Best Restaurants In Menton France

Best Restaurants In Menton France – Located on the popular French Riviera in southeastern France, Menton offers nightlife, beaches, gardens, history, and museums to explore. Along the coast you can relax on endless white sandy beaches with deep, warm and clear water. A few steps away from the beaches, visitors will find boutique and souvenir shops, bars, clubs and restaurants to suit every budget and taste. Sir de la Madonna’s gardens contain rare and colorful exotic plants. The old town to the east includes the Basilica of Saint-Michel-Archangel and La Chapelle des Pénitents-Blancs.

The Jean Cocteau Museum includes the Sébrine Wonderman collection, filled with works by the eminent artist and poet Jean Cocteau. The area also offers many opportunities to enjoy well-tended green spaces such as the Val Rahme-Menton Botanical Garden, the Agromes du Palais Carnolls garden and the Serre de la Madonna. The Jardins Biovès offers an urban green space with a sculpture garden full of ornate sculptures, while the Promenade du Soleil offers a peaceful stroll through the city center.

Best Restaurants In Menton France

To reach Fila Salah Sato Dari Membuka Harga Rahasia and Membayar Lebih Murah Untuk Certain Property. Email Daftar untuk mandapatkan Apply to Nameless: Unuh aplikasinya untuk mensen capan saja, di mana saja™ Kumpulkan 10 stamps, 1 Malam Award* Idyllic French Riviera, Cote d’Azur sunny, starry it conjures up glamorous images of beaches, superyachts, Cannes and magnificent Monaco.

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This 115km stretch of coastline in south-east France has captured dreams and aspirations since the 19th century. Once a seaside health resort frequented by the royal family and celebrities including Queen Victoria and Robert Louis Stevenson, this beautiful area eventually became the home of aristocrats. became his homeland and still remains. a celebrity playground and coveted tourist destination.

Every year, more than ten million tourists from all over the world visit the French Riviera, the second most popular tourist destination in France. Most of them gather in Nice, Antibes, Cannes and Monte Carlo. However, further down the coast lies an equally desirable tourist gem – Menton, a jewel in the crown of the natural and cultural splendor of the French Riviera.

Among the attractions of Menton are numerous beautiful and impressive gardens, a selection of amazing historical sites, museums and monuments dedicated to the unique and influential French film director, designer, poet, writer, artist and original.

Just 30km from Nice and easily accessible by train, Menton is the last stop along the famous coast before entering Italy. Considered one of France’s best-kept secrets and the ‘pearl’ of the Riviera, it’s a lesser-known but equally brilliant destination. to the southern neighbors shining along the blue shore And this calm.

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A day trip to this luxurious and peaceful resort offers delicious delights, surreal surprises and impressive monuments. Known for its lemons, this quaint, pastel-hued village is sleepier and more relaxed than St Tropez, but just as charming as the classic Riviera. You will love the location, the peace and the calm Mediterranean pace.

This historic site is surrounded by aromatic citrus vineyards and stunning classical baroque architecture. Menton has it all: palm trees, perfect views, (relatively) affordable Provence accommodation and Mediterranean cuisine. It also has a unique microclimate with 316 days of sunshine a year, ideal for growing typical Menton oranges and lemons, offering moderate enjoyment all year round.

In Menton you will find elegant gardens, a lively boulevard, a beautiful baroque church, a castle with fascinating surrealist art, a fascinating museum celebrating one of France’s and the world’s most amazing talents, and lemons: lemon trees, lemon festivals, great lemon products. Unique townhouse walls in bright lemon yellow and orange.

The delights of the narrow cobbled streets of this medieval town, winding between delicately colored buildings, will take you away from the bright blue sea. Along the way, you will enjoy the cheerful flowers of the season above the window and the many entrances, stairs and interesting tunnels. You can also walk the old Roman road

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The old town offers photographer’s delight artistic photo opportunity after artistic photo opportunity in warm pastel colors bathed in the Mediterranean sun. So pack your comfortable shoes and grab your camera.

Dedicated to Archangel Michael, Menton’s patron saint, the lemon-yellow building offers plenty of additional creative photo potential with its baroque-style facade. At the same time, the basilica itself has many exquisite treasures. This iconic and magical venue is also home to the annual Menton Music Festival held in July and August.

Although the beautiful basilica is always worth a visit, it is not always open. So check the schedule online first to make sure you won’t be disappointed.

