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Best Psychologist In Indianapolis – Below is a list of the best and leading psychologists in Indianapolis. To help you find the best psychologists near you in Indianapolis, we’ve compiled our list based on this checklist.

Kimberly M. Martin, PsyD believes that seeking help is an important decision that should be made very carefully. As a psychologist, Dr. Kimberly is dedicated to providing a variety of treatments to a variety of individuals with mental health issues. He undergoes treatment with great care and compassion, as well as advanced knowledge and techniques to help the client solve their problems. Doctor. Martin is kind and will continue to care to improve your mental health so that you can continue your life in good health and well-being.

Best Psychologist In Indianapolis

Review: Dr. Martin is by far the best doctor I have ever had. He is calm and would never let me interrupt a conversation when I am uncomfortable. He dug deep and what didn’t always make sense at the time started to make sense when I recovered. — Audrey Smith

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John F. Sharp, Ed.D., HSPP practices in Indianapolis, specializing in psychiatric disorders. She helps people cope with mental illness through therapy and other interventions. Doctor. Performs rapid assessment of patients in a variety of ways prior to initiation of treatment for a particular patient. The most commonly used methods are psychotherapy or a speech therapist. People seek help from Dr. They see acute mental problems in the form of depression, stress, anger and anxiety.

Review: Dr. Tej, in my opinion, is a genius. He is wise, intelligent and insightful, and sees the truth of man. I highly recommend going to see him. – Joy D.

Aura R. Deschamps, Psy.D. He has been providing and practicing psychological services for almost three decades. Her mission is to help her patients make better decisions, give them skills for a better life and improve their intelligence. He uses cognitive-behavioral methods along with his holistic approach to create treatment plans for his patients that lead them to a better and healthier place in their lives. Doctor. Deschamps is a licensed psychologist and health care provider based in Indianapolis.

Products/services: psychotherapy for adults, adolescents and children, parenting skills training, marriage/couple therapy, family therapy, psychological assessment and testing.

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Review: Dr. Deschamps was the best psychologist ever. He was understanding and patient with me. I have been seeing her for the past year and I really feel that she has made a huge difference in my life. I don’t know where I would be today without him. —Jennifer Phillips

Access to Freedomway Therapy services is direct, honest and personal. Treatment based on this is used to change the external behavior of the patient, and problems that look like anxiety and confusion can also be changed by understanding the cause of the problem. His treatment method is to use a combination of different therapies that focus on understanding the patient’s story and helping them develop their strengths and tools to change their story. This patient-centered approach creates a personal connection.

Review: One of the most honest conversations I’ve had with someone in a while! A very pleasant place to be! —Brian Hensler

Clarity Psychotherapy’s mission is to guide patients as they take important steps toward healthy living. He believes that it is important for a patient to work closely with their doctor to better understand the problems a person presents in life, such as the everyday problems that affect patients so that they cannot focus on life. Services include adult psychotherapy, mental health screening, and peer supervision and counseling.

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Review: A good man and a good doctor! I have known Mr. Careby for many years and I can assure you that he is a great doctor as well as a great person. – Deborah Rowley Upton

Ellen Atkins is the editor-in-chief of Cave’s Best magazine. Allen has been a journalist for nearly ten years and has published articles in several print and digital publications, including the Argus Leader and The Huffing Post. Ellen lives in St. Louis and covers topics related to her city and country. When she’s not working in the newsroom, Ellen likes to carry a backpack. We have listed the best psychologists in Indianapolis based on customer reviews from several trusted platforms. Join the top professionals today!

Our community consists of mental health professionals who have a wealth of experience and training. We strive to provide the highest quality of various advisory, diagnostic and therapeutic services. Our goal is to promote positive and more…

Worldview Psychological Services, LLC. Do you need help dealing with the stress in your life? Do you have depression, anxiety or stress? Or are there other serious mental and emotional problems affecting your life? Practitioner more…

Emily Roth, Psy.d., Hspp

Indian license no. 20042554A, I am a licensed psychologist to provide individual and couples therapy. My experiences and training provide the context for my therapeutic approach. We’ll talk about how our flu has gone so far…

Your new journey starts here! Matthew Grant, Ph.D., HSPP is a practicing psychiatrist in Indianapolis, Indiana. Northstar Psychological + Consultation Services LLC. Doctor. Grant provides private counseling, psychotherapy and counseling services…

Many of the people I have treated agree that it has been easier for them to find mutually beneficial friendships. Warm and friendly, I am a mix of Hoosier and Urban. My life experiences have given me many ways to connect with all kinds of people…

Are you feeling stressed or sad? Feeling like you’re running… and someone’s pushing the finish line? Lawyers have the highest suicide and depression rates of any profession. This is a very demanding job…

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Since 1995, IndiPsych has been providing quality services to the Indianapolis community. Our multidisciplinary team includes licensed psychologists and counselors, as well as marriage and family therapists and clergy. Our commitment more…

If not now, when? I invite you to join me today as I look for ways to resolve old issues, strengthen relationships, or overcome difficult times. When you see things more than someone new, the possibilities are endless…

Continuum Mental Health and Wellness, an independent group of mental health professionals called private practice, provides a variety of mental health services. Our services include psychotherapy, psychological testing and diagnostics more…

Every person is different. Each person is different and treatment should be flexible. The success of therapy depends on a strong therapeutic relationship – between client and therapist. Everyone has great resources for treatment and PO. We accept appointments for new patients for telepsychology treatment. Call or email to inquire about a new PT. appointment.

Rebecca Russell, Msw, Lcsw

Whether I work with children, youth or adults, I strive to create a safe and accepting therapeutic environment. The treatment process can take place independently within the framework of social insurance. Although I work with a variety of issues and people of all ages, I specialize in depression therapy, couples therapy, prenatal mood disorders, and sex therapy, serving the Indianapolis area. I provide psychological assessments to clarify diagnosis (ADHD, anxiety, mood disorders, autism and learning disabilities). I also offer bilingual (Spanish) background checks, immigration/extreme hardship checks, and FAA aviation checks.

I am one of the few AASECT Certified Sex Therapists in the state of Indiana. Some of the issues I deal with include sexual dissatisfaction, low libido, arousal and desire issues, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, genital pain, marital discord, and sexual abuse. I have also been trained in EMDR to treat trauma and process past traumatic events.

If you need help, contact our practice and we will connect you with a service provider that can best meet your needs. More information can be found on our website Feel free to contact us at 317-550-3221 or by email at [email protected] We look forward to working with you!

“At IPCI we work with children, young people, adults and couples who are dealing with problems such as depression, anxiety and sexual problems.”

Pdf) Cross Cultural Psychology: Critical Thinking And Contemporary Applications

This is your place to write a short first email. You may need to provide a little background information about why you are coming, state any insurance or planning requirements and explain how you would like to be treated.

Our therapists are flexible to meet your needs at this time and are here to help. If you need telehealth or personalized services, ask what’s available now.

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