Best Places To Work In Naples Fl

Best Places To Work In Naples Fl – Let me guess, you’ve been to Southwest Florida before and want some unusual things to do in Naples Florida?

So if you’ve been to Naples countless times, or if you’re visiting for the first time and want to avoid some of the traditional, Neapolitan points of interest, this is the post for you.

Best Places To Work In Naples Fl

Like others, you’ve braved the crowds at the port of Naples, bravely stopped for sunset on the beach, taken a catamaran cruise, enjoyed more authentic Old Naples, snorkeled on that beautiful beach. Are you ready for something more special?

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We’ll get off the tourist trail in Naples and check out some of the best non-touristy things to do in Southwest Florida.

Here is a list of some amazing and unusual things to do during your visit to Naples. From the smallest post office in the United States to the Skunk Monkey Research Center, there’s something special about everyone.

Cape Romano Dome is an abandoned modern house on Coxamba Island, south of Marco Island in Cape Romano, Ten Thousand Islands, Collier County, Florida. It was founded in 1980 by retired businessman Bob Lee, abandoned in 1992, sold to John Tosto in 2005. It is now 180 feet from the shore.

There’s only one real reason to stay at the Everglades City Rod and Gun Club: to feel like you’ve stepped back in time. The remains have been hosting visitors to this small road town since the 1890s and are remarkably intact. The Everglades Rod and Gun Club has seen more than a century of history, including five presidents and many other notables, including Ernest Hemingway and, surprisingly, Mick Jagger.

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The Nike HM-69 missile site is ground zero for the Cuban Missile Crisis and Cold War history. Donut Hole or Everglades Nike or Missile Base, also known as the former Nike-Hercules Missile Base, is now a listed historic site west of Homestead, Florida, United States. It is located on Long Pine Key Road in Everglades National Park. The 22-building site opened in 1964 and closed in 1979 when it was turned over to the National Park Service.

Dave Shelley is the owner of the Skunk Ape Research Center. Born on September 28, 1963. He spent his entire life in the Everglades. His family’s history in the Everglades dates back to 1891. For as long as Dave could remember, there had been rumors around town about a creature with straight hair; Smells like a man and a slug. At the age of 10, while hunting with his brother Jack, Dave first encountered what the locals called the Skunk Monkey. Dave has spent the last 30 years investigating sightings, collecting data and researching these elusive creatures.

The Revs Institute appreciates the importance of preserving cars in their original, clean and painted condition. With a few deliberate exceptions, the more than 100 cars in the Collier Collection, divided into four thematic galleries: Automobility, Vitesse, Revs and Porsche, are fully functional and displayed without protective barriers. Provides the most intimate access to visitors.

The original home of rancher Robert Roberts and his family, this 13-acre historic site and museum (South Florida’s longest-running ranch) offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the day-to-day workings of a Southwest Florida pioneer homestead and citrus grove. . 1900s.

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Exhibits, programs, and fifteen well-preserved original buildings and features tell the story of the cattlemen, ranchers, and pioneer families who struggled to tame this vast wilderness on the edge of the Great Cypress Marsh.

The Immokalee Pioneer Museum at Roberts Ranch is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is located in downtown Immokalee, a scenic 44-mile drive east of Naples.

Historic Palm Cottage near Naples Harbor on 12th Avenue South is considered the oldest house in Naples. It was originally built in 1895 by one of the founders of Naples, Walter N. Built for Haldeman and also behind the initial construction of the Port of Naples, it helped boost trade in the area.

Now owned by the Naples Historical Society, the Palm Cottage is open to the public for tours, conducted every Tuesday through Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m. Reservations are not required for the villa tour, but admission is $10 per person and includes a 40-minute guided tour of the villa, with time to visit the Norris Gardens grounds. Children below 10 years can be admitted on the tour for free.

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Located on Tamiami Trail East in the heart of the Collier County Government Complex, the Collier County Museum features exhibits and historical landmarks that help retell not only the history of Naples, but the history of Collier County and Southwest Florida.

The Collier County Museum tour is self-guided and no admission fee is required. You begin your tour through the Exhibit Hall, which displays artifacts from Southwest Florida’s prehistoric past, from its pre-Columbian beginnings, to the rise of Naples in its early days as a Spanish colony. And many of the surrounding towns were great, pioneering boomtowns. .

The tour concludes with a look at the modern history of Collier County and Naples. From there, walk outside the exhibit hall, a real train, a replica Seminole village, and an actual 1926 house that was saved from demolition and moved to the museum for preservation.

Located in the heart of downtown Naples near Fifth Avenue South and Tin City, Naples Depot was originally a train station.

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It is now a museum affiliated with the Collier County Museums; There are exhibits by local artists, a classic car and train museum with wagons, caboose, railroad tools, Naples depot memorabilia, antique boat and naval memorabilia, and artifacts from the Naples Army Air Field.

Also located in this location is the Naples Train Museum, a private museum geared toward children. The museum also has an interactive model train schedule and a special train ride for kids every Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm.

Although this place is often visited by tourists, the reason it’s on our list is its 70s vibe and bohemian shops with local crafts and art.

For a more laid-back Tin City experience, head here to shop for souvenirs from local artists and artisans at shops like Tin City’s Art Boutique, Naples Olive Oil Company, and Naples Soap Company. For great bohemian shopping, visit Caribongo, City Bags of Naples, Tin City Magic and Peace Frog.

Best Things To Do In Naples, Florida

For a delicious local treat for you and the kids, grab homemade ice cream from M&M Cafe, giant cookies at 5th Avenue Patisserie, or homemade monkey bread at Monkey Bread Factory. For a nice treat for the grown-ups, visit Naples Winery for a bottle of fine wine in Punta Gorda and take home as a gift or drink in your dorm after a long day. To explore!

41, 15 minutes south of East Naples and minutes from Marco Island, Collier Seminole National Park offers a great nature escape with plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities. Come here to see some of the historical exhibits like the Bay City Walking Dredge and the Seminole Buildings.

Hike the many trails or bring your kayak, canoe or paddle board for a great experience along the park’s waterways. If you don’t have a kayak, canoe or paddle, visit Everglades Adventure Tours, which can rent or hook you up with a guided kayak or paddle tour of the park’s waterways.

There is also a nice playground for the kids, as well as a picnic area with barbecues and picnic tables on site. If you’re looking for a camping experience, book a few nights at the site’s fully equipped campsite.

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General admission to the park is $5, and using the campground costs more depending on your needs and how long you plan to stay. If you would like to book a tour or rent a kayak or paddle board with Everglades Adventure Tours, call them directly at 800-504-6554 or book a tour at their kiosk inside the park, in front of the playground, picnic area. , and port.

Located on Bayshore Drive in East Naples, Naples Botanical Gardens is a great place to bring the whole family for a scenic walk and educational experience to learn about native and exotic plants.

Naples Botanical Garden has seven types of gardens: Asian, Brazilian, Caribbean, Children’s, Florida, Reserve and Water. Each garden on the property provides visitors with an educational understanding of a variety of plants, but also provides a themed environment for a pleasant walk.

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