After enjoying this must-see of Menton’s tourist attractions, continue up the Cola Ronia hill to the venerable Russian cemetery and the Orthodox church at the top.

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The cemetery of the old castle adorns the top of the hill – the highest point of Menton. The cemetery is the eternal resting place of generations of Russian, Prussian and English nobles and various aristocrats from all over Europe.

The mausoleum, headstones and sculptures not only offer stunning views of Menton and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, but also pay tribute to the many people who contributed to the history and architecture of this extraordinary coastal paradise.

On the beach and along the coast you will find two commemorative museums dedicated to Menton’s most valuable honorary citizen.

One of Menton’s ardent admirers was the well-known and influential painter, playwright, writer, designer and film director Jean Cocteau. The original museum dedicated to his memory and creativity is on the 17th floor of Menton

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Asr castle on the harbor wall (as seen above), the castle, a place chosen personally by the artist.

The castle was originally built for defense purposes, then the barracks were used as a salt storage, a lighthouse, and a prison during World War II. The castle’s reception hall, walls and alcoves display various Dadaist eclectic mosaics created by Cocteau during the artist’s personal restoration of the historic building.

Although the museum was officially opened in 1966, a few years after Cocteau’s death in 1963, the artist personally selected the colorful works for the exhibition. His selection includes two paintings from the Mediterranean period, 70 drawings, two tapestries, 11 ceramics and three lithographs from 1950 to the end of his life. Since then, the collection has expanded, the display changes and is updated every year.

Another modern museum opened in 2011 is the Jean Cocteau Severin Wunderman museum adjacent to the museum. This second exhibition also features collector Severin Wunderman’s extensive Jean Cocteau collection, which includes more than 1,500 objects.

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With its many private and public green spaces thriving in its gentle microclimate, it’s no surprise that Menton has been designated the village of ‘4 Flares’ since 1984 and previously received its highest award, the ‘Flores d’Or’ (distinction). only given once in 6 years). Most of the city’s gardens are to the east of the city, protected by the Balci Rossi cliffs.

Originally designed by renowned landscape designer Lawrence Johnston in the 1920s and 1930s, Serre de la Madonna’s six hectares of peaceful gardens radiate harmony on terraces arranged around a double swimming pool.

The subtropical garden includes a variety of unusual and rare plants collected from around the world, including China, South Africa and South America. The collected selection includes succulents and exotic cycads, bamboo, umbrella pines, Rosa chinensis, arbutus unendo, buddleia officinalis and mahonia siamensis.

Known as the “Valley of Peace” in Arabic, this one-hectare garden is spread around a former Italian-Provençal villa in memory of the beloved wife of the previous owner, who died untimely. It offers formal terraces with a lush water garden with a pool lined with ornamental plants, spices and giant Amazonian water lilies.

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The hills surrounding the villa and terrace surround less structured, more intimate themed gardens. Each has a biogeographical and ecological niche that can be accessed via detours. These special garden areas include a variety of plants from the Mediterranean to humid to arid tropics, tropical fruit trees and citrus groves, other edible plants and an impressive collection of cultivated, medicinal, poisonous and “magical” plants. The garden also has four hundred year old olive trees and extinct native species such as Sophora toromiro from Easter Island.

This amazing garden is possible thanks to Menton’s unique mild and warm climate. The geographical position and aspect of the area – facing the sea but protected by an amphitheater of mountains – create ideal conditions all year round.

The 16 impressive arches of the Quai Napoleon mark the boundary of the old town. Menton’s palm-fringed coast has two marinas and a variety of pebbly and sandy beaches, the most popular being Plage des Sablettes at the foot of the old town.

The beach is located between Mentons Garavan and the old port and offers clean, calm and shallow water for safe swimming and a compact sandy beach for sunbathing and sports.

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In addition, behind the beautiful beach there is a recently renovated pedestrian street with shops, restaurants and bars.

The destination offers a variety of cuisines including French, Mediterranean and Portuguese cuisine from several outlets including Le Carre Plage, La Rascasse, 7th Avenue and Buddha Beach.

Menton is also home to Mirazur, one of the best restaurants on the Riviera and one of the 50 best restaurants in the world in 2019, with three Michelin stars. The chef of the restaurant is sitting on a hill between vegetable gardens and orchards. and succulent herbs. Mauro Colagreco offers a unique and colorful culinary adventure

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