Best Resorts In Armenia

Best Resorts In Armenia – The quiet resort town of Jermuk, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, is one of the most beautiful places in Armenia.

Famous for its natural thermal waters which are believed to have healing properties, this retreat about three hours east of Yerevan in the southern region of Vayots Dzor is ideal for a day trip or a fun weekend, especially when combined with a visit to nearby sites such as Red Rock the Noravank Canyons and the Areni wine region.

Best Resorts In Armenia

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A short path starts from a parking lot in the shadow of the imposing bridge and then winds along the gorge to the falls. With a height of 70 meters, it is one of the largest in Armenia, making a visit here one of the most popular activities in Jermuk.

Technically more a “flow” of water than a waterfall, it is called “Siren’s hair” for its shape and the folklore of a nobleman who had a castle built on the rocks above.

It is said that her daughter was so beautiful that many men wanted to marry her, but her true love was the son of a shepherd, to whom she threw a rope every night, and he could call her from the window to see her. When the noble finally found out, he cursed her daughter that she would become a mermaid if she saw her lover again. That night, instead of a rope, she threw her long braid out the window and transformed into a mermaid, turning her hair into a waterfall.

The famous Jermuk water makes it one of the best places to visit in Armenia to relax and unwind. Dozens of natural hot springs flow through the city, rich in minerals such as magnesium, sodium, iron and calcium, which have been used as healing water to treat ailments for generations.

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Most hotels and sanatoriums have places to bathe in natural mineral springs, and day passes are offered for those who don’t stay overnight. Places like the Grand Resort Jermuk take the leap in quality by offering their own therapy programs aimed at detox, weight loss and stress relief to make the most of the water’s natural healing properties.

For unforgettable views, take the Jermuk Cable Car, a 1-kilometer chairlift that takes cyclists up to 2,480 meters.

The journey takes only about five minutes each way and offers panoramic views of the surrounding valley and city before reaching the top, which also has a small restaurant. The Jermuk cable car costs 1,500 dram (about $ 3) one way, and in the winter the hill is used as a ski slope.

With the lakes, the river Arpa that winds through the city, the waterfalls and the numerous thermal springs, there is no shortage of water. In fact, it is so well known that Jermuk mineral water is sold all over the country.

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One of the main attractions is the Jermuk Mineral Water Gallery (sometimes called the Water Gallery), a beautiful columned structure that has five stone urns. Each is naturally supplied with mineral water which flows through pipes embedded in the wall, and can be drunk directly from them. But be careful; each has a different temperature and one is above 50 ° C!

Enjoy the fresh air that Jermuk is famous for by walking a path that runs through the city. The flat path is accessible from several points, even near the mineral water tunnel, and winds through a serene forest with waterfalls, tall trees and benches where you can rest and enjoy the tranquility of the path.

There are several places to see and admire the surrounding spa towns, which project incredible reflections in the Jotnagbyur and Sarnagbyur lakes, as well as a part of the route with a series of monuments dedicated to the Armenian heroes. It takes less than an hour to complete the cycle.

It is worth including a day trip from Yerevan to Jermuk in your Armenia itinerary and is quite popular as many tour operators combine it with a visit to the hilltop monasteries of Noravank and Khor Virap, a ride on the world record holder Wings or Tatev or wine tasting. After reading this article, you will learn all the advantages of one of the best ski resorts in Russia

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If you are a fan of skiing and snowboarding, you have probably already paid attention to Armenia. Many tourists consider this an ideal place for winter sports. Skiing in Armenia is nothing but pleasure, there are three ski resorts, the first and most famous is Tsakhkadzor. The second and third are Jermuk and Sevan.

Tsakhkadzor is not only Armenia’s most famous ski resort, it is also the largest. It is also considered a place worth visiting, as it is one of the most beautiful places in Armenia. The word “Tsakhkadzor” translated from Armenian means “valley of flowers”. This place is drowned in a flowery valley in summer and in winter it attracts tourists as a ski resort.

The Tsaghkadzor ski center with the highest ski point of 2,819 meters is located on the very picturesque slopes of Mount Tegenis. It should also be noted that there is a breathtaking view of Lake Sevan and Mount Ararat. There are all the opportunities to practice the favorite sports of skiers, snowboarders, racing skiers and orienteering enthusiasts.

After arriving at the resort, the hemoglobin level in a person’s blood rises and this has a positive effect on health. Such a strong production

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Hemoglobin is attributed to the very thin air of Tsakhkadzor, the relatively low oxygen content and the large number of forests in the area, which affects the purity of the air.

The best time to ski here is from mid-December to the end of March. There are traces of three levels: black, red and blue. 8 kilometers is the maximum length of the route. The total altitude difference is 853 m, here operates a modern three-level Leitner chairlift with a total length of 4,500 meters. Working hours: from 9:00 to 18:00.

Four-seater lift from level zero to the first station (difference in height – 350 m), double lifts to the second and third stations, heights – 250 and 300 meters respectively. The total time of ascent from the zero levels to the third station will be approximately 40 minutes (the average speed of the lift is 2.5 m / s, the carrying capacity is 1200 passengers in 1 hour).

Tsaghkadzor ski resort is located not far from the capital of Armenia – Yerevan, about 60 km. Zvartnots International Airport is also nearby – only 75 km away.

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There are several ways to reach Tsakhkadzor from the airport. The cost of a taxi ride starts from 7,500 AMD. If you order a 7-seater minivan, you will pay around 7,400 AMD. Travel time by car is 1 hour and 15 minutes. This method is the simplest, especially for tourists with ski equipment.

You can go the hard way and get by with transfers, especially if you want to explore the city. You can get from the airport to the capital by bus or minibus. Afterwards, drive from the center of Yerevan to the “Raikom” stop. Buses make this route about 5-6 times a day with numbers 14, 46, 259. The journey time will be just over an hour and the ticket will cost 10,250 dram From this stop you can also reach Hrazdan, the center. regional located near the ski area. Minibuses in this direction run every hour. From Hrazdan to Tsakhkadzor you can walk or take a taxi.

Tsakhkadzor is 75 km from Zvartnos International Airport. The journey by car takes approximately 1 hour.

So far, no hotel has organized a shuttle to the cable car. You can reach the cable car by taxi, for approximately 500 – 800 AMD.

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Yes, maybe. You can rent a ski kit for around 8,000 AMD and a snowboard for around 10,000 AMD a day.

Yes, instructor services are provided, the cost is 10,000 drams per hour of skiing and 15,000 drams for snowboarding.

If you want unlimited ascents for 2 days, you will pay around 16,000 AMD;

They have billiards: you can play bowling or visit a bar, a sauna, a swimming pool, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs – all of these amusements are mostly in hotels. In winter, an ice rink is filled in the city center.

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If you are planning to visit Armenia in winter or have already booked a room and are not sure if it will snow or what the weather will be like in general, you can simply see for yourself with the help of the webcams installed in Tsakhkadzor.

We hope you found this article useful and informative. If you want to see other options for ski resorts in the Caucasus, we recommend that you take a look

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