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Having good durable goods has never been more important to Canadians. Good real estate that has proven to have long-term benefits in Ontario. This is partly due to the steady growth in demand in Ontario due to population growth and partly due to cheap money from Canada in the form of low interest rates. Keep reading to discover our personal list of the best places to invest in real estate in Ontario in 2021. And now, more than ever, people are realizing the benefits of owning good real estate that can produce multiple streams of income. The Canadian government has increased its immigration targets to more than 400,000 people each over the next three years. The only time we reached that milestone was in 1913. And in recent history, Canada has consistently exceeded its immigration goal, so the records are well within sight. Here’s a fun fact for you, only about 20% of immigrants buy real estate within their first three years in Canada. After 10 years, it is between 50 and 60%. This means that there will be many additional renters in Canada in the coming years. And we believe Canada will have no choice but to keep interest rates low to stimulate the economy. Especially after the increase in debt levels in 2020. Without diving too deep into the economy, the Canadian dollar will continue to fall (you won’t be able to buy as much in 5 years as you can today). That’s why we believe that everyone should have good assets that have value. These are just some of the reasons to consider investing in real estate in Ontario, Canada in 2021. Here are the best places to invest in real estate in Ontario in 2021… Hamilton

Best Place To Invest In Canada

Hamilton is a great city to buy or rent. The city has experienced tremendous growth and revitalization in recent years. It is also healthy growth. People come to Hamilton to raise families, become part of the community and enjoy all that the city has to offer. Growth in Hamilton is also a combination of those who come but move out of the city for work, and those who move to work in the city itself. For commuters, public transportation is growing in the city and it’s relatively easy for Hamilton residents to get to Toronto. For those looking for work in Hamilton, the city boasts one of the most diverse economies in the province and an unemployment rate below the provincial average. There is also a high demand for rentals in Hamilton. A member of our team recently posted a rental property in Hamilton and received 70 inquiries for the property within an hour. And this is not a unique case. The investors we work with can regularly exceed rental requirements for good homes. In addition, it is increasingly common for potential tenants to offer to pay the first year’s rent in order to secure the property. It’s amazing! One way Hamilton is trying to address the lack of available units is by adding housing to the trails. In some parts of the city (currently limited to a pocket of downtown), Hamilton has already approved that homeowners can apply for an alley house (if their home has an alley behind it) and use it as additional living space. . Laneway homes are a great way to add another unit to your investment list. You are building on “open land” (land you already own). Unlike land subdivision, it remains part of the same address. An additional unit means adding another source of income to your investment. However, Hamilton is also in the community outreach phase of intensification plans, and one of the proposed solutions is to allow these types of backyard outbuildings even without a road behind the property. Some cities (some on this list) already allow the addition of these types of cabins or carriages because there is a great need for additional accommodation. Median Home Price: Hamilton West: $579, 625 East Hamilton: $537, 351 Hamilton Center: $497, 511 Hamilton Mountain: $610, 827 St. Catherine

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From year to year St. Catharines is consistently one of the best places to invest in real estate in Ontario. You hear that there is a demand, but it is difficult to understand how much the demand really is. Until you list your rental property and the responses arrive. Proximity to the US border, good freeway access and the addition of the GO train in recent years have made St. Catharine appeals to a lot more people. And as more and more people work from home in the long term, apartment prices in St. Catharine forces many people to leave Toronto. The St. Catharines is a city with good job growth. It is also home to Brock University (which also continues to grow and attract more and more students), a growing presence in the health sciences, and will host the Canada Summer Games in 2022. Catharines is also a beautiful city, located on the Niagara Peninsula. It is also close to one of Canada’s top tourist attractions (Niagara Falls) and in the heart of the Niagara Wine and Fruit Region. Investors continue to see strong rental demand in the city, which often leads to competitive offers from potential tenants. Rental inventory is so low that new listings are flooded with responses and investors can find good long-term tenants for their properties. The St. Catharines continues to be one of the most affordable places to buy homes in the Golden Horseshoe, and this has led to continued demand from investors, especially since the demand for good rentals is so high. Both rent-to-own and traditional operating leases were sought-after and popular investment options in the city. North St. Catharines is still the most popular location, but there is demand throughout the city. Median Home Price: $464,500 Welland – Growing Market to Invest in 2021

Welland is one of the few places that has ever approved the addition of secondary suites to residences. This means Welland home owners could (with the proper permits) add a secondary apartment to their home PLUS an independent living unit on the property, creating 3 units on one property. While some cities have approved it for street housing, and others are likely to join them, this early access to these types of properties could be a huge boon. Think about it. Are building materials and home costs more likely to go up or down? We don’t have a crystal ball, but the sooner we get a good asset, the happier we are. This is because we believe they have long-term value. The ability to add additional living space to your property that you can rent out to another tenant is a big plus. And a trend that we expect will grow in popularity over time. There is a demand for good rentals right now and we don’t expect it to go away anytime soon. Ontario’s population is expected to explode in the coming years. And new developments in the field of real estate have not kept pace. So, homes that have potential for growth are a good option. Welland is also quickly gaining popularity. Welland is located right in the center of the Niagara region, less than half an hour from St Catharines, Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake and Port Colborne. Over the past 4 years, Welland has been well above expectations for housing growth and is not likely to slow down anytime soon. In fact, Welland is poised for population growth over the next 20 years and has zones and plans for continued growth and expansion. These are healthy signs to look out for in cities and one of the reasons Welland should not be overlooked in 2021. Median Home Price: $400,800 Peterborough

Peterborough was isolated from the rest of the Golden Horseshoe for a long time. It’s on the north side of the Greenbelt, which means there’s room to grow. However, the time it takes to travel to Toronto makes Peterborough a city unto itself. That is until recently. The widening of the 407 has made travel times much easier for those looking to commute northeast of Toronto. In recent years, Peterborough has become one of the fastest growing urban centers in Ontario. Being on the other side of the Green Belt means there is much more freedom to develop. In recent years, new settlements have sprung up, which are filling up just as quickly. Now Peterborough is seeing many of the effects from Toronto that the rest of the Golden Horseshoe has been feeling for years. That said, Peterborough is not just a dormitory community. The city of Peterborough has a population of 82,847 and continues to grow. It is home to Trent University, Fleming College and many local and global

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