Best Places To Live In Woodbridge Va

Best Places To Live In Woodbridge Va – In 2011, the US Census Bureau radically changed the boundaries of Woodbridge, Virginia; Its size has decreased by 80 percent, and the population from about 39,000 inhabitants to 4,000. Houses in this area still have Woodbridge addresses, but much has been renamed Marumsko. Although now smaller, Woodbridge, Virginia still has a lot to offer its residents. This Prince William County community is located approximately 20 miles from Washington, D.C., and only 9 miles from Fairfax County’s largest employer, Fort Belvoir. It is 16 miles from Marine Corps Base Quantico.

When you live in Woodbridge, you don’t have to go far for a little retail therapy. The community is home to Virginia’s largest outlet mall, which also features an 18-screen movie theater. The streets surrounding the mall include retailers, department stores and a large selection of chain restaurants.

Best Places To Live In Woodbridge Va

However, Woodbridge, Virginia is far from a concrete jungle. The city has many beautiful parks, including the stunning Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge, which offers visitors more than 3 miles of hiking trails. Woodbridge is also home to Leesylvania State Park, a local treasure located on the Potomac River. In Leesylvania, you can enjoy a variety of activities including fishing, hiking, and boating.

Best Places To Live In Woodbridge, Virginia

Woodbridge is a great place to live for baseball fans because the home field of the Potomac National Little League team is located on the outskirts of Woodbridge.

You’ll find many communities in Woodbridge itself or with a Woodbridge address, such as Belmont by the Bay. Located at the confluence of the Occoquan and Potomac rivers, this waterfront neighborhood offers a mix of condos, single-family homes and townhouses. You can also find homes for sale in the Woodbridge, Lake Ridge neighborhood.

Overall, Woodbridge real estate is a healthy mix of older townhomes and new master-planned communities. Because home prices in Woodbridge are lower than in nearby DC suburbs, the community is popular with first-time buyers and homeowners looking to get a little more bang for their buck.

Commuters living in Woodbridge, Virginia enjoy easy access to Interstate 95 and US Route 1. You can also find many bus routes to DC. In this neighborhood. Woodbridge also has two stations where you can take the Amtrak train or the Virginia Rail Express.

Top 7] Woodbridge Neighborhoods With The Biggest Homes

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Woodbridge VA is the fastest growing area in Northern Virginia. With a convenient location, plenty of shopping and dining, and close proximity to nature, it’s no wonder why residents love the area. Proximity to I-95 makes it easy to get into Washington. Woodbridge’s fast-paced yet suburban location offers a low cost of living and plenty of space and privacy.

Looking to move to Woodbridge? At V Star Real Estate, we help our clients find the perfect home in Northern Virginia. Here are some of the best neighborhoods in Woodbridge VA. Browse current Woodbridge homes for sale.

Marumsko is a beautiful neighborhood located near Belmont Bay. The houses here vary greatly in size. Near the water, you’ll find large homes and spectacular views, but the properties become more modest as you move inland, with single-story and large homes.

Woodbridge Community Helps Kids Of Woman Who Died In Dui Crash

This area is perfect for nature lovers who like to spend a lot of time by the water. With several parks and a national wildlife refuge nearby, residents have plenty of options for hiking, biking, boating or bird watching.

Marumsko is a great area for anyone wanting to travel to Washington DC as you are very close to the freeway and commuter rail station. Access to Quantico and other parts of Virginia is very easy due to its proximity to the highway.

This is another great neighborhood for anyone looking to live on the water in Woodbridge. The neighborhood overlooks the coast of the same name, and many properties offer spectacular views of the coast. It is tucked away from the rest of Woodbridge so it is very quiet and private.

Many of the properties here are luxury townhouses rather than detached single-family homes. Many of these cities are new and have high-end amenities and other popular amenities. The area is still being developed, and future residents will have access to a large waterfront park and commercial walkable area with restaurants and shopping.

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Moving inland, Agneville is another great neighborhood we love. Agnville feels very secluded – many properties have large yards and beautiful vegetation. If you are looking for a larger home, Agnewville will suit you as many properties have three or more bedrooms.

Despite its beautiful scenery, Agnewville is a bit far from downtown Woodbridge. This means you have easy access to supermarkets and other handy local amenities. Agnewville is also a short drive from the Occoquan Historic District, a charming river town with shopping, dining and entertainment in historic buildings.

If you’re looking for an active, more urban feel to the Woodbridge area, Potomac Town Center may be the perfect neighborhood for you. Potomac Town Center is located near Potomac Mills Mall, one of the largest shopping centers in Northern Virginia, known for its designer outlets.

This is a great option for anyone who wants to do a lot right at their doorstep. Apart from shopping malls, this area has cinemas, restaurants and even entertainment centers. Necessities like shops, gyms, banks, doctors and library are also easily accessible.

Reasons To Love Woodbridge, Va

For housing in this area, you’ll find mostly luxury homes and condos as opposed to single-family homes. Most of the housing options in this area offer a three bed three bath multi-store layout with a garage.

The Minnieville neighborhood has a suburban feel, with a wide variety of housing options to choose from. Here you’ll find a mix of new construction and older homes, from small townhouses to larger multi-story detached options.

This area is a bit further from the city center than some of the other places we’ve discussed, so your journey will be a bit longer. However, the area is full of beautiful vegetation and most houses are quite large, so it is good for those who want more space.

Woodbridge is a great option for anyone looking for a balance between quiet suburban living and the vibrant nature of the big city. Close to Washington, D.C., great shopping and dining, and access to the waterfront, Woodbridge has a lot to offer.

Apartments For Rent In Woodbridge Va

If you are interested in moving to Northern Virginia, be sure to check out our website for all current listings in Woodbridge and the surrounding area! At V Star Real Estate, we can help you find the best neighborhoods in Woodbridge VA.

Washington An exciting and vibrant city with many opportunities, but living in D.C. Generally expensive. You are …read more.

Washington An exciting and vibrant city with many opportunities, but living in D.C. Generally expensive. If you’re looking to live in a DC suburb, Woodbridge is one of the most affordable and attractive options. It’s the perfect place for active families and professionals looking for a suburban escape from the big city. At V Star Real Estate, we help our clients find amazing homes in Woodbridge VA and throughout Northern Virginia. Here are the top reasons to live in Woodbridge VA.

Travelers will be happy to know that Woodbridge is directly adjacent to I-95 and Route 1. D.C. Located 21 miles south of Woodbridge, an easy commute from Woodbridge makes commuting easy for many professionals. Many neighborhoods in the city are home to members of the military. Only 9 miles from Woodbridge Ft. Belvoir, 16 miles from Quantico.

Veterans Dinner Series, The Electric Palm Restaurant, Woodbridge, September 22 2022

Although Woodbridge is a very small town, public transportation is still an alternative to driving. There are several transportation options for bus transportation to DC. Woodbridge also has two stations where you can take the Amtrak train or the Virginia Rail Express. When moving to Woodbridge, familiarizing yourself with the public transportation system will save you time, money, and worry.

Woodbridge is bordered by the Potomac and Occoquan rivers and is located on Belmont Bay. Between beautiful waterfront views and the city’s wildlife refuge and state park, Woodbridge couldn’t be more beautifully situated.

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