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Best Physio In Calgary – Our team of experienced physical therapists in downtown Calgary brings global experience and extensive post-graduate training. From professional athletes to complex pain sufferers, our team can tailor the best rehabilitation program to your needs.

Founder and co-owner of Tower Physio, Geoff is an Australian trained physiotherapist with extensive clinical experience. Undergraduate training at the University of Queensland in Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy is followed by accreditations in Advanced Manual Therapy (Spinal Manipulation), Traditional Acupuncture and GAN Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS). His extensive training in running and biomechanical analysis of runners allows him to offer assessments, treatments and training programs for all levels of athletes.

Best Physio In Calgary

Geoff lectures widely both locally and internationally on sports biomechanics, injury and rehabilitation. In addition, Geoff is an instructor for the FitforeGolf program, providing training to his peers in the assessment and treatment of injured golfers.

Congratulations To The Graduating Class Of 2018! — Physical Therapy

A passion for understanding the root cause of injuries and providing hands-on therapy is what drives Geoff’s practice.

Co-owner of Tower Physio, Dave graduated from the University of Alberta in 1999 with a BA in Physical Therapy. He has had extensive postgraduate training in sensorimotor rehabilitation, motor control retraining, acupuncture and spinal manipulation.

Dave developed the post-concussion rehabilitation program at Turo based on his philosophy of integrated neurological and orthopedic physiotherapy. Also effective in complex pain presentations, this approach aims to change pain and movement by focusing on neurological function. For sports injuries, the underlying cause of many conditions is usually discovered through this approach.

In addition to his dedication to his profession, Dave is also a passionate road racing cyclist and founded “The Lead Out Project”, Alberta’s only semi-professional racing team. He was the 2015 Master A provincial road racing champion and has been competing as a Cat 2 driver since 2012.

Sports Physiotherapy Downtown Calgary

Rob is an Australian trained physiotherapist who has completed a Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy), a Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy and a Masters in Sports Physiotherapy.

With over 20 years of experience, he has worked with elite athletes representing Australia, Canada and England, including Olympic competitors in a wide range of sports, as well as professional players from the Fremantle Dockers (AFL), Western Warriors (Cricket) and Perth. . Burners (Cricket: T20 BBL). He also represented Great Britain as team physiotherapist at the European Championships and World Cup competitions for canoe slalom and as team physiotherapist for the Australian team for a cricket tour of Australia against Pakistan.

Away from work, Rob has competed at state and national level in track (60m, 100m and 200m) since the age of 14, including at the World Masters Athletics Championships in 2016 where he won a bronze medal.

Rob prides himself on his use of functional and sport-specific rehabilitation to help athletes return to play after injury. He has also mastered the use of Kinesio Taping, which has an amazing ability to re-educate the neuromuscular system, reduce pain and inflammation, and promote good circulation and healing.

Revital Health Physio & Massage

Karin has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in physiotherapy and has practiced as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist for over 15 years. She is a certified GUN intramuscular stimulation (IMS) therapist and a member of the Canadian Association of Manipulative Therapists.

He has developed specialized skills in the accurate assessment and treatment of both spinal and peripheral conditions. Karin believes that pain and injury can change all aspects of life; Therefore, the main goal of treatment is to return the patient to his activities as quickly and effectively as possible. Karin uses her background in manual therapy, intramuscular stimulation/trigger point dry needling, and functional movement to help her clients get back to the lives they want to lead.

Whether working with an elite athlete, a weekend warrior or a patient with complex/chronic pain, Karin is constantly inspired to challenge herself to provide effective solutions that enable her patients to reach their true potential.

Karin is also passionate about teaching and teaches throughout Canada and the US.

Maximum Potential Physiotherapy Calgary Nw

Lorrie is an orthopedic and sports clinical physiotherapist who enjoys helping people reach their maximum physical potential, whether it’s recovering from injury or optimizing athletic performance. Lori sees clients in the private community and also consults for the Canadian Sports Center Calgary, see our amazing Canadian athletes. She uses manual therapy including manipulation, GunnIMS, real-time ultrasound muscle re-education, yoga and exercises to help her clients.

