Best Places To Park In Blackpool

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The Victorian seaside town of Blackpool in Lancashire in North West England is one of England’s most popular family destinations. If you are planning a trip and wondering what to see and do in Blackpool, read on. In this article we share our top recommendations for the best things to do in Blackpool.

Best Places To Park In Blackpool

Nice to know: This article was written by Christian, a British writer who lives in Blackpool and knows the city and the region very well. Along with all of Blackpool’s top sights and attractions, he shares fun facts, local insights, and practical tips for visiting each place.

Top 10 Blackpool Attractions To Visit

Tourism in Blackpool began to flourish from the mid-1800s, when several ferries were built following the construction of the railway, making the seaside town a star attraction for elite visitors. Blackpool continued to grow and more holiday accommodations and attractions were added each year. Today the city is bright, busy, lively and an emphasis on fun.

Whatever you want to do, there is somewhere in Blackpool to do! Combine everything from a leisurely stroll on the wide sandy beach to the most popular sights and attractions, or crowds with Blackpool’s historic excursions. Yes, it is!

This guide includes all of Blackpool’s main attractions as well as lesser known attractions that are worth visiting when you have time. As you can see, there is more than enough to do in Blackpool for a week or more. To help you decide where to go, we first list down the must-see attractions. So if you’re only staying in Blackpool for a few days, this is a definite must-see!

Good to Know: To help you orient yourself, we have also put together a map showing the best places to visit in Blackpool. Please refer to the next article. Each attraction and activity also includes useful information and insider tips to help you make the most of your vacation in Blackpool. Reading!

Blackpool Pleasure Beach: A Theme Park Where Past Meets Future

The iconic Blackpool Tower, one of Britain’s most famous landmarks, is located on the main promenade in the heart of downtown Blackpool. At 518 feet (158 m) tall, it was the tallest man-made structure in England when it opened in 1894, with an imposing design inspired by the Eiffel Tower.

By day, Blackpool Tower houses an entertainment complex with five main attractions. It illuminates beautifully at night with 25,000 LED lights. These lights, visible from miles away, are usually used for decorative purposes, but towers can also be used to support a cause, show solidarity on an important issue, or mourn a tragedy. It can glow in a certain color.

There are five attractions located inside the tower: Blackpool Tower Eye, Blackpool Tower Dungeon, Tower Ballroom, Tower Circus and Level 5. You can visit some or all of these attractions by purchasing a combination of different tickets. Apart from these main attractions, there are also restaurants and mini golf. You can read about each of these experiences below.

Your Blackpool Tower Eye experience begins with a visit to a 4D cinema to learn about the history of the tower and the city. Then take the 100 meter lift to the top of the tower. There you can enjoy stunning sweeping views of North West England, the Irish Sea and the Lake District.

Best Hotels In Blackpool, United Kingdom

If the weather is clear, you can even visit the Isle of Man! If you dare, you can step onto the Skywalk, a five-centimeter thick glass viewing platform where you can watch people walk along the promenade. While you’re there, enjoy a cocktail at Bar 380, the sky high cocktail bar.

Blackpool Tower Dungeon is an experience with live actors, special effects, sets and visuals to teach you about Britain’s gruesome history. The dungeons, while somewhat educational, are designed to be very entertaining (but keep in mind that some parts are a bit scary for young children!) There is also a drop ride at the end of the tour.

If scary dungeons aren’t your thing, head to the Tower Ballroom for afternoon tea and dancing. Used annually to film a special episode of the British television show Come Dancing Hard, this historic ballroom features a Wurlitzer organ, bouncy dance floor, grand architecture and a stunning crystal chandelier. It is very beautiful inside.

At the base of the tower, Blackpool Tower Circus provides plenty of entertainment for the whole family. Blackpool’s longest running show and the world’s oldest permanent circus arena, the attraction opened in 1894 and hosts acts from around the world. During the performance, you can also appreciate the internal structure of the surrounding tower. Some of the top row seats offer a great view of the ring.

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Last but not least, The Fifth Floor is a relatively new family bar with Circus and Blackpool’s only 8K VR roller coaster. There is also free live entertainment for families every weekend.

Tip: Blackpool Tower and its attractions are almost always busy, so booking in advance is recommended. Choose a sunny day to experience the Eye of the Tower.

Good to know: The lift that takes you to the top of the tower is small and usually full. On the other hand, some of them are glass and if you’re lucky enough to be standing next to one, you’ll have an amazing view as you climb up!

Blackpool has three Victorian piers (North Pier, Central Pier and South Pier) along the beach and a promenade between the North and South Piers known as the Golden Mile.

Top Things To Do In Blackpool September 2022

Each pier is different, so if you have the time, it’s fun to walk around them all! The Golden Mile Walk takes 35 minutes (plus the time spent on the pier).

The Northern Ghats are the oldest of the three Ghats. First opened in 1893, it has Grade II listed status. The most popular pier for young families, which features a helter skelter and Venetian carousel, and a family-friendly bar.

The central pier is home to the Big Wheel, which has become one of Blackpool’s iconic symbols, offering stunning views of Fylde beach from above. There are also food stores selling amusement park rides, theme park favorites like floss candy, and most arcades of all three piers.

The South Pier has a fun family bar called Laughing Donkey with free live entertainment, but the main attraction is the Adrenaline Zone. Designed for the ultimate thrill seeker, it includes rides like the Sky Coaster, Sky Screamer and Reverse Bungee.

Top 10 Things To Do In Blackpool, England

Tip: The end of the pier is a perfect place to walk around and take great pictures of the city. For the best photos, wait for the golden hour just before sunset.

Insider Tip: If you’re visiting Blackpool in late autumn or early winter, keep an eye out for the starlings snaking down the North Pier. Thousands of these birds regularly put on a breathtaking display called a call. It is an enchanting view!

Almost all of Blackpool’s attractions and events are centered around the Victorian resort, which is filled with tourists and locals alike day and night. The region is divided into three regions: the North Coast, the Central Coast, and the South Coast. The North Shore, from North Quay to Bispham, is a quieter, more historic section that hasn’t changed much since Victorian times. Most of the city’s attractions are located in the central region and extend to the south coast.

The main attraction of this resort is the comedy carpet. It pays tribute to Blackpool’s strong history of performance and entertainment. Blackpool is located on the opposite side of the tower. The 2,200-square-meter work of art consists of thousands of granite letters embedded in concrete, featuring jokes, songs and catchphrases from the past and present that entertained thousands of comedians and entertainers.

Best Things To Do In Blackpool

As you walk south from the South Pier, keep an eye out for the Promenade. The show, titled “Outdoor Art Gallery,” includes 10 unique art installations. These include the world’s largest ballroom, the Mirror Ball, which rotates slowly and is covered by 47,000 mirrors. Powerful on a sunny day! Another attraction is the high tide organ, a series of organ pipes attached to the sea wall that are “played” by tidal waves.

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