Best Paying Jobs In Seattle Without A Degree

Best Paying Jobs In Seattle Without A Degree – While some people are saddled with thousands of student loans. But others don’t have the luxury of landing an entry-level job with high monthly student loan payments. The Department of Education reports that typical repayment plans for borrowers with federal student loans between $20,000 and $40,000 will take 20 years to pay off. Alternatively, high school graduates flock to industry. There are no strict level requirements to avoid any financial aid that may be required.

Trade Jobs, Post-High School Certificates Even a high school diploma can lead to jobs that offer nearly double the salary of entry-level jobs that require a four-year degree.

Best Paying Jobs In Seattle Without A Degree

While some high-paying commercial jobs require significant investment in licenses and longer courses, others can be started right away. with optional certification that can increase total salary. Many certificates can be obtained for just a few hundred dollars – creating the opportunity to pay with an installment loan instead of a large student loan. That’s why we’ve rounded up 25 high-paying jobs without a degree.

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Jobs with an average salary of $80,000 or more don’t always require a master’s degree and 10 years of experience. Surprisingly, jobs that pay close to six figures can be found in the most unexpected places. The next time you ride an elevator, consider that plumbers make about $85,000 a year.

According to the US Census Bureau, the average American household earns $65,712, including dual-income households. Now imagine making $60,000 to $79,999 in one income. From working in the fields to being a patrol officer. It can do more than you think

Many entry-level positions at companies that require a bachelor’s degree fortunately earn salaries between $40,000 and $59,999 — and come with student loan requirements. Most of the time, there is no need. A degree is required to get the same amount of work. which can start immediately after high school graduation

Jobs that don’t require a college degree can make hiring decisions based on hard skills or extensive work history. even early in your career There are ways to stand out from the competition through professional training, certificates or internships. while maintaining financial literacy and avoiding high tuition fees. Make an achievable resolution know your goals. Take lessons from people who inspire you. And use the tips below to build these lucrative careers in less time with less investment than getting a college degree.

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You don’t need a degree from a four-year institution to earn a decent salary and say goodbye to overdraft fees and living expenses. top-end paycheck-to-paycheck Near six-figure salaries possible with certifications and internships. If you are at a critical moment in your career. Consider using an installment loan to help pay for your certification or vocational training.

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With college tuition rising more than 25% over the past 10 years, many students are wondering if a four-year degree is worth it. both in time and in student debt

To prove it, we’ve compiled a list of jobs that pay $30 an hour without a degree in a variety of fields. Some of these positions are trading positions. This means that training or certification may be required. But there are plenty of options that are also regularly on the table.

Product Manager In Seattle, Wa — Money Diary

There are many ways to make good money without investing four years of your life and thousands of dollars into a college degree. but in most cases you need a certain level of education or training to command $30 an hour.

For the purposes of this article, we’ve included jobs that require certification, which can last up to a year. If you are willing to spend more time, see the “After about…” section below.

Please note that we have taken the median wage data listed in this article from the Bureau of Labor Statistics website. And we rank the jobs that start with the highest average salary first.

This does not mean that the jobs are ranked according to the best or most realistic opportunity. Each branch has its own advantages and disadvantages. So make sure you check each job description. (including leads) to see if it works for you.

Highest Paying Jobs With No Degree Required + How To Get Them

About the job: This job deals with transportation, storage, distribution. and other transports for companies. Managers are responsible for compliance with government regulations. Coordinate with facilities and departments Maintain a budget and optimize a system that moves goods from point A to point B in a safe and efficient manner.

How to get started: A college degree in business or a related field will set you up for a fast-paced career. But you can get there with a high school diploma and five years of relevant experience. Looking for a job in a warehouse or distribution center? (Temporary agents are a good way to find them) to get in the door.

Transportation, warehousing and distribution managers require a wide range of skills. So, keep an eye out for positions like Forklift Operator, Inventory Operator. or a receptionist who will increase your knowledge and responsibility.

Any management or communication training you get will come in handy, as this job doesn’t just require you to manage the process. but including the staff

High Paying Jobs That Nobody Wants

Where it leads: Transportation, warehousing and distribution managers have a little more potential. The top earner is $75 per hour.

Transportation, warehousing, and distribution managers are prime candidates for managerial promotion. Because of the complex knowledge of company systems and their relationships If you aim high The sky is the limit This is due to the growing trend of supply chain employees becoming CEOs.

Read more: Transportation, Warehousing and Distribution Supply chains (collectively, supply chain or logistics) are no longer seen as just a blue-collar business sector of the company. But it makes a big competitive difference for businesses.

Follow the stories of these people who have moved on from prominent fields like politics and engineering. Become a logistics supply chain

Cost Of Living In Seattle, Wa

At work: The energy supplier and energy supplier monitor and operate the devices that supply energy to end users. These jobs are not limited to power plants. Industries such as railroads, transportation, and governments also use power distributors and distributors.

Distributors and shippers redirect power during emergencies or maintenance to protect linemen from electric shock. They also run special generators during periods of peak power demand.

How to get started: Employers are looking for high school graduates with math and technology skills to participate in a hands-on training program that qualifies them to become an electricity supplier or dispatcher. Workers with a professional or associate degree may have more opportunities for advancement.

Where it’s heading: While electricity providers and couriers are paid moderately high. Their growth prospects are pretty bad. It is expected to decrease by 8% by 2029.

Part Time Jobs That Actually Pay Well

With experience and training This job can lead to a shift leader, trainer or mentor position. The skills gained in this position can lead to other similar and well-paying careers, such as a nuclear power plant operator.

Read more: Want more information about what an energy supplier does every day? This site is a great resource. Includes a video on how Seattle’s electric utility works. as well as a detailed list of the day-to-day activities that the electricity supplier or dispatcher is expected to perform.

About the job: Not to be confused with airline pilots. (which usually requires a bachelor’s degree.) Commercial pilots cannot fly airline planes, but they can fly charter planes. jump plane air ambulance Towing flights and agricultural flights

How to get started: All pilots must be licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), including commercial pilots. The license comes after flight training and takes at least 250 flight hours. This training can be very expensive (up to $83,000), but you can apply for financial aid for flight schools.

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Driving to: A commercial pilot’s license is one of many steps to becoming an airline pilot. with additional training, hours and permits You can get a job as an airline pilot for a regional airline without a degree. However, it is more difficult. This is extreme (or impossible) for a large domestic or international airline.

Read more: Wondering about the costs, exams and requirements associated with becoming a commercial pilot? This website provides step-by-step instructions for obtaining a commercial pilot’s license.

About work: These people repair, install.

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