Best Raspberry Shakes In Bear Lake

Best Raspberry Shakes In Bear Lake – You can’t go to Bear Lake (UT/ID) without stopping for Garden City’s famous raspberry smoothie! The problem is, which restaurant actually has the BEST raspberry cocktail? Everyone seems to have a different opinion, is it La Beau’s, Hometown, Jake’s, Merlins, Zipz, Quick-N-Tasty or even Chevron? We decided to line up the suspects and host The Great Bear Lake Raspberry Shake Showdown!

As I know, we all have different taste buds and something that might be delicious to me might be perfect for you. I thought I’d describe how the judges’ taste buds differ (with chocolate), I hope you can relate to one.

Best Raspberry Shakes In Bear Lake

Ideally, we would have all the cocktails lined up immediately upon serving, but there is some distance between restaurants and wait times vary. We did our best and brought a cooler to keep the first ones cold (we got a bite or two)! We held the showdown over Labor Day weekend and there was a big crowd at Bear Lake.

Zipz Bear Lake

Chevron is the farthest from the others, a little further up the hill on Hwy 89 (like in Logan). Other restaurants are only a few blocks away from each other. We bought the Chevron Raspberry Shake first, then split up to buy the others and gather at a central location for checkout.

The first shock to remove is Merlins, I think they had a fire and had to close it for repairs. Maybe next year 😉

It’s not too obvious that they sell raspberry milkshakes inside, but they do along with burgers, fries, etc.

Located in Raspberry Square, Quick ‘N’ Tasty is one of the first buildings you see coming off the ‘T’ from the 89 freeway.

Osoblu Luxury Yurts

Zipz is across the street from Quick ‘N’ Tasty and right next door to Le Beau’s. They call themselves the ‘less’ known ones 🙂 but their decoration is so funny!

This overall final result of the taste surprises me, we couldn’t choose a clear winner between them. The best raspberry cocktail is on the taste buds of every judge.

There you have it, we hope you enjoy a refreshing bear lake raspberry smoothie soon! Bear Lake is the ultimate summer destination. Turquoise waters, sandy beaches and hundreds of campsites around the lake make it the perfect place for a vacation or even a day trip in Utah. When you’re out in the sun, when you want something cool and refreshing, there’s no better choice than a fresh raspberry smoothie. LaBeau’s is a small restaurant near Bear Lake and is the place to find the best fresh raspberry smoothies in Utah.

LaBeau’s is hard to miss. Located on Bear Lake Blvd in Garden City, this small walled restaurant sits right on the shores of beautiful Bear Lake.

Garden City Ut // Bear Lake Travel Guide

This restaurant has been a Bear Lake staple since it opened in 1981. People from Utah, Idaho and beyond enjoy its food.

LaBeau’s is a seasonal restaurant and is only open during the summer months. In this restaurant, you go upstairs and order at one of the front windows. Then you can sit at one of the picnic tables in the area and enjoy the joy in front of you.

Don’t forget the fries, onion rings or tater tots. They are the perfect companion to the real star of the show: fresh raspberry smoothies.

All shakes are one size fits all, which is fine with us. You definitely won’t want a smaller size of this sweet dessert. And if you don’t fancy a raspberry smoothie, there are dozens of smoothie flavors available.

Bear Lake State Park & Valley

Raspberry smoothies are so good that they have a great reputation in Bear Lake. Don’t be surprised if you have to stand in line to order one of these delicious cold sandwiches.

A visit to LaBeau’s in Garden City, Utah should be on your itinerary whenever you’re near Bear Lake. After visiting this restaurant you will see why.

Have you ever tried the raspberry smoothies at this restaurant in Utah? Think these are the best raspberry smoothies in Utah? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! And for more information about LaBeau’s, including their hours and seasonal menu, visit their website.

While you eat your smoothie, look out over Bear Lake and look for the legendary Bear Lake Monster. Many people claim to have seen the surface of this monster! This fresh raspberry smoothie is the best ever. Must try! You can have a fantastic raspberry dessert in less than 5 minutes!

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) I feel like cold treats. We love making this Easy Blackberry Ice Cream for our Chick Fil A Frozen Lemonade when the temperatures are really hot. Today I’m sharing another favorite – a raspberry smoothie!

One of the things I’ve looked forward to every summer for as long as I can remember is the fresh raspberry smoothies at Bear Lake!

Bear Lake is a beautiful lake in the mountains right on the border between Idaho and Utah. The lake is always full in summer because it is

Beautiful. It’s perfect for boating and water skiing, and the locals who live near Bear Lake grow the freshest and tastiest raspberries.

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In the lake city and they all claim to be originals. I have my personal favourite, but to be honest they are all good!

I don’t live in Utah anymore and some summers I don’t get there. Last year was one of those years, so I decided to figure out how to recreate a Bear Lake-style raspberry smoothie at home.

You need to use a powerful mixer for a good consistency. I love my KitchenAid faucets. (Mine is pink, but it comes in almost every color!)

These are just PERFECT in the summer, or really anytime you can find fresh raspberries! And if you’re feeling adventurous, using chocolate ice cream or adding bananas are also delicious ways to change it up.

Bear Lake In Utah

I’m still hoping to get back to Bear Lake in the summer when I can, but this is a really good copy! I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do.

If you took the time to leave a comment and a positive review! And while you’re here, check out some of our other great dessert recipes!

Calories: 435 kcal | Carbohydrates: 55g | Protein: 11g | Fats: 20g | Saturated fat: 12g | Cholesterol: 79 mg | sodium: 185 mg | Potassium: 634 mg | Fiber: 7g | Sugar: 45 g | Vitamin A: 955 IU | Vitamin C: 23.3 mg | Calcium: 380 mg | Iron: 0.7 mg Garden City, Utah, is famous for its delicious raspberries. Utahns are known for their love of ice cream, especially the milkshake. This is the perfect combination.

But in the sunny summer months, this small town fills up with visitors. Azure waters, pristine beaches and a hometown vibe make the Garden City a trendy destination.

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Of course, there’s another reason people love this place: the raspberries. The hot summer days and cool night temperatures make the berries grown here especially sweet. Raspberry pickers come from up to 150 miles away to enjoy these little gems.

In fact, raspberries are so important that the Garden City hosts an annual Raspberry Days festival. (This year’s festival is August 3-5…don’t miss it!).

There are many ways to enjoy these sweet and juicy raspberries. But the best way? A thick raspberry cocktail, of course! So where can you get a raspberry smoothie? Almost everywhere in the city.

Some say Quick N Tasty is the best place to make smoothies. Located at 28 N. Bear Lake Blvd.

Bear Lake Candy Co.

Zipz is popular and has 4.5 stars on Yelp! Visit this sweet spot at 32 W. 75th N.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with a smoothie at the Home Town Drive Inn at 105 N. Bear Lake Blvd.

Basically, all you need to know is this: Raspberries in Garden City are incredible. And raspberry smoothies are creamy, delicious and undoubtedly the best way to cool off on a hot summer day.

Our recommendation? Visit all these places (and a few more) and try a milkshake at each one. You might find a winner. And maybe… you’ll decide you have to come back next year for another round of tastings!

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