Best Places To Visit In Zambia

Best Places To Visit In Zambia – It was dawn and the cold air was filled with the sound and chirping of cicadas and countless birds. You are walking along a dusty hippo trail when your guide gives a silent signal and you stop: a lion in front of you wanders the view and fixes you with his gentle gaze. Amber eyes, and then a wink. He wagged his tail and quietly went into the nearby forest.

The encounter is brief, but when it’s gone, you feel your heart pounding and you realize you’re out of breath. Your senses are engaged and you look at your surroundings with renewed interest – colors are brighter, sounds are louder and smells are sharper. This is Zambia, wild and untamed – and you’ve never felt more alive!

Best Places To Visit In Zambia

Zambia’s southern Luanwa Forest is considered the birthplace of the safari, but its other beautiful parks and reserves are not to be missed. This hidden value is precisely why these parks have long been a favorite destination for professional travelers, especially those looking for a more authentic wildlife experience with fewer visitors.

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However, you may be surprised to find that Zambia is also a good choice for safari beginners. why Because big game viewing is always good, the local guides are some of the best in Africa, Luangwa and Zambezi Valley Parks offer a variety of things to do – game drives, night drives, trekking and safari canoeing – and everything in between. From here lies the swirling mist and thunder over the great Victoria Falls.

A guided safari is an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in this part of the forest. As your awareness grows, so does your understanding of how all parts of nature fit into this incredible environment. Before long, you’ll be discovering different animal tracks in the sand dunes, finding good plants to eat, and being amazed at how much information you can glean from piles of animal waste.

Yes, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy some lion sightings here too – especially in South Luangwa, which is the best place in Africa to see big game on foot. However, there are no guarantees: travel is not a chore for travelers focused on ticking off a checklist! Spend the night in comfortable tents with all basic camping facilities set up for you by professional staff.

The best accommodation is in the center of South Luangwa, away from other people, cars or signs of civilization. Don’t let the name ‘forest camp’ fool you – you’ll be better off with quality linens, hot water, delicious meals on the ground and cold drinks enjoyed around a fire under the stars. the sky

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South Luangwa is Zambia’s most famous park for good reason: the game population around the Luangwa River is the highest in Africa. You probably won’t – and unfortunately – find any rhinos here, but with that notable exception, there’s more than enough game to fill several camera memory cards.

You’ll feel like you’re in this remote wilderness on foot, but by car you can cover the ground and improve your wildlife sightings. Our advice? Combine safari walks with game drives in this area, known for its populations of tigers and lions, herds of elephants congregating at rocky lakes and species such as Thornycroft’s giraffe and Crouch’s zebra.

One of the leadership behaviors we like the most is that South Luanwa leaders don’t go live radio every time they meet a beauty. This means that when you encounter a big cat or even a kill, you have the space and freedom to calmly look at the scene, which is awesome.

The Lower Zambezi is a stunning landscape that stretches along the clear waters of the wide, blue Zambezi River. There is also a lot of big game here and the resorts are very flexible with their schedules, combining the day’s activities according to your interests: sports activities, nature walks or – the main one – canoe safaris.

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Don’t think of a boat safari as a chore: you go beyond the lake, swimming in front of the scaly ears of Nile crocodiles and the rafts that roam the banks of the river. It is quiet and interesting, of course! Guides are familiar with the behavior and behavior of the animals and are comfortable anticipating their next moves.

You’ll find that canoeing brings you closer and closer to creatures like buffalo and elephant, who ignore the silence of your departure without worrying about your presence as they drink their fill at the water’s edge.

Victoria Falls earns its local name Mosi-oa-Tunya or “Smoke That Thunder”. Nothing quite prepares you for the first glimpse of the Zambezi River in flood – 500 million liters of water per minute rushing down the deep gorge, throwing up clouds of mist and rainbows – a man sprays the air.

The Great Falls are located in Zimbabwe (see our full guide to Victoria Falls), but the Zambian side is particularly attractive during the peak months (February to May). One of our favorite sights in Zambia is the Dan Bridge which takes you to this waterfall – prepare to get wet!

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Victoria Falls is the perfect place to start or end your Zambia safari. If you have the time, I recommend three good days to explore the many activities available – you can take a helicopter or microlight plane, or even white water rafting on the big waves.

Every year from October to December, the skies of the Kasanka Forest come alive with 10 million bats. Yes, the Great East African Forest Migration is not the biggest migration in the world!

Although the number of bats is staggering, the atmosphere surrounding this event is most interesting: large birds of prey take over the incredible sky and bring down the bats for breakfast. And of course, you can see the special features of Kasanka, such as the swamp habitat, every day sitting ants grazing in the fog.

Kafue National Park is one of Africa’s largest national parks, but the least visited of Zambia’s three main national parks. Kafue is still very wild with several luxury camps.

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North of Kafue is the Busanga Range, one of Zambia’s most important natural resources and the best part of the park for game viewing. Large herds of red lechwe, puku and red antelope graze on these grassy grasslands, and their abundance attracts many predators, including wild dogs, lions and lone cheetahs.

Among the activities, you can spend days on Kafue boat trips and safaris, go fishing in the Kafue or Lunga rivers, and fanatics will be sure to add a few ticks to their bucket list, with over 490 bird species recorded.

With a little help from a professional African Safari, you can easily experience all the highlights of Zambia in one holiday without sacrificing rest and relaxation. Talk to those who’ve been there to create a Zambia itinerary tailored to your time, needs and budget: A landlocked country in southern Africa, Zambia is becoming a top destination for adventure travel, with pristine landscapes and a friendly atmosphere. Some of the best places to visit in Zambia include the stunning Victoria Falls as well as many national parks, resorts and attractions. From the beautiful Kafue National Park to historic sites like Shiva Ngandu, Zambia offers plenty of travel options to complete your African vacation.

No list of places to visit in Zambia is complete without Victoria Falls. This tributary flows into the Zambezi River at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is 355 feet long, but perhaps even more impressively wide, over a mile. Although it is not the longest or widest waterfall in the world, according to connections it is considered the largest waterfall in the world. The mist rising from the falls can be seen 30 miles away. There are plenty of activities available at Victoria Falls, from hiking to thrilling, adrenaline-pumping activities like white-water rafting and bungee jumping. The nearest major town to the canal on the Zambian side is the town of Livingston.

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While Victoria Falls may be the main attraction in the area, it’s also worth spending some time in Livingston. The city was founded in 1905 and was named after the missionary and explorer David Livingston. It has many museums where you can learn a little about local history and prehistory. The most famous of them is the Livingston Museum, which is the largest and oldest museum in the country.

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