Best Restaurants In Jersey

Best Restaurants In Jersey – Editor’s note: Welcome to the greats’ series on the restaurants that define their cities. Here’s a great guide to New Jersey right now.

From rolling farms to coastal towns to dense suburbs, New Jersey is geographically diverse. Overshadowed by the cities that bookended it – New York City and Philadelphia – the country’s food scene flies under the radar, but those who pay attention are richly rewarded.

Best Restaurants In Jersey

As you’d expect from the “Garden State,” the chefs here are busy, with fresh vegetables from nearby farms and fresh fish from the country’s 130 miles of coastline. All this creates a rich restaurant scene that competes with nearby giants, whether through NJ templates – yes, the classic Red Rock Italian is alive and well – or the unexpected Agan Foods from casino town, who? Unexpectedly, the restaurants in NJ are amazing because they are not all gyms, ballrooms and laundromats, but for the residents, it is all about eating well.

Best Jersey City Restaurants

Since opening in 1981, the Saddle River Inn has been a destination for fine dining. Housed in a restored 18th-century barn, chef and owner Jamie Knott ensures the menu lends itself to a classic, pastoral setting. American cuisine often has international influences, like a maple seed glaze on grilled chicken or adding mint chimichurri to a plate of Colorado lamb chops. The restaurant is BYOB, so choose a special bottle to take with you to round out your meal.

Restaurant Dining: The Saddle River Inn is open for limited indoor dining as well as outdoor seating in the covered, heated riverside restaurant tent. Both locations have fire pits outside the restaurant while waiting to be seated.

Those looking for quality Hunan, Szechuan and Mandarin cuisine should head to Taste of Hunan, a restaurant that has been voted the best Chinese restaurant in New Jersey Monthly by readers for several years. The original Danville location, which opened in 1986, housed a suburban roller coaster and visually resembled an ancient Chinese pagoda. As impressive as the architecture is, everyone’s here for the food: melt-in-the-mouth soup reeds, mapo tofu and spicy double-boiled Szechuan pork are just some of the items on the restaurant’s extensive menu, which are hard to find in these areas. and Chinese-American favorites.

Restaurant Dining: Both Denville and Montclair are open for limited indoor dining. The restaurant does not accept reservations.

Best Restaurants To Try In Jersey, Ci Where Do All The Locals Eat

For more than 20 years, La Isle’s Washington Street location has brought a taste of Havana to downtown Hoboken, and the restaurant has become so popular that chef and owner Omar Giner has added a new, stylish downtown location. The expansion came with a bigger menu, but Giner made sure to keep the Cuban classics he ate growing up, like crocuta de jamón (saffron with ham), empanadas and, of course, the Cuban sandwich. Always look for the daily specials, from bacalao, a cod and potato casserole, to ropa vija: the thin, braised beef that is one of Cuba’s national dishes.

Restaurant Dining: La Isla accepts dining reservations at a limited number of on-site and downtown restaurants.

Both vegetarians and meat eaters will be satisfied with the meat. The large selection of Ethiopian dishes in the restaurant satisfies all tastes. To start, it is best to order the Mesob Tasting, which is the restaurant’s choice of two starters, two beef dishes, one lamb dish, two seafood dishes and four vegetable dishes. Try the Kitfo, a beef patty topped with clarified butter and spices. The restaurant is BYOB and also offers a variety of teas, including Keme tea, a black East African tea flavored with dried ginger, pepper, cloves and cinnamon.

Takeout: The restaurant offers takeout and delivery, and orders can be placed through Mesob’s website. Meal packages are also available by calling the restaurant.

New Jersey Monthly — August 2019: 30 Best Restaurants

Fela’s space is located in a former bank, and is decorated with rich details such as Italian dishes on the restaurant’s menu. The owners decided to use the high lobby of the bank as an event space, and they placed the restaurant in the cozy back part where the offices used to be, warming it up with a cluster of globe lights. The menu changes with the seasons, with a few anchors like a rotating “pizza” and the newest mini pizza with Brussels sprouts, provolone, crème fraîche and Meyer lemon. Pair it with one of the restaurant’s five black options, such as the cold brew black, where the typical trio of Italian liqueur, vermouth and gin is added to the coffee liqueur.

