Best Restaurants In Gozo

Best Restaurants In Gozo – Located in semi-rural Victoria at a winding junction of the unusual Guzeton Road, Brookies Restaurant is one of the best places to eat in the entire Maltese Islands. Here’s the story of what we found on a recent visit to one of Gozo’s best restaurants.

Housed in a 300-year-old farmhouse, Brookies Restaurant offers you the opportunity to dine in a building with a unique sense of history and character. The family home’s beautifully restored rustic stone walls and arches blend beautifully with the building’s mood lighting, creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere, while carefully selected furniture complements the restaurant perfectly.

Best Restaurants In Gozo

Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted by friendly and extremely friendly staff and shown to a modern, well-lit terrace with a large seating area to relax with a house-made cocktail. Provides the perfect setting – a modernist porch. . It is matched by amazing sunset views from the beautiful hills to the fort and Golmos.

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After aperitifs, we sat down to eat in the amazing beauty of the area. The restaurant offers a carefully crafted menu that includes a selection of contemporary pastas, carefully prepared meat and seafood dishes inspired by the rich culinary traditions of Maltese life.

The restaurant produces the highest quality to ensure it lives up to the high standards set for its newly created menu.

They are confident in the quality of their tagliata that the original Uruguayan Angus Veil is obtained with less spice. As Brooke’s manager Marvin Cremona told us, “We serve it with a little parmesan and arugula to make sure the steak really comes through.”

The menu features a selection of Maltese dishes made with fresh local produce. We personally recommend trying the exceptional supreme of salmon option. Tender tenderloin served with homemade Japanese marinade and horseradish paste rich butter, this unusual dish offers a unique taste that not every seafood lover can miss.

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We also recommend that you don’t miss the house specialty desserts, especially rich chocolate lovers!

A special mention must go to the tender staff, who were incredibly approachable and always ready to provide a thorough and professional service.

“One of the countless subtle details that add to the aesthetic brilliance that the team has worked tirelessly to achieve.”

One of Brocki’s biggest advantages is its wide selection of fine international and Gozitan wines. The list has been carefully curated to ensure they offer a wide selection of high quality grapes to provide the perfect complement to all palettes and dishes on the menu.

I Tavoli Immersi Nel Nostro Rigoglioso Giardino

We were particularly impressed by the wide range of local wines that Brockies offered during our tour of the facility – their willingness to support local wine producers is a true testament to the restaurant’s desire to promote the best that Gozo has to offer. The beautiful island of Provide and support the local economy.

Alongside the restaurant’s elegant red-light bar is a wine cellar with an ornate press – one of the countless subtle details that add to the aesthetic aura the team works tirelessly to cultivate.

“The success of this family restaurant is based on their commitment to providing quality in every aspect of their operation.”

Brookies Restaurant has also gained a reputation as a great venue for the many events held during the summer months when the tourist season begins.

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The restoration of this derelict property has transformed it into a venue for some of the best events in Gozo. The Music Cafe offers weekly live music every Wednesday, covering a whole range of genres from acoustic acts to live DJ sets, guaranteed to satisfy a wide range of musical tastes. Is.

What we most appreciated after our time at Brookies was the obvious passion the team showed in everything they did.

From the commitment to restoring this historic building, to the attention to detail in every menu, to the smallest detail of customer service, the success of this family restaurant is based on their commitment to quality in every aspect. Activity

If a trip to Gozo is on your Malta itinerary, we invite you to visit this fine, multi-award winning restaurant and experience the best of Gozitan cuisine.

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Recognized as the best restaurant in Victoria, Brookies received a Quality Assurance Award from the Malta Tourism Authority. Its consistently high performance on TripAdvisor, where you can see over 200 positive reviews, reinforces its reputation as one of the best restaurants in Gozo!

A bikini doesn’t matter – you really need one after visiting all the amazing restaurants in Malta and Gozo. The island dining area looks completely out of this world, with little gems around every corner. But with so many great places to choose from, where do you start?

I took it upon myself to find out what happened during one of the most lip-smacking and button-pushing weeks of my life. As you know, I’ve been vegetarian for about a year, but recently I’ve been flirting with the idea of ​​adding fish back into my diet. I’d be happy to share the verdict in the comments below or in a separate blog post.

Pierre’s Restaurant Gozo

But for now, I just want to say that the seafood I got to try was the most delicious I’ve ever eaten. Whether you’re a lover of fresh oysters, a lover of local produce, a vegetarian or a carnivore, this magical island has something for you. I visited some amazing places during my week long trip to Malta with Jet2holidays and I can’t wait to share my favourites. Grab a snack and let me take you to the best restaurants in Malta and Gozo…

Rubino is one of Valletta’s oldest restaurants. The bakery was opened in 1906 by Vincenzo Rubino from Sicily. His Italian heritage left a deep impression on his eponymous restaurant, which soon became a Maltese landmark.

Rubino’s menu changes daily, but you can expect everything from local favorites like ilsien bil-brungiel u kappar (beef tongue with eggplant and capers) to fresh produce cooked only to bring out the natural flavors. can expect

But the restaurant, which started as a pastry shop, makes desserts like no other on the island. It draws inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of its former owners. This

Best Restaurants In Valletta, Gozo And The Rest Of Malta

Farm-to-table food is a social movement that each of us can follow on a daily basis. But while you can definitely buy your groceries at a farmer’s market, know where it is.

Your food is not easy, which is why I really respect and admire restaurants that are fully committed to sourcing food and telling customers exactly where it comes from.

In the case of Diyar Al Binit, all the products they use are grown and grown on their own farms. They keep their menu seasonal, their recipes traditional, and the result is hearty food with maximum environmental impact.

However, it does not end there. The restaurant’s wines are made from local Maltese grapes, with bread supplied daily by a local baker who has been in business for half a century and even introduced me to olive oil. This dish is made with organic olives harvested from the restaurant’s 800-year-old trees!

Restaurant Malta Photos

I usually save the best for last, but if you haven’t read the first few paragraphs, I have to tell you what turned out to be one of my favorite restaurants in Malta. This is not to be missed.

Noni’s uniqueness isn’t just reflected in its menu – you can feel it the moment you walk through the doors at 211 Republic Street. Over the past 250 years, it has transformed from a residential building to a shop to a jazz bar and finally to a first-class restaurant.

Chef Jonathan Burnett cut his teeth at Michelin-starred restaurants in London and Australia. But today, he runs Noni with his sister Ratin, serving five-star food at reasonable prices. A real gem!

When I first sat in Vigi’s kitchen and browsed their menu, my expectations were very low. Fried calamari with pepper sauce, roast beef – the meat looked heavy and simple. But when my food arrived I literally had to eat my words.

Zafiro Restaurant Xlendi Gozo

Eating vegetarian is easy, yes. But

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