Best Pornography In The World

Best Pornography In The World – This Week in XR: Braylon Raises $15M for Immersive Displays, Taqtile $5M for Enterprise AR, Pico 4 VR Launch

So Game of Thrones released another amazing report that highlights some statistics that show how we rule this dragon called the Internet. I think at some point, when I roughly summed up Pornhub’s 2018, I must have asked for more details on the top 20 porn-consuming cities in the world, because now I have, which means you do too.

Best Pornography In The World

The top 20 cities in Pornhub’s traffic lane aren’t too surprising, based on access to modern luxuries like the Internet. These cities account for 16.8% of Pornhub’s daily traffic, and like residents of any city, each has their own specific preferences when it comes to the type of content consumed on the site. These sensibilities often mimic the overall feel of each city, as New York (number one on the list) prioritizes the moral category. This makes sense because New York has a large representation of all brands of people and wants to mix.

List Of Top 10 Porn Watching Countries According To Google Research

The United States of course tops the list with seven cities, followed by Australia, Japan and Italy with two each. While the overall average on-site time in these cities is 10 minutes and 13 seconds, it should be noted that Japan continues its reputation for efficiency, with 8 minutes and 34 seconds in Osaka and 8 minutes and 50 seconds in Yokohama, both below average. . There are only so many minutes in the day, you can’t waste a second.

After a closer look at the infographic with current political trends in the United States, both Dallas and Houston appear on the list. Especially when you take into account the most sought-after categories in these cities. The point is that when the curtains are drawn and the podium is removed, we humans tend to overshadow the other, receptive corner of the box.

Bangkok and Seoul are known for being focused on the female category, which means that women visit the site more (as seen in the percentage of female traffic). Seoul also spent the most time browsing Pornhub compared to the average, a whopping 12 minutes and 15 seconds. It should be nice to be comfortable enough to spend two minutes reading pornography.

The most telling statistic, in terms of cities, is that almost every city on this list accesses Pornhub mostly via mobile devices. The way we consume our pornography has changed as rapidly as technology, and with small computers constantly in our pockets or hands, it’s no wonder that every city except Warsaw has seen more than 80% of access via a mobile device. Maybe your city isn’t on this list, maybe it is, but it’s statistically correct to assume that you’re accessing Pornhub on your mobile device.

What Has Growing Up Watching Porn Done To My Brain

There’s a good bit of detail by category that shows some clear trends in what the population prefers, but every time a mobile statistic comes out, it just shows that our mobile devices, our PCs, our Macs are more integrated into our daily lives than ever before. and a laptop. Pornhub is optimized for mobile devices, so maybe if you watch a little more porn on the go, your city will appear on this list next year. Daphine is the star of the International Alliance for HIV/AIDS campaign video ‘Love is a positive life’. Photo: International Alliance for HIV/AIDS

A panel of experts has decided which are the most compelling – and terrifying – fundraising videos of the year

It’s that time of year again, when fundraising videos get one of two main titles: one they’ll want and one they probably won’t.

With more than 3,100 votes in the past week, the Golden Redditor and Rusty Redditor awards for the best and worst affiliate ads of 2016 have been awarded tonight.

World Sex Charismagoldxxx Charisma Gold All Stockings Porn Token Best Gallery Pornography

Now in its fourth year, the awards – organized by the Norwegian Student and Academic Fund for International Aid (SAIH) – seek to challenge charities to move away from harmful stereotypes.

An African child with a swollen belly? Check it out. Sad, sad music? Check it out. Even if you don’t understand Dutch, we’ve seen enough ads like this to know what message it’s trying to send. Called by the jury a “pornographic depiction of poverty”, the video focuses exclusively on the plight of children and uses their starving bodies as a means of gaining sympathy. The ad perpetuates the stereotype that only an outside donor can save these children from their plight. Here is the only saving we need to see this ad.

As stated in the campaign, the donation will help not only to keep the children safe, but also to send them to school, to provide them with clean drinking water, to treat their illnesses, to provide them with shelter and what is most importantly, to help them dance. The troubling narrative that a donation from the West will solve all these problems oversimplifies complex issues and portrays children as passive and helpless victims.

The jury said: “Instead of focusing on local agency and initiative, it suggests that Western donors can easily solve their plight. Children are portrayed as mere objects without context.”

Porno Sexy Girls World

And the worst development ad campaign of 2016 is Compassion International’s depressing “The Wait is Over.” The teenager and her family pray daily for a “savior” who turns out to be a blond, white woman from Australia.

Here’s what the jury said: “This video promotes deep-seated ideas of Western superiority over the South. It reinforces the white savior complex and shows that parents can do nothing for their children except sponsor them.” They are waiting for someone who can save their lives and their future.

This creative and powerful ad from Plan International UK showcases the challenges girls around the world face when going to school. It also includes an example from Great Britain, which reminds us that sexual harassment and assault on girls is a global problem and not just for developing countries.

Plan International UK Communications Manager Sarah West says: “The concept arose from our research which found that over half of girls in the UK feel unsafe going to school. “This research reflects much of what we already know about the experiences of millions of girls in some of the world’s poorest communities – that sexual harassment and abuse is a common experience for most girls.

Pornhub Reveals 2021’s Most Popular Searches In America

While much of the reporting on refugees focuses on numbers and statistics, this video shows a refreshingly human side of the crisis.

As Amnesty Poland says: “Only when you sit in front of a certain person and look into their eyes, you no longer see an anonymous refugee or one of the migrants and you feel a human being in front of you, like you – it.” Love, sadness, dream.”

This advertisement nicely reminds us that people are more alike than we are different and that we all deserve to live with dignity.

The winning video follows the story of Daphne, a 19-year-old HIV-positive girl in Uganda. She talks about her work as a peer teacher about HIV and living life to the full. “I really like the positivity in me,” she says. “I really like living a positive life.”

Pornography Laws By Region

The jury was impressed by that. “This video can help break down prejudices and stereotypes about HIV by showing a ‘positive’ image of the everyday life of an HIV-positive woman who has turned her life around,” the judges said. “The video provides good information about the condition of people living with HIV/AIDS and does not present them as helpless victims, but as powerful people.” Revealed: World map of internet pornography reveals US, Netherlands and UK are the biggest providers in the world

The world leader in pornography is the United States, which accounts for 60 percent of global Internet pornography.

Two-thirds of US pornography sites are located in California, and the state hosts a total of 4.2 million domains that contain pornography.

In addition, the notoriously liberal Netherlands hosts a quarter of pornography, with 1.8 million domains hosting an impressive 187 million porn pages.

Best Porn Documentaries On Adult Film Industry, Issues

The UK has 52 million porn sites, second only to the US and the Netherlands. The world leader in pornography is the United States, which accounts for 60 percent of global Internet pornography. In addition, the Netherlands hosts more than a quarter of the world’s pornography

Germany is in fourth place with a share of 1.16 percent, which accounts for 8 million pages of pornography on 80,000 domains.

A review of state-hosted porn sites shows that two-thirds of all US porn sites are hosted in California. Overall, the country has a total of 4.2 million domains, including pornography, which tops the chart.

While Germany has double the web hosting capacity of the UK, the UK has six times as many porn sites.

Who Are The Biggest Consumers Of Online Porn?

Overall, the UK is considered the ninth most connected

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