David when I appeared before the presiding officer at a parole hearing for one of my best friends. I introduced myself on the phone and had several questions for Mr. O’Neill. I wasn’t going to let my friends spend a lot of money on a parole attorney that I didn’t even think was worth their money.

David was very kind when I examined him and asked him many questions. He also had questions for me and I answered them all. Together with some other families, we worked to free my friend from the first ten years of his prison sentence. This was unprecedented for a case of this type in Texas.

Best Parole Attorney In Texas

As I got to know David better, I realized that he was willing to help put together a release package by showing some useful information to people who couldn’t afford his fees. When we started the podcast, I thought it would be great to have him on the show to share his story and his heart.

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She shares what to look for, what to avoid, and great stories about past clients. He stood up to a system that only won one case a year and protected the rights of those inmates. If you want more, you’ll have to listen. Check out some of his stories and website below. Please forward anyone you know who needs a parole attorney.

David represented Robert Coney, who was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to life in prison. He was known for trying to escape and regain his freedom. Watch the short film below. Tate Roush of Ed Cox & Cox Law Firm, PLLC is qualified and registered with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice as a parole attorney.

In eight years of representing clients at parole hearings, Ed Cox’s average approval rating is nearly double that of the parole board. Each parole case is unique and is independently reviewed and voted on by the Parole Board based on the specific factual and legal facts of each case. Ed’s past success is not an indication or guarantee of success for any client, regardless of the similarity of past successes.

Ed and Tate are knowledgeable, approachable, in touch with their clients and loved ones, and develop release plans tailored to each client’s events, circumstances, opportunities and expectations. Through our work for our clients, we seek to increase their chances of being discharged as quickly as possible.

Can You Talk Your Way Out Of A Life Sentence?

The experienced Texas parole attorneys at Cox Law Firm have a solid understanding of static and dynamic factors, risk assessment tools, and other important information considered by the parole board, and we use that understanding to present comprehensive parole plans and exciting. For the parole board chief voter to decide our client’s parole case. Call us now to answer your questions and begin our work to fight for your loved one’s freedom and early release.

The Cox Law Firm has the experience and knowledge to handle obstacles that arise in parole cases. Ed Cox is available by phone at (817) 510-2811. Tate Roush can be reached by phone at (817) 510-2818. You can send us a message through our contact form. The parole review process will begin approximately six months prior to parole eligibility for inmates eligible for parole for the first time under Texas law and four months prior to parole eligibility for all others. This process takes between 4-6 months and our office is usually not available for board interviews until the end of this time. Here are the steps:

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice will identify offenders who are eligible for parole. They send notifications to the offender as well as case workers and victims or their family members, if any.

A parole officer of the institution with a brief interview with an inmate at the prison. They review his file and prepare a brief summary of the case for the parole board to consider later. The interviewer’s personal opinions rarely become part of the parole review analysis, however, offenders should be respectful and friendly during the interview.

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The primary voter is sent to the district council office of the offender. The chief voter’s job is to review inmate files and case summaries.

It is the practice of the Board to grant requests for interviews of the attorney representing the inmate who submits the required documents.

After the committee scrutinizes the file, if appropriate, the interview is conducted and the vote is taken. If the first two of the three voting members agree, the decision will be final. If not, the envelope is sent to a third voter for a tie. Occasionally, certain offenses may require review by the entire parole board.

NR (another review): Also known as “removal”. It can last up to 5 years. Most reviews are 1 year, but longer layoffs are common in more severe cases.

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SA (Use All): This is a denial of parole without subsequent periodic review, which would require the offender to complete the sentence or be considered for mandatory voluntary supervision if eligible.

In the second video, lawyer Mark Morales and Dr. John Lane explains what you can do to help your loved one forgive.

The third video features attorney Mark Morales and Dr. John Lane shares a special prayer for you and your family.

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