Best Places To Bar Hop In La

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Being single in LA is hard enough, but when you finally have your first date, finding the perfect spot to meet up becomes a challenge. While we can’t promise fireworks between you and your new hunk, these cocktail bars, breweries, and other places worth dating will at least get the conversation going. Avoid the whole “no, no, you choose your place”, take matters into your own hands and meet your next match on one of those first dates.

Best Places To Bar Hop In La

If there was ever a bar where you could go crazy (and flirt) this is it. LA’s first Barcade (it’s Bar + Arcade for you noobs) features over 40 classic consoles, ranging from

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– all secured with cup holders for endless sipping sessions. If you see the latest record on the back wall, then you’ve found the only bar in your relationship where you and your partner can choose from cocktails with names like Princess Peach, Zangief and Power Up. Those less willing to spend their entire hard-earned apartment can head to the tree-lined courtyard outside to enjoy their truck food or steal kisses under the stars.

With high tin ceilings, antique tiled floors and columns, and atmospheric lighting, the interior of the Misfit can almost be mistaken for twentieth-century Paris – you know, the city of love, which is the perfect place to start a potential romance. Honestly, it’s their fantastic happy hour that usually draws us to this Santa Monica bar and restaurant – every day of the week from noon to 7pm. There aren’t many televisions to distract you, and each visit ends with one of The Misfit Sea Salt Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies that are definitely worth a return date or date. Bonus: If all goes well you can go down to the beach for a long walk and grab a bite to eat.

This beer shop and bar offers a huge selection of breweries, from West Coast microbreweries to rare Belgian beers and small production specials. You and your date can spend half an hour (or more) just looking at the frozen boxes getting to know each other’s tastes before opening one at the bar for a small corkage fee. Local beers and special events are also organized on site, including beer and cheese tasting with Stone Brewing. The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly – no beer snobs here – and the atmosphere is warm, with loads of board games (a dating challenge!), Comfy plush glue chairs and an outdoor smoking area for dogs. There is also a decent pizzeria next door, where you can extend your date and enjoy delicious alcohol.

Does Tinder have a deal with Bodega or something? Enter this lovely Santa Monica winery on a weekday and you’ll see people eyeing each other carefully before prolonging their efforts: “Hey, are you …?” Maybe it’s dim lighting, maybe it’s an affordable wine list (stop on Mondays when prices are dropping all night), but here is where the potential pairs for the cannula come in. Low tables with comfy seating allow for a more relaxed atmosphere (you can even move to the sofas late in the evening when it gets hot) and so as not to be too sophisticated there are dates in bacon and tomato bruschetta on the menu. others. food.

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Good Times at Davey Wayne’s takes us back to the 70s with garage sale. After going through the tapes, clothes, and other vintage items on the street (great conversation starter to break the ice on a first date), you’ll find a gateway to that alcohol-powered time machine – the old refrigerator. Walk through its door and you will immediately be transported to a party in the era of hard rock, sideburns and shaggy carpets. The embroidered bar is surrounded by vintage beer cans and retro biscuits, where bartenders prepare artisanal cocktails with forgotten spirits, while draft beer is served in modern mugs. Outside, snow cones and tiki drinks are distributed from a converted trailer in the “courtyard” where, if you are lucky, you can catch a show on the top floor. You and your date can sing 70s hits (trust us, you both know the words) or chat flirtatiously while playing shuffleboard or a giant jenga. Dig it out.

Friends is a place where you can put on a T-shirt, order whiskey (they have over 100 varieties) and make every woman’s lumberjack dream come true. From the fireplace to the signage, the 1950s National Park graphic font, every winter cabin you’ve ever had returns when you walk to the door of this spectacular place. Low lighting and a fantastic happy hour (5am to 9pm each day of the week) make this place in Westside cozy and affordable. Be sure to check your calendar for frequent trivia nights (there’s nothing sexier than being able to correctly identify the only metal that isn’t solid at room temperature) and live music.

Susan Sarandon is here to help you engage in a little friendly competition on the first date. Spin Standard, the ping-pong club that the actress co-owns André Balazs, is located on one of the top floors of the Standard Hotel Downtown, where crowds and dating couples spread out across the two-room space after work. Eleven ping pong tables are available to flirt with class, but if you miss a date and prefer to watch from the side, head to one of the three bars for unique cocktails such as Drop Shot (vodka, ginger syrup, lychee puree, and juice from lime) or Peppery Paddle Whacker (vodka, lemon bitters, black pepper sugar syrup, lemon and cucumber). $ 20 guarantees one hour of play before 5:00 PM. – $ 30 after 5:00 PM – and you can always end the night by stealing a kiss in the pool on the Standard rooftop.

If you’re not a craft beer fan, choosing a brewery for your first date may not suit everyone. But that’s the beauty of Angel City Brewery – whether you’re a home brewer or haven’t graduated from Bud Light yet, an evening at this Downtown Arts District brewery is never wasted. Plenty of space – including a more intimate mezzanine – allows for high-quality dating chat over the wild game of Jenga, Uno, or one of the many other games. Do you want to show off your skills? Come to Taco and Trivia on Tuesday. If the date doesn’t come out, you can at least eat your feelings with tacos al pastor Taqueria el Severo, which are served in the car park.

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At first glance, this might look like a typical dive, but go inside and take a closer look – the shelves are filled with hundreds of bottles of whiskey and there’s an impressive, ever-changing selection of New Belgium craft beers. Mouth of Faith Cocoa Mole in Firestone Double DBA. Discuss the pros and cons of brewing beer versus drinking on a date, try several options, get drunk. Then take a bottle or glass and go to the adjoining room to play billiards or shuffleboard – two table games that attract the attention of many.

Tucked away on the second floor of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, the Spare Room is like entering a different era where classic cocktails and bottle bowls – served by waitresses in Gatsby-era costumes – are freely poured and people party all night long. The biggest attraction here is the Monday match night, when the exclusive bowling alley league competes (find on the waiting list for five Hollywood hotties). Groups of up to six people – wearing bowling shoes designed by George Esquivel in The Spare Room and Argyle socks – can reserve one of the two lanes for $ 100 per hour. Or just relax in the lounge and refresh your date with a friendly domino, Monopoly, Connect Four or Battleship game.

Near Fox Studios in Rancho Park, Abraham Berookhim planted the “California Beer Garden”, the “perfect first date spot” with craft beer in a communal dining room with retractable skylight. The space also includes a back patio with a fireplace – a 20 foot wide work of art crafted from 360 tiles, very romantic – and a full bar. Sausages fall into three categories: Old Country (bockwurst), New Country (spicy lamb sausage) and game (Alaska grade moose). They also have burgers, bar snacks and a top notch craft beer program. For date number two, look for brewing events, couples dinners and special beer tasting sessions planned by bar master David Watrous.

This gem of Magnolia Park, combining premium wine and an engaging staff, is the perfect place to attract 85% with fine wine and a well-crafted cheese plate. Sure, the wine bar might sound a little intimidating on a first date, but Luna Vine has a more neighborly feel, with comfortable, casual seats and customers willing to offer their own suggestions. Choose from a well-chosen selection of wines

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