Best Realtor In Richmond Bc

Best Realtor In Richmond Bc – Looking for a real estate agent in Vancouver? Are you a first time buyer in Richmond? Or an experienced seller in Burnaby? Sherry Liao is the best Realtor with experience, dedication and willingness to help you.

With a proven track record of successful sales and happy clients, he has earned a solid reputation as one of Vancouver’s leading real estate agents. You can count on Sherry to help you get the best deal and support you throughout the process with the highest level of professionalism.

Best Realtor In Richmond Bc

Sherry Liao is part of the private real estate corporation RE/MAX Select Properties and has won numerous awards, including the RE/MAX 100% Award.

Who Is Buying Vancouver Real Estate?

Located on the west coast of Canada, British Columbia is one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada, with a booming real estate industry and strong economy.

Sherry Liao owns properties in Richmond, Vancouver and New Westminster, each with its own specialty. Known as the Royal City of New Westminster and formerly the capital of British Columbia, Vancouver has a vibrant economy, a seaport and an international airport with direct flights to North America, Asia and Europe. However, Richmond has a Chinese population, clothing stores, malls and fine dining. Vancouver’s Best Real Estate Agents for 2021 Announced! Vancouver’s top rated realtors are announced annually. The ranking is determined by the reviews of each agency received in 2021. There are new reviews for agents in Vancouver in 2021. verifies reviews and rejects thousands of fake reviews. You may even be surprised to learn that agents who attempt to cheat the rank can even face hefty fines. Finally, there’s a site you can trust.

“I have known Anita Ahir and Katrina Bitkova since 2017. I found them online because of their positive reviews. Both are very professional and knowledgeable. My dealings with them (both buying and selling) are literally *BAR*! any other real estate agents with, no waiting months and months. Anita and Katrina are like dynamite! If you are serious about buying/selling real estate, they are the best in the business. Five stars all around!!!”

“Cindy was recommended to me when I was looking to buy my first condo. Due to my tight budget, it was difficult to find a real estate agent, but she was helpful and patient while I became a homeowner. She was very knowledgeable about the current living environment and was very good at setting up views and communicating. was great. I would definitely recommend him!”

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“Jordan was great. I always give my best. I’m a first-time host and he really encouraged me. He’s friendly and approachable. He responds quickly. I will recommend Jordan to my friends and family.”

“When I decided to sell my house, it didn’t take me long to decide who I wanted to recommend. Jennifer and her team at least did what they promised and gave me the clearest and most concise approach I needed. We achieved our goal of selling my house as quickly as possible. sale. He was open, honest and straight forward with me and his team, from selling the house to closing and telling me what I needed. My house lasted nine days before the sale, which was more than I expected and I’m very grateful for that. First I had a purpose from day one, and by doing all things, My side also continues. . . .

“I always found Steve to be on point and thought I was three steps ahead when I contacted him. His market value assessment was very accurate. Steve is very engaging and honest with all involved, including the tenant, his professional nature and over 25 years as a real estate agent. Willing to use Steve again because of the knowledge he gained as a professional.

“My review was outstanding. Anna showed us her expertise and experience, from the time we planned to buy a home to the moment we moved in. She is a true professional and pays attention to detail. We are so happy and grateful we chose her! She is our real estate agent.”

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“My family has worked with Joel for the past 6 years. We have found him to be very knowledgeable and responsive. He has always kept us focused and always able to give us the best advice! We would not hesitate to work with him again in the future!”

“One of Jim’s best qualities is his ability to communicate. We would text him almost anything, and he would respond at almost all hours of the day and night. If there was no response, he would. Let us know and then we will.” Love. My wife and I had all the time. We were expecting our first child when we were selling in a new town and looking at houses 2.5 hours away. Jimi was a total rock star! The closing date purchase worked out for us and settled us into our new family home. If you are looking for a real estate agent you can trust to get the job done, Jim is your man! I cannot recommend it enough. “

“John is a great real estate agent, and we’re so grateful he guided us through the process of buying our first home. We sought him out at a crazy time and he’s always been one of our favorite things to work with. We humbly shaped his ideas and responded in the most helpful way possible. . It’s a wonderful house, she told us when we thought something wasn’t enough. Overall, she made the process fun and exciting, it was very stressful and…”

“We were very pleased with Roberts’ professionalism in this real estate market. His advice and knowledge were instrumental in getting top dollar for our property. We highly recommend Robert for your real estate needs. Real Estate.”

Best Realtor Victoria Bc

A – Robert Q Lee was the highest rated agent in Vancouver in 2021 with 23 reviews.

A-reviews go through a triple review process. First, the reviewer must certify by email that they are who they are, that what they wrote is accurate, and that they take full legal responsibility for the content of the review. Second, team members review reviews (spam, abuse, etc.) to make sure they follow our review policy. Third, reviews are analyzed to uncover patterns and signals for further investigation.

A is to take pride in and be recognized for customer satisfaction. Shown on this page. He appeared in a video shared on social media. A badge they can use on their website, marketing materials and social media.

A 2021 rating is determined by 2021 agent ratings and reviews only. This is a snapshot of the annual ranking compared to the real-time ranking we maintain on each city page. A more detailed explanation of the rating page.

As Of June 15, B.c. Real Estate Agents Are No Longer Allowed To Represent Buyer And Seller At The Same Time

Leading real-time listings of Vancouver, BC realtors with on-site reviews. Feel free to add a proxy if you see one missing. As the founder/owner of Denise May Private Real Estate Corporation, Denise May has created a true core of real estate professionals to serve her clients.

In addition, he has numerous awards under his belt, including being a two-time TEDx speaker and working for two Fortune 500 companies. So it should come as no surprise that Maiconistently is among the top real estate agents in Greater Vancouver.

The highly successful May spent nine years with RE/MAX before moving to EXP in 2019 and has been in the real estate business since 2010. Starting in 2019, including the Exp ICON Award, RE/MAX Hall of Fame and RE/MAX President and Platinum, 100% and Executive Clubs.

Born and raised in Vancouver, May earned a communications degree from Simon Fraser University before working for two Fortune 500 companies, Accenture & Johnson and Johnson. May found that he didn’t work from 9 to 5. The turning point for May came in 2009.

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“I entered a coffee news competition to win a trip,” he explains. “I needed to sell ads for a contest, so I decided to challenge real estate agents. Eventually, I won a contest that proved I could sell and I jumped in and got my real estate license, and now I’m here.”

Soon after, he received his real estate license. work for two

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