Best Resorts In Kumarakom

Best Resorts In Kumarakom – Along the coastal plains and coasts of the southwest Indian state of Kerala lies the vast Vembanad Lake, connected to the Arabian Sea by a network of canals, rivers and creeks. And on the shore of Vembanad Lake lies Kumarakom, a small town on the edge of the lake, criss-crossed by narrow streets used for navigation and irrigation.

Here you’ll find the Kumarakom Lake Resort, a cluster of beautiful, low-rise, red-tiled roof villas that twine around palm trees and cluster around a 250-metre-long complimentary swimming pool. At the resort’s beach end, the infinity pool seems to reach Vembanad Lake itself, and if you’re not spoiled for swimming, the Presidential Suite has its own private pool.

Best Resorts In Kumarakom

All villas, from the Presidential Villa down, are traditional and offer the kind of polished rusticity one would expect from India’s finest resorts. Units vary — some have lake views, some open directly onto the long pool, some have private balconies, and many have open bathrooms. All modern hotel rooms are fully functional yet ordinary looking; Air conditioning and cable TV are standard, and the Wi-Fi network covers the entire living area.

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The restaurants serve authentic Kerala cuisine and the freshest locally caught seafood, as well as chicken, a local favourite. Recreational facilities include yoga, spa treatments, and massages. Traditional forms of exercise may be mountain biking or walking in the gym, but stress levels can be a good test of effective Ayurvedic treatment.

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Letlapa Hotels was added to the Michelin family in 2018 when it merged with Michelin and became the source of hotel selection.

Tablet Hotels is about discovering the best hotels in the world – places where you get an unforgettable experience, not just a room at night. For more than 20 years we have been exploring the country, evaluating hotels for every taste and budget and handpicking a selection that has been tried and tested and recommended. In fact, our excellent treatment at Michelin made us choose their official Michelin hotel. MICHELIN has always been a symbol of nutrition education. Now it makes the same terms for hotels. Water, water, everywhere. As you would expect from a Keralan backwater resort, the focus here is on H2O, be it an infinity pool, a lagoon or an infinity pool that appears to flow into a lake. A royal choice – Prince Charles spent his 65th birthday here – the Kumarakom Lake Resort is typically Kerala in style with unique architecture and traditional home décor and art. You will surely never forget what part of the world you are in. No South Indian hotel is complete without a spa, especially one that offers a wide range of Ayurvedic treatments. After an action-packed adventure or adventure game, there are few places we’d like to slow down.

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The open-air Ettukettu is the resort’s main restaurant, and here you can enjoy dishes from around the world as well as other local delicacies. The hotel’s newest addition is the waterfront Vembanad, a seafood restaurant with local spices. One of our favorite spots here is Tatukada, an outdoor tea shop that serves traditional Indian tea along with local herbs.

The resort’s red-roofed rooms are spread around extensive gardens and resemble Keralan houses (but with all the variety you’d expect). The interior differs in that the walls behind the bed are covered with wooden panels and fine dark wood furniture. Many rooms feature luxurious Pavilion Rooms with their large floor-to-ceiling windows, these lush spaces feel like an extension of your space. For direct access to the free-form pool, we recommend one of the Meandering Pool Villas. This duplex residence has a bedroom and living room on the upper floor and a terrace with stairs to the pool on the lower floor.

Your arrival by boat at this beautiful 400 year old residence really sets the tone for your entire stay. Nestled on the shores of beautiful Lake Kumarakom between two natural canals, this restored 19th-century coconut plantation exudes a true nautical feel. You can take a boat trip along the canals that run through the resort or take a sunset cruise on the lake… If you want to get back to nature, we recommend staying here. There are three naturalists at the resort who educate and guide guests about the local wildlife — from exotic birds to butterflies. Coconut Lagoon also has a deep commitment to environmental sustainability and everything they do cares about the local culture and environment. It’s the perfect way to stay on the beach after a houseboat or South India tour. Eminem’s Original Restaurant is famous for its good traditional cuisine and authentic atmosphere. Besides international dishes, you can also try Kerala’s traditional homemade banana leaf dishes. Great value is also placed on freshly caught seafood and the daily catch of the day is cooked in a special clay oven. Our preferred accommodation type at Coconut Lagoon are one-story bungalows set in landscaped gardens. The style reflects the place with dark wooden furniture from old houses in Kerala or local artisans and natural fabrics such as linen and cotton.

Amidst the beautiful countryside and vast expanses of rice fields, Nilpura Homestay is over 150 years old, well restored and displaying the finest examples of Kerala architecture. Located on the banks of a canal leading to the Pampa River, Nilpura is owned by a local family whose ancestors have been cultivating nearby palm and coconut plantations for decades. An escape from busy city life, this Grade II listed home has just three guest rooms. These luxurious rooms with modern bathrooms remain as elegant as their classic Keralan architecture. This unique boutique accommodation ensures you receive the very best in hospitality during your stay. Meals are usually shared in the main dining room where you can enjoy home cooked Kerala food with the family. You will also get a glimpse of traditional life – upon request, the host family can organize traditional Keralan activities such as: B. learning mehndi henna designs or participating in local dances and musical performances. . A wide range of activities are also available outside the home, including village tours and bike rides or boat trips on the waters of Alleppey town.

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Sailing the Kerala backwaters is one of the most fascinating ways to experience local life. Kettuvallams or rice boats were the main form of water transport and were used to transport goods and people. It is made entirely of natural materials, including wood and grass, many of which have become slippers. Stay in your private one, two, three and four bedroom suites, each with a small crew of canal staff to prepare the food for you. The food on board is mainly Keralan with delicious seafood as the main focus. There is a small sundeck where you can sit and enjoy the scenery and watch daily life on the backwaters. It is truly an experience not to be missed in this beautiful part of the world.

For those who want to immerse themselves in local life, the charming Philipkotty Farm, situated on an island in Vambinad Lake, is the perfect place. Owned and managed by a local family, this resort aims to offer guests an authentic Kerala experience – you will meet a real Katanadan family, enjoy the local culture and have a chance to live life the way it is is. Kerala working farm. Spend your days learning about the farm, playing traditional volleyball by the canals or visiting the nearby villages. An unforgettable retreat, you don’t have to give up the luxuries of life as you will be staying in a beautiful waterfront home. Independent and totally private, these beautiful family homes are designed in an authentic style, like traditional bungalows. Inside, the villas are spacious and decorated with rustic clay tiles and wooden ceilings, while outside the beautiful red oxidized veranda offers unparalleled views of the backwaters. Food is definitely one of the main factors here. The food is a combination of traditional Christian cuisine in Kerala, Surrey, combined with a strong Backwaters influence, based primarily on traditional fish, meat, rice and farm-grown fruit and vegetables – house specialties are creams, fish radish.

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