Beginning in the 1960s, Spanish and Portuguese immigrants began arriving in Newark’s Ironbound District to work in the surrounding factories. Decades later, the community offers Porter, where diners can access the country’s cuisine without ever setting foot in Newark Airport. There are bakeries, cafes, butchers and grills in the area that prepare delicious dishes from the Iberian Peninsula, but for top-notch meals, locals head to Fornos in Spain. This longtime spot excels at seafood, including a variety of paellas and Spanish classics like grilled steaks drizzled with olive oil and paprika, all served in an old-fashioned dining room set against a backdrop of white tablecloths.

Restaurant Meals: The Spanish Forno’s in-house restaurant offers a limited menu. Expect family celebrations from birthdays to anniversaries at numerous tables.

Mehndi in Morriston is part of a restaurant dynasty owned by the Mehtani family, who popularized Indian food and turned Edison into a dining destination, opening their first restaurant in 1990. Expanded to six restaurants, including six premium restaurants. At Mendi, diners can choose from well-executed standards such as clay dishes and a variety of biryani options, but look out for more sophisticated dishes that make the restaurant special, such as khattal masa and chili. and ginger or beet fritters, made with beets, potatoes and homemade cheese.

Restaurants Named As N.j.’s Best By Thrillist (with Our Help)

Chatham’s premier dining destination, Serenade, has topped New Jersey’s best dining lists for more than 20 years. Run by husband-and-wife team Nancy and James Laird, the restaurant’s fusion of traditional cuisine and modern techniques has been key to its longevity, serving fresh American fare in a chic gray dining room with bright yellow chairs. Here, patrons will find timeless dishes like Muscle Casino alongside creative preparations like Asian-inspired Glazed Ribs, Baked Apples and Sticky Rice.

Meals: The restaurant is open for limited indoor and outdoor seating in the parking lot, which has heaters, tents and weather permitting.

Takeout: Serenade offers takeout and delivery, which can be ordered through the restaurant’s website. In addition to the a la carte menu, the restaurant also offers four classic barbecue courses, including barbecue cocktail, skull roll, mashed potatoes and chocolate mousse.

Located in a mansion in Vail, the former home of AT&T’s first president, Cavalier Caverns actually includes several restaurant concepts. The Oyster Bar is a cozy tavern. Serving more delicious dishes, The Washington House serves up a delicious menu at the Vail Bar, a cocktail bar, and the Rathskeller, which does double duty as a taproom and event space. Whether you stop by for a chef’s plate, a scrumptious burger or a five-course tasting menu, the long reflecting pool, stunning marble architecture and meticulously landscaped garden will transport you in a way that few restaurants can.

Restaurant Near Secaucus Named Best In New Jersey

Razza was put on the map when the New York Times announced that the best pizza in New York was actually in New Jersey. Although the discussion about food in this area, like all discussions about food, never ends to anyone’s satisfaction, critics and diners waiting in line at the restaurant can agree that owner Dan Richer does a lot, a lot, a lot. Good pizza. The secret is in naturally raised, flavorful dough and a menu that takes full advantage of New Jersey farms. Case in point: the Jersey Margherita, which uses the famous tomatoes and mozzarella made from watercress grown in Sussex County, New Jersey.

Housed in the old 19th century train station that inspired its name, Lambertville Station is both a bar and an American restaurant, offering several dining experiences: the Lambertville Station Restaurant, a wine and snack bar, a cocktail bar and outdoor drinks and casual dining. Channel side Bar for. This array of options makes it the perfect place to end your exploration of vibrant downtown Lambertville, whether you’re looking for a treat or fishing.

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