Best Place To Rent A Car In Cabo San Lucas

Best Place To Rent A Car In Cabo San Lucas – Thinking about renting a car in Cabo San Lucas? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, I’ll tell you all about the car rental process in one of Mexico’s most popular destinations and give you my insider tips on how to avoid mistakes when renting a car in Cabo.

If you do some basic research, you’ll find plenty of information on how to rent a car in Cabo San Lucas. We’ll go over everything in this article, so when you’re done, you’ll be good to go.

Best Place To Rent A Car In Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a popular resort town on the border between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of ​​Cortez on Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. It is 40 minutes from San Jose del Cabo, its sister city, and home to Cabo San Lucas International Airport (SJD) which serves the region.

Guide To Renting A Car In Cabo

Since San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas are 32 kilometers (20 miles) apart, you will need a ride to your hotel. Public transportation is available and you can take a bus outside the airport terminal, but you should rent a car in Cabo San Lucas, here’s why:

Cabo San Lucas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Baja California Sur, attracting millions of tourists every year, mostly from the United States, Canada and Mexico. Renting a car in Cabo will allow you to visit some of Baja California Sur’s best beaches and explore magical pueblos like Todos Santos and Loreto.

If you’re coming to Baja California to explore, renting a car in Cabo San Lucas is a must! I won’t shock you by telling you that you need a car to get to the area’s best surfing beaches like Eastern Cape and La Fortuna.

A must travel around Baja California Sur! When you rent a car in Cabo, you don’t have to rely on guided tours and public transportation, and you can plan your trip.

Where Is Cabo? The Alluring Mexican Resort That Draws Visitors All Year

Cabo is famous for its resorts where you can have a great time. But it’s worth going outside the tourist zone to see what Baja California is all about. Renting a car in Cabo San Lucas is a great way to enjoy some of the best things to do in Baja California.

The best place to rent a car in Cabo San Lucas is San Jose del Cabo Airport (SJD).

It is one of the most popular places in Mexico, and many tourists rent cars. High demand often drives up car prices, especially from December to April. So, whether you want to rent a minivan or a 4X4, book your car in Cabo with

While car rentals around Cabo San Lucas Airport are expensive, you’ll save a lot of time by going there once you arrive at the airport. Some car rental offices outside the area have lower prices but you’ll spend more time and money getting there, and you won’t save much in the end.

Take A Ride In Our Cabo San Lucas Transportation

When you make your way through customs, your car rental company will pick you up and drop you off at the car rental office where you’ll fill out all the paperwork.

DiscoverCars is the largest car rental platform in Cabo San Lucas. They work with the largest car rental companies in Mexico and offer the best prices on many types of vehicles. You can add Mexico car rental insurance for as little as $10 per day when you book your car through DiscoverCars.

There is a lot of conflicting information about renting a car in Cabo San Lucas. Many people think that driving a car in Mexico is dangerous and that something will happen to them if the police pull them over.

Pro Tip: Never rented a car in Mexico before? No problem! My complete guide to renting a car in Mexico will help you avoid mistakes and save money.

Car Rentals In San José Del Cabo. Search For Rental Cars On Cheapflights

Pro tip: If you go camping and explore the remote areas of the Baja California peninsula, you’ll need a good bike, as many of the roads around Baja California are open and require a 4X4.

If you are under the age of 25 and want to rent a car in Cabo San Lucas, carefully check the company’s policy before booking your car.

When searching for a car rental in Cabo, you will find many good deals that seem worth it.

. Once you arrive at your car rental office, you will be asked to choose an insurance package that will increase your daily rate.

Best Things To Do In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

It depends on your travel plan and itinerary. There are many things to keep you busy in Cabo San Lucas, but renting a car will give you more freedom and allow you to visit many of the hidden spots and small beaches that you will visit in Baja. California that many tourists do. Can’t see. to see

If all you want to do is sunbathe, explore the beaches around Cabo and maybe go on a taco tour, there’s no need to rent a car in Cabo. Instead, you can take a round trip from the Cabo San Lucas airport to your hotel or take a taxi.

No, there is no Uber at Cabo San Lucas Airport, and you can take a regular taxi from the airport if you are looking to get to Cabo San Lucas or from your car rental company.

Getting an Uber at Cabo San Lucas Airport can be difficult, as they cannot pick you up at the airport, and the airport area is not available. If you do not plan to rent a car at Cabo San Lucas Airport and you want to go to Cabo San Lucas, you can book a transfer before your trip.

Fiesta Rent A Car

Yes! Uber is available in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo. They can pick you up anytime, but unfortunately they can’t drop you off at the airport, but they can make a dump there, you have to walk to the terminal door.

Renting a car in Mexico is a straightforward process, and Cabo San Lucas is no different. You have to provide basic documents and also fill other forms when you arrive at the office.

The car rental company in Cabo San Lucas will ask you for your passport and they will take a copy of your documents to write down.

You also need to provide a valid driver’s license which must be in Roman alphabet. If you’re traveling to Mexico from countries that don’t use that alphabet, you’ll need an international driver’s license.

Best Areas To Stay In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

To pay for your car rental in Cabo San Lucas, you will need a credit or debit card.

The rental car company will rent you a car and hold your credit card for a fee that usually ranges from a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars. When you return your rental car without damage, your credit card hold will be removed.

Car rental insurance is mandatory in Mexico, and when filling out your documents you will be asked to choose from basic, intermediate and full coverage. Check out my article on renting a car in Mexico to learn more about Mexican car insurance, because it’s a big topic.

There are many car rental companies in Cabo San Lucas, you will find many car rental companies in the United States. Some of the top makes and models of cars to rent in Cabo are Nissan, Chevrolet, Toyota and Kia.

Outdoor Adventures Near Cabo San Lucas

If you rent a car through DiscoverCars you’ll be able to see its make and model and transmission types. Sometimes, larger cars and trucks and ATVs can be delivered manually, so make sure you know how to drive before booking a vehicle.

Most travelers who rent a car in Cabo head to Todos Santos and La Paz, the two most popular destinations within driving distance of Cabo San Lucas.

If you have more time, I recommend visiting Loreto, the pueblo magico and former capital of California 4 hours north of La Paz.

Loreto is full of charm, and it’s also the gateway to Bahía de Concepcion Parque Nacional, a beautiful bay with five islands where you can enjoy the beaches and wildlife. Another 2 hours from Loreto is Mulege, home to some of the best beaches in Mexico that you should stop by on your Baja California trip.

What Not To Do In Cabo: 10 Things You Should Pay Attention

Renting a car in Cabo is the best way to visit these places, as they are hours away from Cabo San Lucas and off the beaten path.

It’s a lovely place and one of the few Pueblos Magicos in Baja California where you can enjoy a day or two visiting the beaches.

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