Best Place To Live In San Luis Obispo County

Best Place To Live In San Luis Obispo County – Thinking of moving to San Luis Obispo? Known by locals as SLO or San Luis, this beautiful little town is in the heart of SLO wine country. Known for its vineyards and outdoor activities, San Luis Obispo is also famous for California Polytechnic State University and the 18th century Spanish missionary San Luis Obispo de Tolosa. It is even called “the happiest city in the country”.

San Luis Obispo was founded in 1772 by the Spanish Franciscan Junipero Serra and was one of the first European communities in the country. In the same year that the San Diego Mission was founded, Catholicism was mandated by the Spanish Empire to the native people of Alta, California. The mission became an organized parish in 1834, and most of its land was distributed through Mexican land grants. When California was later annexed by the United States; SLO became the first city to join the new county.

Best Place To Live In San Luis Obispo County

His early history was marked by lawlessness, with frequent robberies and murders. The city, which had been a pastoral society for a long time, became agricultural and livestock. today, It is one of the famous wine regions of California and a popular tourist destination.

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SLO has a charming city; It offers a great quality of life with a small town feel and a fun lifestyle. This city is small but offers plenty of nightlife and is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. This is California. Here’s what you’ll love about living in SLO.

SLO is the county seat of San Luis Obispo County, or SLO CAL. This city is 230 miles south of San Francisco and 190 miles north of Los Angeles in south-central California. This district is on the coast, but downtown SLO is about 10 minutes from the beach.

San Luis Obispo has a population of 47,300, with a population density of 3,549 per square mile, and only 13 square miles are inhabited. SLO is part of the San Luis Obispo-Paso Robles metro area with a population of 282,000. A new federal proposal could move SLO-Paso into a smaller metropolitan area.

The city has a very young population, with a median age of just 26.7, compared to California’s national average of 36. In the city, there are 51 adult men for every 49 adult women.

Hours In San Luis Obispo, Calif.

The median household income in SLO is $56,071, lower than the California median of $75,250, and 30% of people live below the poverty line.

The racial and ethnic makeup of SLO is 71% white; 18% Hispanic; 5% Asian and 2% Black. Less than 9 percent of the population was born outside the US, much less than California’s average of 27 percent.

The town has many famous residents, including actor Zac Efron and Weird Al Yankovic, who attended Cal Poly.

Where is the best place to stay in SLO? Before moving to San Luis Obispo, CA; You want to find the best place to live with the amenities and lifestyle you are looking for. This is the best environment you can have.

Living In San Luis Obispo [2022]

This historic district was home to a growing Japanese-American population until they were forced into internment during World War II. Originally a trading center founded by Tsutsumi Ito and the Ito family, the culture of the community has been lost. Recently renamed Japantown, Ito Park was created to honor the Japanese families who once lived here.

Today, this small neighborhood is one of the cheapest places to live in SLO. You will find manufactured homes in the $100 to $300 range and condos in the $400 range.

San Luis Ranch is like any other neighborhood. This community is carefully landscaped on around 50 hectares of agricultural land, with housing options; Open space overlooking Laguna Lake with shopping and community gardens. Each house has a sustainable farm in the courtyard and shopping center; There is a walking/biking path that connects to the stadium and Grand Central Park. condominium houses, You will find many town houses and lofts.

Millennium, One of the best places to live in SLO for students and young professionals is the Railroad District. A fun urban atmosphere, just minutes from Cal Poly and nightlife and shopping in downtown SLO. Easy to walk to and lots of restaurants. Most residents use the rail bike path and Morrow St that connects other downtown neighborhoods. They choose to cycle or walk along the Bike Boulevard.

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With a median price of around $400,000, most homes are slightly more affordable than the average for the city. The neighborhood has a mix of bungalows and high-rises ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 square feet.

Charming gated community in SLO with a private golf course on the green and minutes from downtown. water, tennis golf Enjoy country club amenities at your fingertips, including fitness and children’s programs. Los Ranchos Elementary School is within walking distance popular with families and retirees.

The houses were mostly built in the 80s and 90s and are mostly single-family houses, but you will also find urban and old areas with small houses and condos. The median home price is $1.2 million.

What is the average cost of living in San Luis Obispo? The cost of living is 164, which is 64% more expensive than the national average. By comparison, California has a cost of living of 150.

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Health care, utilities and transportation are cheaper than the national average, but food is about 10 percent more expensive. Housing is the biggest factor affecting SLO’s cost of living, with a housing index of 317.

Note that SLO has some of the highest electricity rates in the United States. PG&E continues to raise rates due to wildfires in California.

Is San Luis Obispo a safe place? San Luis Obispo’s crime rate is higher than the national average, but as long as you’re aware of your surroundings, it’s a safe community.

You have a 1 in 25 chance of being a victim of crime; But there is 1 chance to become a victim of 249 violence.

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By comparison, the national crime rate is 2,580 crimes per 100,000 people, with 2,362 property crimes and 382 violent crimes per 100k.

Although violence in SLO is slightly higher than the national average, SLO had no homicides in 2019. The national homicide rate is 5 homicides per 100k. The city’s property crime rate is 73% higher than the national average.

Many San Luis Obispo residents feel they are safe. Police lock your car without valuables; Lock exterior doors and windows in the house; Police encourage general precautions such as staying in well-lit areas at night. For example, according to the SLO Police Department, most home burglaries occur in homes.

The best way to understand your crime risk and find the safest place to live in SLO is the San Luis Obispo crime map. This map is based on the type of event; Show reportable offenses that can even be filtered by the environment. You’ll find most of the crime happening in Downtown SLO and the Mill Street Historic District.

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What is the weather like in San Luis Obispo? SLO has a cool Mediterranean climate. Winters are mild and summers are sunny and hot. However, SLO is colder than most areas in California. With 20″ of annual rainfall, you will typically experience 50 rainy days per year during the winter. On average there are 287 sunny days per year.

The average temperature in San Luis Obispo is 74 degrees in summer, and 43 degrees in winter in January. It only gets above 90 degrees about six days a year and drops below freezing about three nights a year.

California Exciting events while living in SLO; You will never run out of outdoor activities and things to do. The city covers 7,000 acres and has 52 miles of streets. Spend your days climbing, boating, swimming and fishing or volleyball; tennis Enjoy sports such as golf and horse riding. Downtown SLO is walkable, with sidewalk cafes, Always bustling with great restaurants and local properties. You can also explore 40 grape varieties in the SLO wine region and country.

Ready to discover the best San Luis Obispo restaurants? The city has popular restaurants and is known for its fresh food. Here’s what you can expect after visiting San Luis Obispo.

Is Homelessness A Crime?

Before moving to San Luis Obispo; You will definitely want to know what to expect in the local real estate market. The Central Coast housing market is booming with houses selling in an average of eight days. Many buyers are countering all cash offers with asking prices over $100,000.

SLO has experienced a recent construction boom to address the housing shortage. Many people commute to SLO for work, but cannot afford housing in the city.

Buying a home after moving to San Luis Obispo? The median home price is $790,000, but you will find larger homes.

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