Best Places To Hike In Kansas

Best Places To Hike In Kansas – After traveling to Kansas in the past few years and taking to see as many waterfalls as possible. I think it’s time to compile a list of small waterfalls. That’s fun in Kansas! I have more than 60 waterfalls from almost 80 places on my list. that’s too much Considering that most people don’t even know there is a waterfall in Kansas! I recently published a map of Kansas waterfalls on my new website, Kansas is Beautiful.

Before we start If you want to see all the pictures of Kansas Falls I have created a gallery of all the waterfalls I have visited in Kansas in my Kansas Falls Picture Gallery.

Best Places To Hike In Kansas

Just a reminder: This Kansas waterfall is really starting to flow. After a heavy rain, if it is dry, the water level may not be high enough for the waterfall to flow. But these peaceful places are beautiful whether there are waterfalls or not!

Lakes And Rocks Kansas Road Trip

Geary Falls is located south of Junction City. I have been to this waterfall three times and it has become a favorite after a recent trip. I visited at the end of April when the fog and heavy rain in the morning gave the waterfall a very mysterious feeling. The only downside to Geary Falls is that most of the waterfalls in Kansas are flooded. The waterfall is almost dry when the water recedes. But when it flows, it really flows! The main viewpoint is from the top of the falls. But if you follow the small path through the trees and jump over the rocks in the river This will take you under the waterfall to the point where the photo was taken. This was one of the first Kansas waterfalls I visited.

Prather Creek Falls, also known as Chase Lake Falls, may not be the tallest waterfall in Kansas. But it happens to be one of my favorite waterfalls! This waterfall has three levels. My favorite center is in the photo above Prather Creek Falls is very easy to find. Head to Chase State Fishing Lake just east of Cottonwood Falls and park at the dam. Cross and follow the creek channel to stop at each fall layer. The three floors seem to provide new angles for photography. And it depends on the day of the year and the time. The sun hits this waterfall perfectly so the light shines through! If you’re driving the Flint Hills Scenic Byway, this is a worthwhile stop just a few miles from Chase State Fishing Lake!

Santa Fe Lake Waterfalls may be the Wichita area’s best kept secret! While most lakegoers go to Cheney and El Dorado to enjoy the lake. There is a small lake between Augusta and Andover called Lake Santa Fe that has the beauty of Kansas, growing up I visited this lake many times because my grandparents lived a mile or two down the road. But I didn’t know until recently. This lake has a beautiful waterfall. This waterfall is located in the drainage basin of Lake Santa Fe. This waterfall is amazing when the water is flowing! This waterfall should not be confused with the waterfall of the same name Santa Fe Lake Falls. It is located in the Santa Fe Lake drainage basin in Edgerton, Kansas, near Kansas City.

Cowley Falls is my place when I know it’s raining. They hardly disappoint. (Except visiting in the dry season) and when the water is full, there is a beautiful corner to see as shown in the picture above! A common viewing point is above the falls on the west side. near the parking lot but a short path will take you all the way to the end of the falls Really go down to see the view like in the photo above! I almost thought of moving Cowley Falls over Santa Fe Falls or even Pether Creek Falls. But the amount of garbage that people build here has a lot of glass and garbage in the area, but if you can ignore this rejection, Cowley Falls is really impressive! If you go down to the bottom of the waterfall, be careful of broken glass.

There Are Kansas Natural Wonders In These 11 Trails

One day, I accidentally stumbled upon Chautauqua Falls while doing Google maps and was definitely not disappointed! This beautiful waterfall near Sedan, Kansas is similar to Prather Creek Falls in that it cascades along the river. The picture above shows the height of the waterfall during the rainy season. There is more than one drop in this waterfall. depending on the rain Sometimes there are two or three sets of waterfalls above. Below is a small drop where the waterfall can be seen up close as it falls from the flat floor and expands as more water flows.

Rock Creek Falls is another group of waterfalls similar to Prather Creek Falls. There are several waterfalls within a hundred meters. There is a drainage hole at the top. Man made but still beautiful But below is a waterfall like the picture above. and below there is a small waterfall, just as beautiful! Rock Creek Falls can be found by visiting Rock Creek Lake west of Fort Scott in eastern Kansas. and follows the river between the overflow of the lake and the Marmatan River. This waterfall is just a few miles from the Frontier Military Byway.

Located on the Landon Nature Trail in southeast Topeka, Swissvale Falls is a true natural gem. They are not the tallest waterfalls in Kansas. But she has a certain charm that makes her beautiful! The drop may only be about 4 feet, but it covers the entire Camp Creek area. It is found just north of Overbrook, Kansas if you are trying to visit from the road. A quarter mile walk from the Landon Nature Trail to Camp Creek is a great way to go. To find the location Just use the map in the link above.

Butcher Falls is located on the Red Buffalo Ranch, owned by Bill Kurtis, a native Kansan with a reputation for publishing. Kansas, located northwest of Sedan, is the beautiful state of the Chautauqua Hills! The falls drop 10-15 feet into the basin below between the rocks. You can even stay at the ranch at the Butcher Falls Bunkhouse! This is one of the few natural waterfalls in the country!

White Tail Trail Near Kansas City Is Otherwordly

Angel Falls is located in downtown Lansing, Kansas, in northeast Kansas. They make a great stop at the south end of the Glacial Hills Scenic Byway or the north end of the Frontier Military Historic Byway St. in Lansing. You can find it along the nature trail south of the Francis de Salles Catholic Church, Angel Falls creates a beautiful sight as the autumn leaves roll over the pool below.

Pillsbury Crossing, also known as Deep Creek Falls, is probably the most famous waterfall in Kansas. It definitely deserves a reputation for being beautiful in any season of the year! Pillsbury Crossing, located in southeast Manhattan, may be a favorite of people from Manhattan and the surrounding area. If you visit on a beautiful day There is a high chance that you will not be able to have this beautiful waterfall!

Because of how difficult it is to limit the top 10? (And the fact that it changes with the intention of taking my password every time I visit the waterfall again.) Here are some other contenders you should check out above:

Note that there are still some waterfalls that I haven’t visited that may be on this list in the future. If I do, I’ll come back to this list to see if they can make a good waterfall out of the top 10! Visit the Kansas is Beautiful Falls map for a complete list of waterfalls. And be sure to visit the Kansas Falls Gallery to see all of the Kansas Falls pictures!

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Mickey Shannon is a travel and landscape photographer. Located in Wichita, Kansas, USA. He has traveled throughout Switzerland, France, Canada and the United States. When it comes to hiking Kansas should be on every outdoor enthusiast’s list. This is an ideal place for hikers or backpackers who want to go far without the lung-straining air of high altitude. And hundreds of miles of hiking trails provide tranquility and help you connect deeply with nature. While there are many ways to explore, here are 9 of our favorite ways to get started.

Castle Rock is one of the Eight Wonders of Kansas, and hiking along the cliffs and through the Hackberry Creek Valley is fun. plain along the road. There are many dilapidated paths to follow as you make your way down the rocky hills between the arches.

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