Best Podiatrist In Memphis Tn

Best Podiatrist In Memphis Tn – As a board-certified foot and ankle physician trained in one of the nation’s leading health care programs, Dr. Butler can help.

Dr. works on the medical staff for marathons, triathlons and sports teams. Butler understands the importance of a quick recovery. And he will love yours more.

Best Podiatrist In Memphis Tn

Dr. Butler is a leader in his field. He is a regular contributor to Memphis Health+Fitness magazine and lectures on podiatry regionally and nationally.

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When not helping patients, Dr. Butler advises orthopedic surgery companies and supports the research and development of new techniques and products.

Patients Dr. Butler is rated among the best podiatrists in Memphis, TN.Dr. Butler is amazing! He was quick, nice and easy to talk to. I was let down by many other doctors, but he diagnosed my problem right away. He took me running again and I couldn’t be happier! Dr. Butler repaired my Achilles tendon and had me back at work in no time. Dr. Loves the drinker! He is very caring and patient! He is in no rush to get to his next patient. It takes time to make sure you understand the treatment plan they prescribe. I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor! I am Dr. I am satisfied with Butler’s work. I have been going to a doctor for anxiety for years. It was easy, answered my questions. Even after my surgery, she wouldn’t leave me with a nurse. He was active in recovery. He told me everything that was going to happen… In my book, Dr. Butler is one of a kind and I refer my friends to him. See more reviews of RateMDsDr. Tyrone Teako Davis of Smiths Station, Alabama is a specialist in foot and ankle care and surgery. His training includes an undergraduate degree from Dillard University in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1991 and a pediatrics degree from Ohio College of Physical Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio in 1996. In addition, his residency training was focused in the United States and held at Richmond. , Langley and Portsmouth, Virginia perform all types of occupational medicine and surgery.

Dr. Davis is a member of the American Trauma Center Board of Directors. He has been practicing podiatry in New Orleans for ten years. Dr. Davis’s treatment is respected, bringing in international celebrities, doctors, nurses and other dignitaries as patients. He also hosted a medical talk show in New Orleans and was a speaker on many community and radio programs. Dr. Davis has also served on the boards of several public service agencies.

Dr. Davis is married with one child. His family was recently forced to move to Memphis after Hurricane Katrina damaged their home in New Orleans. Because of his warm welcome here, Dr. Davis has decided to make the permanent move to Memphis, and the Memphis Podiatry Center is excited to welcome him to our community.

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