Lorrie believes strongly in the role of education for self, clients and postgraduate education for physical therapists and physicians. Lori completed a clinical master’s degree at the University of Queensland in Australia after graduating in physiotherapy from the University of Manitoba. She has been an FCMT since 1996, then took on the roles of mentoring, teaching, examiner and then Chief Examiner for the National Orthopedic Division (NOD). Lorrie has been involved in research and policy development for Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (CGIMS) since 2000.

He took many undergraduate courses at the University of Calgary. He has published in peer-reviewed journals and as a regular reviewer for CJSM. She served as Vice President and Chair of CAMPT and served as NOD Curriculum Chair, taking on projects to develop the Orthopedic Division’s Internet site, as well as major initial revisions to the division’s curriculum. Orthopaedics, the development of the initial manuals of the NOD. Course and the support policy. and procedures manual.

He was a long-time member of the Manual Therapy Steering Committee (MTSC). Since 2002, he has participated in the international standards of education for physiotherapists as part of the Standards Committee of the International Federation of Orthopedic Physiotherapists (IFOMPT), which is a subsection of the World Congress of Physiotherapy (WCPT) and therefore of World Health . Organization (WHO).

Toronto’s Best Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists

Outside of physical therapy, Lori enjoys spending time outside with her daughter and her partner hiking, biking, canoeing, gardening, or spending time with her animals (hamster, 2 geckos, 1 dog and over 60,000 bees!)

David is a physiotherapist with a master’s degree in sports injury rehabilitation. He is involved in active research and clinical practice at Tower Physio and the University of Calgary Sports Medicine Centre.

David is currently involved in several research projects at the University of Calgary that address hip problems and golf-related injuries. He has published more than 15 research articles in various international medical journals and has lectured worldwide.

David is a highly experienced Gunn IMS acupuncture and manual therapist and a world leader in the recognition and management of hip conditions and hip injuries. Their clientele includes many elite professional golfers such as Jason Zuback (4-time World Long Course Champion), as well as members of the PGA and Canadian Tours.

Car Accident Physiotherapy Treatment Calgary Nw

Michelle graduated from Queen’s University in 2012 with a Masters in Physical Therapy. In addition, Michelle holds degrees in Kinesiology and Music from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Michelle completed training in Rehabilitation Reformer Pilates through STOTT Pilates (Spinal, Pelvic and Scapular Stabilization and Peripheral Joint Stabilization). Michelle is certified in Functional Three Summits (IMS) through KinetaCore. After graduation, she also completed courses in Soft Tissue Release Techniques, New Advances in Hip Rehabilitation, K-Tapping, and Level 1 and Level 2 Acupuncture through Acupuncture Canada. In addition, he completed the Orthopedics and Manipulative Physiotherapy Level I Manual Exam.

Michelle is a strong advocate of active rehabilitation for injury recovery and prevention. She uses a combination of Pilates principles and exercises, traditional exercise, manual therapy and dry needling to provide treatment to her patients. Michelle believes that the strength of the client-therapist relationship is the heart of successful physiotherapy. She combines compassion and empathy with technical skills to empower clients to live their best lives.

Outside of work, you can find Michelle enjoying skiing, mountain biking, triathlons, hiking and camping, as well as playing her flute with the Calgary Wind Ensemble.

Diverse Sports Physical Therapy

Brandon completed the Master of Science and Physiotherapy program at the University of Alberta after completing a Bachelor of Commerce with Honors at the same institution. His career began as an accountant, but after a motor vehicle accident during his first year of office work, Brandon was exposed to the world of rehabilitation which piqued his interest and later triggered a career change. After the first training in Edmonton, Brandon moved to Calgary in 2020.

As a former athlete turned desk jockey, Brandon has insight into what can be done to counter the worst of the steady physical decline we see in our bodies over time, and which our western lifestyles seem to make inevitable. An avid learner, he loves podcasts and anything related to human optimization, health, performance or nutrition.

Since graduating, Brandon has completed postgraduate studies in manual therapy and is trained in three needling. These hands-on interventions complement his passion for strength and conditioning, and together lead to an integrated approach to treatment that includes elements of both.

Outside of work, Brandon has always enjoyed playing hockey, skiing and golf, and likes to focus on his own fitness by lifting weights. Whenever he can, he enjoys spending time abroad and has visited nearly 50 countries while trying to explore Calgary’s backyard.

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